Online Shopping Declared To Be Among the Top Growing Sectors in the Industry For 2012


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Australia's leading online marketing company Oracle Digital unleashes its cost-effective and competent SEO products and services to take advantage of the increasing number of consumers who are utilising far-advanced online tools for their purchase preferences.

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Online Shopping Declared To Be Among the Top Growing Sectors in the Industry For 2012

  1. 1. Online Shopping Declared To BeAmong the Top Growing Sectors in the Industry For 2012©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Australias leading online marketing company Oracle Digitalunleashes its cost-effective and competent SEO products andservices to take advantage of the increasing number ofconsumers who are utilising far-advanced online tools for theirpurchase preferences.In lieu of the recent studies which show that online shopping is among the sectors in thebusiness industry that has significantly grown over the past year and which is expected togrow further this year, Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital has released its most stringentSEO tools and Internet marketing strategies in order to cater to the upsurge of thedemand for online services in the country.IBIS World, the top market research company in Australia, has just released a recentreport showing the top five growing companies in the country. The said report showed therecent developments and various innovations within the retail industry.Despite the fact that the past year has been a very tough one for most retail companies,online shopping was among the top sectors that showed a significant improvement.Statistics has shown that online shopping gained an increase of 10.2% or $10.4 Billion –which represents around 5% of the total income for the retail industry. Other sectors thathave likewise shown growth accordingly are Motor Vehicle Manufacturing, Biotechnology,Diamond and Gemstone Mining and Online Education.According to experts, one of the main reasons for this significant increase in profits fromthe online shopping sector are the far-advanced technological changes and modifiedspending habits of Australians – which most online shops were able to take advantage of.Studies have likewise shown that for the past five years, the online sector has beengrowing at a very fast pace, which can be attributed to the fact that more consumers arenow getting comfortable using the internet for their purchases.Among the most popular items that are being bought through online shopping arecomputer and electrical items. Lately, many sources have also demonstrated that foodand liquor have also been gaining ground. And with the impending innovations fromcompanies such as Woolworths, Aldi and Coles – these numbers are expected toincrease even more.With this surge for the demand of online shopping, retailers need to engage in the onlineworld in order to maximise their full potential and earn profits substantially. Otherwise, thiscould cause their businesses to be outcompeted in the long run.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Clint Maher, Oracle Digital’s Director of Operations, agrees with these findings. Accordingto him, "The need to go online is an indispensable move towards achieving sustainablebusiness growth."Maher says, "Its quite exciting to see the dramatic uptrend in searches for consumablesand gifts this year. If I were a retailer without an online sales division, then I would be very,very worried."He went on to say, “Smaller businesses have to embrace the online realm, if you ignore it,you will be left behind.”It is because of this potential for success that Oracle Digital has been tirelessly developingits SEO techniques, social marketing strategies, and other advanced online tools – inconsonance with the company’s ongoing commitment to provide every client with valuableresults through innovative web marketing solutions.Oracle Digital is an Internet Marketing company based in Perth, Western Australia. Theyoffer valuable SEO services to various businesses around Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne,and Sydney. If you want to know more about their services, give them a call at 1300 899851, or visit their website at ©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3