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Industry Experts Confirm Recent Google Panda 3.7 Update


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SEO Company Oracle Digital updates their explosive set of products and services to cope with the newest Google Panda 3.7 updates.

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Industry Experts Confirm Recent Google Panda 3.7 Update

  1. 1. Industry Experts Confirm Recent Google Panda 3.7 Update©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. SEO Company Oracle Digital updates their explosive set ofproducts and services to cope with the newest Google Panda3.7 updates.Oracle Digital, a leading Internet marketing company in Australia, has announced that ithas made important changes to its numerous products and services in order to efficientlytackle the different changes that have taken place in the virtual world, including thenumerous Google updates and feature changes.Over the past weeks, there have been rumours and speculations from industry observersand experts stating that Google will be making changes to its Google Panda algorithm,which according to them, may affect searches and other optimisation procedures all overthe world.As of this time, Google has confirmed that it has indeed, undertaken some updates withits Google Panda algorithm. According to the giant Internet company, it has startedrefreshing its algorithm on June 8 – which has affected around 1% of searches in both theU.S. and the world.A representative of Google, in a statement released about this development said, "Pandadata refresh started rolling out on Friday. Less than 1% of queries noticeably affected inthe U.S. & 1% worldwide."According to experts and analysts, this modification, although affecting only a smallpercentage of the market at first, will significantly play a role in the search engineoptimisation techniques and online marketing procedures that businesses will have toundertake in order to make their respective campaigns work.The Google Panda 3.7 update was not confirmed by Google at its onset. But the recentshift of search engine results, specifically for those that have been made subject of formerPanda versions, was made the subject of many forums, as well as observations by SEOexperts and industry analysts – leading many to believe that there was indeed, anupcoming Google update. Eventually, Google confirmed the speculations.The last Panda update, the Google Panda 3.6 Update - was undertaken on April 27th, or6 weeks before this latest Panda update.With the confirmation, analysts are saying that it will now be easier for industryprofessionals to engage in the proper techniques and methods in order to reap betterresults for their SERPs accordingly.©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. James Corby, Business Development Director of Oracle Digital – Australia’s leading SEOfirm, shares his opinion on the matter. He says, “These algorithm updates by Google wasdesigned to help online businesses gain an advantage with better rankings by focusing onquality over quantity. It also demands that SEO firms practice efficient and ethicaloptimisation methods. Building authority has become the critical element now, aposed toover optimisation tactics of the past.”Corby then adds, “You need to use white hat SEO strategies in order to obtain higherpage rankings. This includes proper keyword research and placement, quality content,effective link building and many other methods. Now, if you’re not really an expert onthese matters – hire an SEO company to do this for you because simple mistakes incritical areas can cost you dearly.”Oracle Digital, is a well-respected online marketing company that engages in numerousonline services, such as SEO, reputation management, social media platforms forbusinesses, Internet marketing and many others. It has continually served clients fromMelbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and other parts of Australia.If you want to know more about Oracle Digital and what it can do to help your business,you can contact them at 1300 899 851 or you can visit their websiteat©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 3