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Google Steps Up Local Advertising Services


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Online marketing company Oracle Digital releases improved products and services to help clients devise better marketing strategies.

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Google Steps Up Local Advertising Services

  1. 1. Google Steps Up Local Advertising Services©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Online marketing company Oracle Digital releases improvedproducts and services to help clients devise better marketingstrategies.Oracle Digital, a leading SEO firm in Perth, Australia has announced that it has finishedimproving its roster of products and services to strengthen the internet marketingcampaigns of its current and prospective clients.This announcement from the professional SEO company stems from news stating thatGoogle has made significant changes to its local business advertising schemes, whichentail the most stringent efforts that the giant internet company has done in order toprovide better services to local markets.According to analysts, Google is planning on further improving its small-business-services, formerly known as Business Builder, and make it the most preferred option ofbusiness owners from around the globe. This project is expected to be implemented byJuly.This modification, according to Google, is a combination of different software,technologies, products and services – which when combined, will result to better servicesfor local businesses, whether big or small.As noted by respected industry experts, this move by the global internet company wasdesigned to put its social network, Google+ to the forefront. With this strategy, localbusinesses will be able to use their respective Google+ pages in order to draw traffic,interact with clients, and also for customers to make purchases accordingly, with the useof digital wallets and other procedures.In a statement explaining the importance of local businesses to their company, Google’sSenior Vice President, Jeff Huber says, "Helping local business is a big part of our focusat Google, whether it is connecting shoppers with the right store nearby or helpingmerchants attract and retain customers. In local, our vision is not a one-size-fits-allproduct, but a range of flexible solutions that make the Web work for all local businesses."In connection with this, some Google employees have now been assigned with the task ofdeveloping smartphone apps for local businesses. In addition, the company has alsoengaged in numerous campaigns, including workshops, to help local businessesfamiliarise themselves with online marketing and the virtual world as a whole.James Corby, Business Development Director of Oracle Digital, has this to say about thismove by Google: “Local businesses must take advantage of the vast opportunities thatGoogle is providing for them. And this is because with the Internet, local businesses willbe able to have a wider market, better advertising and more sales in the long run.”©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. In explaining how local advertising is made effective with the virtual platform, Corby says,“Aside from having a website, you must also make use of the proper SEO strategies,social media marketing tools and other online marketing techniques in order to makethings work. Otherwise, you might have a problem spreading your message across –regardless of how good your offer may be.”Oracle Digital is a well respected digital marketing company known for its numerousonline services, such as its reputation management schemes, social media managementtechniques, SEO services, and other tools.Oracle Digital assists numerous clients from Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne,Perth and other parts of Australia. For more information, you can give them a call at 1300899 851 or you can visit their website at©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 3