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3 Hot Tips for Current SEO – Kick Goals During Tough Times for Search


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Many over analysing SEO’s are still scrambling for answers to determine were the next big product for trickery will come from, but the answers my friends are much, much simpler than that.

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3 Hot Tips for Current SEO – Kick Goals During Tough Times for Search

  1. 1. 3 Hot Tips for Current SEO – Kick Goals During Tough Times for Search©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. SEO and digital marketing has taken centre stage in my career for many,many years now. But the recent changes by Google, let’s say the last 12months have been nothing short of dramatic. In years gone by, us SEOdudes have lived and breathed on selling this secret doctorate in searchwizardry. And to some extent we had a valid case. While the core principlesof SEO have never consisted of rocket science, the tools, the tricks andworm holes that we could fathom out would often mean the differencebetween success and failure against both our competitors and Google.Many over analysing SEO’s are still scrambling for answers to determinewere the next big product for trickery will come from, but the answers myfriends are much, much simpler than that.So with the entire buzz that is currently floating around about the searchindustry, let’s take a simple approach to easily understand what is in withSEO and how today’s business owners should be thinking about promotingthemselves online.1. The Quality Of Your Voice CountsWhile we have been preaching articles, news and content for much longerthan others, it is not an unknown fact that managing a company or personalblog on your website will help you achieve better results online. I want toemphasise, that today, the voice of your company or your person is muchmore important than ever before. Regularly projecting quality, currentinformation onto your website that is relevant to your target market andfollowers is a critical ingredient in today’s search marketing landscape. Youmust find ways to separate your business from the growing bottle neck ofgarbage content that is available on the web. SEO experts and onlinemarketers have abused the privilege of written content on the web for manyyears and now it is time for the real businesses to shine. Google is being leftbehind in the race for relevant information because the social world online isdictating what is good and what is bad. Google is listening to the voters, andgarbage is no longer required.©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. 2. Create Followers and Social SignalsAll jokes aside, how does a politician generally win over his electorate ofvoters? He spends time in the community, building friends, followers andadvocates. He gives quality, moral opinions then people will believe in him asa leader of their territory. Modern search engines are the same. Technologyis demanding that we engage our audience socially using platforms andplaces where people are sharing opinions. If you can build trust in the peopleat a virtual level, then Google will listen to your voters. For locationconfirmation along with features to rate your business, then Google PlusLocal is the place to begin. If it’s business to business relationships, thenLinkedIn might be a great place to start. And if your company could benefitfrom a visual sensation, you might like to consider the emergence ofPinterest. One way or another there is a raft of social platforms that enableyour business to generate social signals about your brand. There is also anabundance of features and plug-ins for your website to encourage socialsharing of your voice and content. Embrace these channels now andgenerate a following before it’s too late!3. Distribute Your Content In Different Ways and PlacesFree, cluttered, low quality article sharing websites like ezines and others area thing of the past. You need to follow the people who matter most to yourbusiness and place your content in areas around the web that are mostrelevant to your company’s online and overall objectives. Find the onlineauthorities and social arenas to syndicate your voice and give yourself thebest opportunity to gather an audience. Using Premium, paid press releaseplatforms, along with the host of media and social platforms that are availableto use are the best places to syndicate your content. Do not focus onirrelevant, high page rank websites or paid link content websites as placesfor distribution. If you are distributing content that is not self constructed orhas a genuine, quality purpose for being published to your audience thenthese websites you are utilising will hurt your online marketing success.©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  4. 4. As you can see things have actually become much simpler. There is going tobe no miracle cure or next piece of software that is going to miraculouslysolve the world of issues for SEO’s. Google has made sure of that! It is assimple as rolling up your sleeves, engaging with your audience anddelivering a clear, concise and quality message in areas where youraudience is listening. Distribute quality, listen intently and react swiftly withreal time information and things will forge ahead for your business online. Digital206 Nicholson RoadSubiaco, WA, 6008Ph: 1300 899 851©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 4