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Online Sellers Advised to Improve Online Performance to Earn More Sales


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Perth Web Marketing Company, Oracle Digital unveils modified products and services designed to help clients have better performance on their online marketing campaigns.

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Online Sellers Advised to Improve Online Performance to Earn More Sales

  1. 1. Online Sellers Advised to ImproveOnline Performance to Earn More Sales©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Perth Web Marketing Company, Oracle Digital unveils modifiedproducts and services designed to help clients have betterperformance on their online marketing campaigns.Oracle Digital, a leading Perth Search Engine Optimisation Company, has announced thatit has modified its inventory of online products and services in order to cater to theincreasing demand for high-performing websites as well as more efficient online marketingcampaigns.This declaration from the established SEO Company is attributable to the fact that anumber of traditional retailers have now chosen to join the online bandwagon – in thehope of increasing sales revenue to meet targets. But according to reports, some of themhave not been able to reach the success that they have aimed for.Recent reports have shown that Myer and David Jones – two of the biggest retailers in thecountry, have launched their own online campaigns, with disappointing results. BordersAustralia, another big retailer, has also reported dismal results from its end – resulting tothe company subjecting itself to voluntary administration.In response to these developments, industry experts and analysts explained that theproblem did not lie in the online platform, but was instead attributable to the specificapproaches that these companies took. In addition, they said that it was a mistake toapply strategies used in traditional retailing to e-commerce.Successful online retailers, in defending the online platform, said that using the virtualworld for business is a step that every retailer, whether traditional or not, must take. Andthis is because it allows a business to enter and reach new markets, which will result tobetter sales in the end.They then reminded those who are planning to go online and who have already done so -that in order to be efficient and successful with an online platform, they must be able tocontinually update their approach, in order to ensure better performance, greatercustomer satisfaction and more impressive results.Accordingly, industry experts are saying that among the things to look out for in everyonline venture is their site’s technical and conversion performance: page loading time,navigation, stages of online transactions, purchasing process, security and many otheraspects. A vital aspect for conversion is also the ability to drive targeted website trafficwith effective SEO.©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Art Leyzerovich, General Manager of Emerging Technologies at Macquarie Telecom, inadvising online shops to keep it simple, said, “Online retailers need to make sure that theirwebsite and purchasing process is as simple and intuitive as possible.” He then added, “Afew of the most important factors in determining whether a customer will purchase and/orreturn are: having as few steps to purchase as possible, having a great product searchengine and having a one page checkout.”James Corby, Business Development Director of Internet marketing company OracleDigital, agrees with the view that simplicity in online campaigns will bring in better results.Corby said, “If you want to attract more people to your site, then you must keep yourwebsite efficient and easy to navigate. Now, if you want them to purchase any of yourproducts, then you must make it simple for them. You have to remember that onlineshoppers choose to shop online because it is more convenient. But if your site’spurchasing processes are difficult and takes that convenience away – then you canexpect them to lose interest very quickly.Oracle Digital is known for providing efficient and updated reputation management tactics,social media marketing procedures, SEO methods and other online tools that have beendesigned to provide its clients from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth andother Australian areas, with more successful and effective online campaigns.If you want to know more about Oracle Digital, please give them a call at 1300 899 851 oryou can visit their website at©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 3