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Google Places is Out, Replaced By Google Plus Local


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Internet marketing company Oracle Digital strengthens SEO efforts in order to provide more efficient services to clients who may be affected by this latest development.

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Google Places is Out, Replaced By Google Plus Local

  1. 1. Google Places is Out, Replaced By Google Plus Local©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Internet marketing company Oracle Digital strengthens SEOefforts in order to provide more efficient services to clients whomay be affected by this latest development.Oracle Digital, one of the top SEO companies in the country, has announced that it hasadded new modifications to its inventory of products and services, in order to adjust to therecent changes done by giant internet company - Google.In its latest move, Google has updated its numerous Google+ features and has replacedGoogle Places in the process. And according to numerous industry experts, this change,alongside Google’s Penguin algorithm and Knowledge Graph – will bring in some bigchanges that online businesses and internet marketers will have to take heed of.Studies of the new Google+ modification has shown that Google+ Local pages will nowappear in the area where Google Places used to appear when search results were shown.And according to Google’s Marissa Mayer – the company has already replaced 80 millionGoogle Places pages with Google+ Local pages, and many more replacements areexpected within the next few days.In addition, the giant internet company has also tweaked its review system, with thereplacement of its traditional 5-star rating system with Zagat 30-point rating scale. Googlehas also made the Zagat reviews more in depth by adding subsections on the reviewprocess, such as service, atmosphere and the like.Industry experts and analysts likewise report that there are other advantages to the newGoogle+ Local pages, such as its integration with other Google features – like GoogleProperties, Maps, Mobile, Search and other features. Additionally, its integration withGoogle+ “Circles” is also expected to make user find recommendations done by family,friends, colleagues and other connections, making reviews more honest and accurate –and minimising the existence of false reviews.Regarding search engine optimisation, SEO experts are saying that because Google+Local pages (unlike Google Places) is actually indexed by Google – this makesoptimisation easier for those who are looking for more traffic, better search enginerankings and more customers in the long run.Concurrently, since a user’s Google Places page is converted into a Google+ Pageautomatically – it can likewise be considered as an excellent tool to enter into internetmarketing and social media marketing campaigns as well. And according to experts, thisopportunity must be maximised accordingly if one wants to earn even more in the end.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. This opinion of experts is similarly viewed by Oracle Digital’s Director of Operations, ClintMaher. He says, “This move to replace Google Places with Google+ Local is an excellentopportunity for business owners who are looking to make more out of their onlinecampaigns. After all, not only does it bring more accurate ratings for businesses, but it willalso make your social media marketing campaigns a lot more effective as well. You justneed to follow the proper procedures – and everything will follow”.“Although this new interface may seem to be a bit daunting to some, this is not really thecase. You just need to make relevant and valuable content – then share it by utilising theright procedures in order to widen your market. Fortunately, we have the tools and tacticsthat can do these, and we are always willing to use them for all of our clients.”, Maheradded.Indeed, with the new Google+ Local pages, businesses will have a better chance ofgetting more out of their online campaigns. And with the help of a company that is anexpert on their field, this would not be a problem at all.Oracle Digital are SEO experts in Perth that provide internet marketing strategies, SEOprocedures, social media marketing techniques and other online tools to clients fromSydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. For inquiry, call 1300 899 851 or visittheir website at©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3