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How Traditional Retailers Can Survive The Online Retailing Game


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Perth SEO company Oracle Digital helps traditional retailers go online and survive the boon of online retailing.

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How Traditional Retailers Can Survive The Online Retailing Game

  1. 1. How Traditional Retailers CanSurvive the Online Retailing Game©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Perth SEO company Oracle Digital helps traditional retailers goonline and survive the boon of online retailing.As the popular cliché goes, it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. But in business, itdoes not apply. Traditional retailers must exert the necessary efforts in order to gainadvantage over what many experts claim to be the increasing necessity of onlinestrategies in retail.In this regard, Oracle Digital, the leading SEO company in Perth, has social mediamarketing strategy to help each retailer, whether large or small scale, gain the advantageover the increasing number of companies who have been making use of the internet tocater to their clients.Business analysts accounted that personal or traditional marketing does not work asefficiently as it did. Some figures have shown that known large traditional departmentstores in Australia - have been suffering from a deep decline in sales because of theirfailure to go along with the times, and their reluctance to engage in the necessary internetmarketing strategies.To address this trend, many analysts have stated that retailers must make use of differentinternet tools in order to survive. Many fear that this might lead to considerable losses ontheir part – and worse, it could even lead to closures. But before deciding which tool touse, experts suggest that one must understand the different types of online shoppers first.During the 2012 NAB Conference, a study called “Beyond Digital” was released statingthat there are four types of online shoppers: the content kings, the social butterflies, theconnected maestros and the efficiency experts. To know these types of shoppers willmaximise the profit potential of businesses.The efficiency experts took up around 41% of the total number of online services – thisgroup was described as those who are well-versed with the virtual world, such as thoseregularly using emails and social networks for communication, those using their mobilephones for browsing the internet, online shopping and others who use the platform tomake their activities simpler.Connected maestros take around 35% of online shoppers, they are the advanced onlineusers. Experts suggest that in order to entice this type of consumers – using moreadvanced techniques, such as mobile apps and other innovations may prove to be helpful.On the other hand, social butterflies compose 15% of total online shoppers. According tothe study, these people are those who give much attention to online social interaction –experts suggest that a business must entice them in social media to be able to market tothem effectively. ©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Content kings have been described as predominantly composed of male consumers whospend most of their online time with playing games and downloading movies online – thesaid group accounting to around 9% of online shoppers.With these findings, many analysts now believe that going and staying online is afundamental consideration that must not always be taken for granted. And among thedifferent methods, social media marketing is the most important.This is the view shared by Clint Maher, Oracle Digital’s Director of Operations. He cites“Social media marketing is an integral part of online retailing that will reap in more benefitsthan most. And with the number of social networking users constantly increasing – it isconsiderably a market that will bring in great profits if reached with the proper methods.”Indeed, social media marketing is a business strategy that any retailer must learn toexercise. One just needs to find the right company to assist in making its campaigns moreeffective and which will bring in more benefits in the end.Oracle Digital is the leading Digital marketing company that provides SEO, social mediamarketing and other online strategies to clients from Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourneand Sydney. If you want to know more about the company and its services, do nothesitate to give them a call at 1300 899 851 or you can visit their website at ©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3