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Industry Experts Explain How to Deal With Google Penguin


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Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital unveils improved set of products and services in order to help clients keep up with the effects of the latest Google Penguin changes in the online marketing world.

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Industry Experts Explain How to Deal With Google Penguin

  1. 1. Industry Experts Explain How to Deal With Google Penguin©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital unveils improved set ofproducts and services in order to help clients keep up with theeffects of the latest Google Penguin changes in the onlinemarketing world.Oracle Digital, a reputable digital marketing company offering SEO services in Perth, hasannounced that it is bringing in its modified products and services, in order to help clientsdeal with the numerous changes that have taken place in the virtual world over the lastmonths.Among the most recent changes that have taken place is the introduction of the GooglePenguin update on April - which at the time of its release, was besieged with numerousrumours and speculations.After the passage of time and with the settling of doubts – many analysts have now comeout with their own ideas with regard to the algorithm and how to deal with themaccordingly.Industry experts and analysts say that despite the ruckus that plagued the release of theGoogle Penguin algorithm, the adjustments that are required for the SEO campaigns of abusiness is not really new.According to experts, what Google Penguin requires is not new techniques, procedures orforeign SEO tactics. Instead, they say that the algorithm is trying to enforce what Googlehas been requiring from the start. And this is quality content, elimination of spam, naturaland balanced link profiles and other aspects meant to level the SEO playing field.Specialists say that with the Google Penguin algorithm, practitioners of white hat SEOtactics and procedures will find optimising search engines a lot easier and with morepositive results rather than those who have chosen to use black hat SEO strategies in thepast. The algorithm changes have primarily been put into action to ensure that “junk” SEOstrategies are eliminated and to punish website owners or web marketing companies whoare still using black hat techniques.In addition, established SEO professionals have clarified that site owners must try to bepatient when it comes to their SERPs – considering that using quality content and efficientwhite hat SEO procedures have been found to bring in improved rankings, more sales andleads in the long run, although their organic search results may not show thatimmediately.Accordingly, experts in the industry explain that holistic and ethical SEO campaigns,depending on the competition within its niche or group, have varied results. But theyassure practitioners that this strategy is what Google is looking for and will have longerlasting results compared to unethical SEO procedures.©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. James Corby, Business Development Director of Perth SEO firm Oracle Digital, inexplaining how to deal with Google Penguin said, “If you are a company using white hatSEO techniques, who prefers quality content over quantity – then you should feel limitednegative effects of the Google Penguin update. Some adverse effects have been felt bysome website owners who are not necessarily working below the line. Google will rectifythese penalties in due course, and these website owners should not panic.”Corby then added, “Just give Google what it wants, such as quality content, links and sites– and you can be assured that your SEO campaigns will not only bring you excellentSERPs but also stable rankings. Fortunately, this is what we have been doing since dayone, and our clients are currently enjoying amazing success as a result.”Oracle Digital is an established Perth Internet marketing company that provides ethicalSEO tactics, professional online reputation management and other helpful virtual tools toclients from Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and other parts of Australia.If you want to know more about Oracle Digital and how they can help you with your onlinemarketing campaigns, do not hesitate to give them a call at 1300 899 851 or visit theirwebsite at©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 3