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Windows Phone 7 is coming! Windows Phone 7 showcases a person’s most important, personalized information at-a-glance across games, photos, social networking and other key functions without requiring the launch of separate applications. For the first time ever on a phone, Windows Phone 7 leverages the combined power of the phone, PC and cloud to bring together world-class consumer and business products like Xbox Live, Bing, Internet Explorer, Zune, Office, Exchange and SharePoint – delivering rich integrated phone experiences with a unique and fresh UI. Windows Phone 7 offers top-rated applications across all key categories with thousands more coming – all backed by a rigorous certification program.

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  • This is not an attempt to copy-cat an existing phone, or fall in line with everyone else – this is something new and different, for very good reasons.
  • The Smart Design starts with what we call the “Metro” Design Language – not a language like developers would think of – but a natural language for expressing designs. The inspiration for the WP7 UX was based on signage around Metro Rail stations – clean, clear, easy to read information that you can take in quickly. We also refer to this as “glanceable” information – information you can take in at just a glance.It’s not about the fancy chrome, gradient fills or shiny, inactive icons – it’s about the information you need right now to get back to your “life in motion”…
  • Hubs are viewports into phone functionality – the phone UX is not about hosting applications, it’s about hosting experiences<build>There are 6 hubs in WP7 – developers can integrate their software into them
  • Windows Phone 7 Series has a very detailed hardware specification to ensure a consistent user experience for consumers across network providers. This way, phone customers will be able to continue using their existing service provider but get the same UX as everyone else. The consistent hardware and software platform also ensures that Microsoft can, through a centralized Windows Update mechanism, manage updates and patching to the phone platform in a consistent way, across providers.Highlights of slide: Detailed hardware spec to ensure a consistent user experience for consumersSingle display at launch, smaller display in future (lower price point for easier adoption)All capacitive touch devices – no more stylus!3 buttons only – not 5, not 1 – but 3Memory is minimum configuration, more is allowed
  • Silverlight for most business apps – although some companies, with needs around high-performance 3D applications, might choose XNA for their apps, and some casual game developers will choose Silverlight for game development.
  • These are capabilities common to both Silverlight and XNA-based development.Key point here is that it doesn’t really matter which of the two platforms you pick – XNA or Silverlight – you can still get to all of these common features.Highlights include Input Paths, LINQ, Isolated Storage, “Pickers, Launchers and Choosers”, Hub Integration
  • Can replace the following slides with live Marketplace demo.
  • Make More MoneyBest in class ad targeting solution combines demographic , behavioral, content category, carrier, and user location targeting options.The power of a national direct mobile/online sales force combined with leading resellers.They all bid on and compete for your inventory!Competitive revenue share for developers/publishers – 70% per current market economicsMobile advertising’s first and only real-time, bidded ad exchange to increase yield, reduce waste and provide best in class targeting to increase value of inventory Quick and Easy Set UpEasy integration of ad control Quality SDKs from Microsoft which has a strong track record of developer toolsAbility to Measure ResultsStandard online reports to show you how much money you made!Internal note to DPE: Please keep in mind that app usage analytics are being provided via an MCB-selected analytics solution (Preemptive).  Advertising reports will be available via the pubCenter platform.
  • KEY POINT:MSFT will have a competitive revenue share where approximately 70% of the revenue goes to publishers (less any other taxes and costs). 
  • Action-oriented advertising – in the desired locations - targeted to selected user segments
  • Overview of Windows Phone 7

    1. 1. A kind of phone for life in motion So you can build integrated experiences and profit from it
    2. 2. Metro
    3. 3. Start Glance & Go Get Me There
    4. 4. Drive Consumer Connection
    6. 6. Weather Personal Weather surfaced on the live tile in Start Relevant Weather updated based on your location Connected Weather for your contacts
    7. 7. Capacitive touch 4 or more contact points Sensors A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity Camera 5 mega pixels or more, flash required, camera button required Multimedia Common detailed specs, Codec acceleration Memory 256MB RAM or more, 8GB Flash or more GPU DirectX 9 acceleration CPU ARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion 1GHz or better Hardware buttons | Back, Start, Search
    8. 8. Hardware Implications Hardware Buttons Optional landscape keyboards Design for one hand usage wherever possible
    9. 9. Input • Touch • Hardware buttons • Accelerometer Media • Digital media capture & playback • Media library access Data • Isolated Storage • LINQ (Objects and XML) .NET • Superset of Silverlight 3.0 • Windows Communication Foundation • SOAP, REST, OData services Phone Access • Integrated access to phone UI • Sensors • Picker for contacts and photos Integrated With Cloud Services • App Deployment & Updates • Notifications • Location • Xbox LIVE OS Integration • Hub Integration • Launchers • Choosers
    10. 10. The Marketplace
    11. 11. Browse, Filter, Search & Discover
    12. 12. Promotion & Discoverability Daily promotion drives high visibility for the best apps and games Smart multi-variable algorithmic ranking for popular and new Browse the catalog and discover new content
    13. 13. Informed Purchase Decisions
    14. 14. Manage App & Game Updates Notifications of app updates on the Marketplace hub Update all apps at once or view the update details of a single app or game Choose to update a single app or game View the details of a specific update
    15. 15. Make More Money
    16. 16. Demo, Category, Carrier and Location Market Competitive Revenue Share Text and Image Units Click to Call, Click to Web Revenue, Inventory, Clicks, CPM, STR Microsoft & Yahoo Contextual Advertising Third Party Ad Networks
    17. 17. Segments include age & gender Advertising in apps targeted to desired user demos
    18. 18. How Developers Profit Single software distribution channel • World wide access • Ease of discovery • Convenient updates & distribution Active merchandising 70% revenue share Trial API Credit card & mobile operator billing Paid, freemium, ad funded and free apps
    19. 19. Where Developers Get Paid 30 markets world wide
    20. 20. Publishing Process Application and Game Submission Sign Windows Phone 7 Deployment Service .xap .dll App submission App Packaging & Validation .xap .dll .xap .dll .xap .dll Apply Test Criteria Marketplace Add Metadata .xap .dll .xap .dll .xap .dll .xap .dll
    21. 21. Registration Create an account Get validated Submit applications Students ride for free! Existing accounts just work…
    22. 22. Key Considerations Apply best practices for packaging apps Use trial licenses for better sell through Consider the Windows Phone Marketplace test criteria
    23. 23. Application Packaging Use .NET localization best practices Package multiple languages within the XAP Leverage trial support via the API
    24. 24. if (CurrentLicense.IsTrial().Equals(true)) { // Application is in trial mode, so // upsell to full priced content // Do not try this code at home…  } Trial API Trial API Usage Example Implement IsTrial() API Up-sell to full-priced content = greater sales You control functionality or license duration
    25. 25. Test Criteria Principles Phone functionality is protected Applications are well-behaved on the phone The certification process is predictable and timely for developers
    26. 26. Test Criteria Pillars Applications are reliable Applications use resources efficiently Applications are free of malicious software Applications do not interfere with the phone functionality Meets Microsoft standard for global content policies Meets application type guidelines Evaluated against regional policies Localization review technical validation policy validation market validation
    27. 27. Getting Started
    28. 28. SignupatMicrosoftPlatformReady DownloadtheWindowsPhone7Developer Tools GetsupportfromMicrosoftdevelopment expertstospeedyourtimeto market Microsoft Platform Ready for Windows Phone 7 www.microsoftplatformready.com Access training, support, testing and marketing resources to help you take your phone app to market faster 1 2 3
    29. 29.         