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Mobile Searches Gaining Considerable Ground, Analysts Say


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Perth Digital Marketing Company, Oracle Digital unveils improved products and services to help clients keep their online marketing campaigns constantly efficient and updated.

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Mobile Searches Gaining Considerable Ground, Analysts Say

  1. 1. Mobile Searches GainingConsiderable Ground, Analysts Say©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Perth Digital Marketing Company, Oracle Digital unveilsimproved products and services to help clients keep their onlinemarketing campaigns constantly efficient and updated.Oracle Digital, an established web marketing company in Australia, has announced that ithas made significant modifications to its roster of products and services, in light of theemerging trends in the virtual world.In a projection made by analyst firm BIA/Kelsey, it was predicted that there is a big chancethat more local searches will be made through smartphones than through desktopcomputers by the year 2015 – which according to analysts, is a sign that all businessesshould take serious heed of.Giant Internet company Google has also released its own set of statistics, showing that 20percent of the total queries using its search engine were for local searches – 40 percent ofwhich were made via smartphone queries.It also showed that in other categories, such as travel and restaurants, searches madethrough mobile phone took up around 15-20 percent of total queries, which again, has ledmany analysts to believe that mobile will become even bigger as time passes on. Googlehas a 95 percent share of the total mobile searches made in the US.Additionally, industry analysts and experts have made computations to make thingsclearer. According to them, in the US, there are approximately 125 million people withsmartphones, with a large percentage of them doing an average of 20 mobile searches ona monthly basis. Of these, they say that the approximate total of annual mobile searchesis 30 billion, and wherein 40 percent or over 12 billion are local mobile searches.Analysts have also forecasted that the future may bring on around 75 percent or roughly187 million people doing an average of 40 mobile searches per month – which mayamount to 90 billion mobile queries on an annual basis. And according to them, if localmobile searches are set at 50 percent, this will mean around 45 billion mobile searches tobe made annually.With these results and forecasts, many are now saying that online retailers mustseasonably develop optimised platforms, both for ecommerce and mobile, in order toensure that prospective shoppers and customers are reached accordingly.James Corby, Business Development Director of Oracle Digital, has this to say aboutmaking use of efficient online tools for web marketing campaigns: “The online world is fullof emerging opportunities to market their business. Companies must stay in tune with thelatest Internet movements in order to achieve success in the end. If you don’t, thenchances are, companies similar to yours will outcompete you.”©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. He then added, “But you must make sure that you are researching and utilising the mosteffective online marketing techniques, such as SEO, social media marketing, reputationmanagement and other tools in order to make things work. Otherwise, it might lead tofailure instead of success.”Oracle Digital is reputable online marketing company that provides numerous onlinestrategies, such as online press release, reputation management, communicationsstrategies, SEO and other online tools to clients from Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide,Brisbane and other parts of Australia.If you want to know more about Oracle Digital and its services, you can call them at 1300899 851 or you can visit their website at©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 3