7 top strategies for search engine domination


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If you can find way to dominate the search engine results pages for your industry, you can save money on advertising, engage new customers, increase your re-order rate with past customers, and be considered the go-to resource for your niche. SEO domination isn’t always simple, though. It takes a strategic, evolving, aggressive, and smart approach.

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7 top strategies for search engine domination

  1. 1. 7 Top Strategies ForSearch Engine Domination ©2009, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. Are you looking to make a splash online? If you can find way to dominate the searchengine results pages for your industry, you can save money on advertising, engage newcustomers, increase your re-order rate with past customers, and be considered thego-to resource for your niche. SEO domination isn’t always simple, though. It takes astrategic, evolving, aggressive, and smart approach. Here are seven of the topstrategies to help you with search engine domination. You’ll want to employ themall:1. Research Keywords2. Know Your Audience3. Design for Conversion4. Optimise Each Page5. Continually Build6. Use Social Media7. Analyse Your StatsResearchIf you don’t research your market, keywords, and your competition, how will you knowwhat it will take? Research needs to be done before you start and on an ongoing basis.Companies that have their thumb on the pulse of their industry have a better chance ofgetting organic search engine traffic and of getting traffic that converts.Tip: Don’t research just once. Research keywords and your industry on an ongoingbasis.Audience AwarenessBesides knowing who your audience is, you need to know what they want. Your contentstrategy should speak to their wants and needs. It should satisfy their sweet tooth butleave them wanting more at the same time. Engage your audience through surveys,comments, social media, and via reading their feedback and you’ll have plenty ofongoing material for future marketing and gap analysis purposes.Design for ConversionBeyond ranking well online you need to have a web presence that generates interest.Again, engage your audience. Hire a web designer who has a knack for knowing what©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. people want. Every square inch of your home page is important and your approach caneither be a magnet for customers, it could leave them feeling indifferent, or it could alsorepel them.Optimise Each PageDon’t make the mistake of simply getting your home page just right. Remember, eachvisitor you receive is someone you’ll want to dig deeper than the home page. Youshould also remember that visitors might not simply enter the site on the home page.Every page on your site needs to have the ability to sell someone. It also needs to havethe right search engine optimisation properties. A strategy needs to work on each pageas a standalone page and needs to work cohesively with your whole site. The total sumof each of those pages equates to how much traffic search engines will send your way.Continually BuildSearch engines continually scour the web for new information and that new informationreplaces other information. If your site continually builds new information, you’lldominate the search engines. It isn’t enough to gain a few rankings and first pageresults. You need to continually work at it otherwise someone else will take your place.An SEO campaign needs to encompass on page and off page strategies.Create web pages or blog posts, press releases, online articles, and an overall onlinepresence so that on an ongoing basis, search engines will have reasons to take noticeof your website and your online activities as they relate to your site.Social Media MarketingSocial media sites can help you gather followers, build relationships, and nurturerelationships. They can help you with advertising, attraction marketing, and reputationmanagement. A solid social marketing campaign is a vital element of search enginedomination. Your updates, your social pages, your website, your videos, and all theother activities can equate to increase SEO success.AnalyticsDon’t set it and forget it. Analyse it. Tweak it. Perfect it. Then analyse it some more.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  4. 4. Need help with an SEO strategy that will help you dominate search engines and becomethe defacto standard for your industry? Talk to Oracle Digital.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 3