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Industry Experts Confirm the Release of Google Panda Update 3.8


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SEO Company Oracle Digital releases improved products and services to help strengthen the SEO campaigns of clients and customers after the release of Google Panda Update 3.8.

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Industry Experts Confirm the Release of Google Panda Update 3.8

  1. 1. Industry Experts Confirm the Release of Google Panda Update 3.8©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. SEO Company Oracle Digital releases improved products andservices to help strengthen the SEO campaigns of clients andcustomers after the release of Google Panda Update 3.8.Oracle Digital, an established Perth digital marketing company, has strengthened its set ofproducts and services in order to help clients keep abreast with the changes taking placeover the online world.This modification of services from the company was in response to rumours fromobservers and experts that Google has recently refreshed its Panda algorithm – whichmay affect the sites of numerous online businesses immediately. The last Google updatewas released on June 8. Consequently, on June 25 - Google confirmed that it wasreleasing its Google Panda 3.8.The latest refresh has baffled many considering that their algorithm changes only tookplace once a month - unlike with the Panda 3.8, which was already the second for themonth. But Google explained that this latest version is not, strictly speaking, an algorithmchange. It then explained that the purpose was mainly to capture websites that needed toadjust with Panda modifications and also to release those that have complied accordingly.With this statement, analysts believe that there is a big chance that website owners mightbe experiencing some fluctuations and changes in their Analytics reports and in theirSERPs – which is why they are suggesting that the necessary changes and adjustmentsbe done in order to avoid any of these untoward consequences.According to established SEO professionals, there are numerous ways where one canuse the new algorithm to its advantage, explaining that Google Panda was set out to be atool to ensure quality of content, thereby serving as a filter to ferret out low-qualitycontents, links and other inefficient methods.In addition, experts suggest that site owners must remove low quality site content andstart creating content that is unique, original and deviate from making any duplicatecontent that is already present all over the Internet. Keyword spamming and havingexcessive ads are also considered as strategies that may result to a site or post beingconsidered as low-quality.In effect, industry analysts and experts believe that every site must aim to be an authorityin order to become more successful in the niche or field that they are catering to. But, theymust be able to use the proper strategies and procedures in order to generate authority.©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. James Corby, Business Development Director of Oracle Digital, shares his expert opinionregarding the matter. He said, “There is really no need to be afraid of any of the Googlealgorithm changes taking place, as long as you are using holistic techniques in your onlineefforts. You just have to remember that all that Google wants is quality and notnecessarily quantity - if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and contribute regularly toyour industry online, then success will follow quickly after. Gone are the days of dodgy,surface level tactics to deliver online marketing success.”Oracle Digital, an established Internet marketing company offering SEO services in Perth ,is also well known for providing clients from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane,Adelaide and other parts of the country with effective products and services for socialmedia management, reputation management and for many other online marketingpurposes.For more information about Oracle Digital and how their services can help you – pleasecall them at 1300 899 851 or you can visit their business websiteat©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 3