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Established SEO Firm Reveals Secrets to a Successful Brand


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Perth Internet marketing company Oracle Digital reveals how using effective web marketing strategies can help businesses gain a significant advantage in the market through greater brand awareness.

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Established SEO Firm Reveals Secrets to a Successful Brand

  1. 1. Established SEO Firm Reveals Secrets to a Successful Brand©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Perth Internet marketing company Oracle Digital reveals howusing effective web marketing strategies can help businessesgain a significant advantage in the market through greaterbrand awareness.Industry experts shared that using traditional marketing methods is not as feasibleanymore today as it was before. This is in line with the emergence of newer, moreeffective marketing strategies that have been specifically designed to cater to a largeraudience, and will result in greater profitability for those businesses and individuals whoutilise it. They are pertaining to Internet Marketing.Interestingly, they claim that online or Internet marketing, unlike traditional methods ismore affordable, despite its wider audience reach. In fact, they believe that in order for abusiness to become a household name, all it needs is to have personality, creativity and agenuine client connection – a million dollar marketing or advertising budget is out of thepicture.According to online marketing experts, one of the most efficient parts of an onlinecampaign is the social media platform. Using interesting and engaging content, abusiness can increase brand awareness, without having to spend large sums of moneyjust to get their messages across.As explained by social media practitioners, basically everyone in this day and age hastheir own social media profile – which means the mode of communication is not a bigproblem. Instead, what a business needs to focus on is the manner of communication,such as the spiel of their promotion, the interest it might generate among readers and itsauthenticity.Industry experts also shared that another important aspect of an effective onlinemarketing strategy is to build an online community. The members of this online communitydo not need to represent a big percentage of the target market – they may even comprisejust the top 1% of the business’ demographics, and let them do their part of growing thecommunity themselves. Experts call this crowd-sourcing: members of the onlinecommunity will serve as the PR agents of the business, while their respective socialnetwork accounts will serve as advertisement platforms. But in order to make thispossible, the business must be able to provide a sincere and authentic approach whenstarting out conversations with their members – in order to encourage them to spreadinformation about the company and its products.Additionally, experts also advise to make use of the power of blogs to spread brandawareness. There are numerous niche groups all over the blogosphere, and businessescan utilise these groups to help promote their brands. A business should know where itstarget audience is. It requires a degree of time and effort to begin with but the results willbe worth the while.©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Online marketing experts also encourage businesses to aim for “shareability”. And thiscan be done by giving out quality, creative, entertaining and original content – somethingthat your audience will find so interesting they will retweet it or repost it on their timelines.Corby added, “A business or an individual just needs to figure out how to implement theproper web marketing strategies to make things work. If they lack the knowledge, they canhire a company with the right expertise in online marketing to help them out.”Oracle Digital is an established web marketing company that specialises in numerousexpert services specifically designed to boost brand awareness. Their services includeSearch Engine Optimisation, reputation management, online press release, and otheronline communication strategies. Oracle Digital has been providing efficient services toclients from Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and other parts of the country.If you want to step up your business to a whole new level, talk to Oracle Digital’s SEOexperts today. You may contact the company at 1300 899 851 or you may drop by theirwebsite ©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 3