Google Places Offers Exciting Times For Small Business With SEO


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You can now achieve, a full listing including page title and description, an image to represent your business, address & phone number as well as positive reviews from your clients. How awesome is that? That is surely a massive win for local businesses courtesy of Google.

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Google Places Offers Exciting Times For Small Business With SEO

  1. 1. Google Places Offers Exciting Times For Small Business With SEO ©2009, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. I must say, I have been really excited latelywhen I sit and research Google Trends andthink about the various changes thatGoogle has been making over the pastyear. For many reasons, the one particular change that has got my blood running themost is the introduction of Google Places into the geo-targeted search results.In my role as Head of Business Development at Oracle Digital I am always taking thetime to absorb my existing strategies and trying to find new ways of increasing businessfor the company. Like many are aware, Oracle Digital is a boutique Digital Marketingcompany and we provide cost effective strategies and digital marketing products but byno means are we the cheapest going around (we sit in the middle – A good place tobe!).We position our marketing to be in front of potential clients right in what I would callthe mid stream of small to medium business. Our likely clients we will entertain areprobably small business to medium businesses, with an annual turnover of between 1-3million per year and those businesses which are actively seeking to improve their onlinebusiness and overall lead generation strategies. So over the course of my week, I amconstantly faced with the frustrating task of turning clients away. Stupid you say? Wellthe reality is, if I don’t feel like Oracle Digital can offer their business a healthy returnon investment then we simply won’t take them on.This usually happens because their business exists in a particular industry niche, weresearch volumes are low and our products and pricing cannot offer them a healthyreturn. They leave disappointed!Well all that has changed!For months in advance of the recent Google Places changes in Australia (wewatched it play out in the USA prior), my Co-Founder in crime and Head of Research atOracle Digital, Clint Maher was furiously working with our team to create a budgetpriced, cutting edge product that would finally give me the chance to offer upsomething to all these small businesses that I have previously been forced to turnaway!Well, let’s just say he certainly delivered and delivered well. Within days of Googleimplementing the changes here in Australia, Oracle Digital had a Google Places productready to offer our clients. These products are powerful in positioning and optimisingyour Google Places listing for your business (for various search terms) and also includea degree of SEO so it’s a double win for our smaller clients.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. While it might not be the most powerful strategy for larger businesses who are targeting more aggressive and competitive search terms, it certainly is an amazing products for the small businesses in largely non competitive industries who cannot afford high priced SEO campaigns. The Challenge for Small businesses before Google Places Previously Google Places was known as Google Map Listings. You certainly wanted your business to be in those map listings atthe time, but the overall benefits was questionable. Sure, you had a one line title andlink to your website but that was about it. As it turns out, the punters using the searchengines would scroll down some and look towards the organic listings to get a moredetailed explanation of your website or business offerings.In the organic listing they would see a title of your business, then also a pagedescription that would talk more about your exact offerings. Well the ultimate challengehere was, fending off all the internet marketing experts who know SEO like the back oftheir hands and they would dominate the first page of listings for all the search termsrelated to your business. Without a healthy budget, and a very efficient SEO companymany of you could not realise first page results in Google because of this very problem.The Reasoning behind Google PlacesRead this small snippet from Larry Page, one of Google’s Co-Founders, explaining themission or maybe the ethics of Google -©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  4. 4. “The perfect search engine,” says co–founder Larry Page, “would understand exactlywhat you mean and give back exactly what you want.” When Google began, you wouldhave been pleasantly surprised to enter a search query and immediately find the rightanswer. Google became successful precisely because we were better and faster atfinding the right answer than other search engines at the time.Google is all about delivering you the most relevant responses every time you use theirsearch engine. And for some time, they have been caught in a cross fire of deliveringrelevant content as opposed to relevant websites.As I described above, many of these internet marketing gurus have previously beenswallowing up the first page of the search results, simply by building and optimising awebsite. Have they been delivering relevant content? Often yes, but Google has nowgone a step further, and finally identified that when a user is searching for a local geo-targeted business they do not want to see a directory style website. But instead theyare now looking for relevant websites (bricks and mortar businesses that actually offerup the products and services people want to buy). Welcome the introduction of GooglePlaces which has taken over a significant portion of the front page real estate in theLocal Search Results.The Benefits for Small BusinessesThe Way Search Results are Being DisplayedI think somewhere in my rant earlier, I spoke about how formerly Google Map Listingsdisplayed the map and a few links beside. Well now, with Google Places as thereplacement, the first page of the search results is being largely dominated by a moredetailed display of those local businesses who have a well optimised Google Placeslisting displayed.You can now achieve, a full listing including page title and description, an image torepresent your business, address & phone number as well as positive reviews from yourclients. How awesome is that? That is surely a massive win for local businesses courtesyof Google.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  5. 5. Cost Effective way to get Maximum exposureWhile SEO is an amazing marketing strategy for some businesses it can be costly. And Imentioned before how a lot of small businesses simply cannot afford the investment ofa large scale, prolonged SEO campaign. Well our Google Places product is quite theopposite.For the very affordable price of $880 you can pay Oracle Digital a once off fee for yourGoogle Places Setup, which claims and optimises your listing and also includes onemonth of SEO to your Google Places listing. And further to that, we offer monthlyGoogle Places SEO campaigns which start from just $440 per/month.For detailed information or to purchase these red hot products contact James on 0400998 208.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 4