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Bloomington Hospital Boosts Quality, Safety and Efficiency with Integrated Technologies


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Read case study to find out how Bloomington Hospital was able to create an integrated system to deliver quality, safety and efficiency across enterprise by implementing McKesson IT solutions.

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Bloomington Hospital Boosts Quality, Safety and Efficiency with Integrated Technologies

  1. 1. Case Study Bloomington Hospital Boosts Quality, Safety and Efficiency with Integrated TechnologiesBloomington Hospital has Leveraging a broad range of regional referral center with a McKesson solutions, Bloomington reputation for clinical excellence,been innovative in providing Hospital has transformed innovation and collaboration. from a paper-based system But the hospital’s best-of-breed,quality care to south central with a multitude of disparate department-centric IT structureIndiana communities for more technologies into a truly wasn’t aligned with its patient- integrated, patient-centric delivery centric mission and vision.than a century. Offering a model. The organization has significantly improved safety, When Mark McMath becamecomprehensive continuum of coordination of care and access to Bloomington Hospital’s chiefcare, Bloomington Hospital is a information across a continuum of information officer in 2003, he hospitals, outpatient facilities and quickly realized that change wasnot-for-profit organization and physician practices. necessary.has a patient base of 413,000 Thanks to a fully automated, “Clearly, we needed a differentin 10 counties (Brown, Daviess, closed-loop medication workflow, approach,” McMath explains. medication errors at Bloomington “We had to align IT across theGreene, Jackson, Lawrence, Hospital have decreased by organization to support our vision 75% overall, including: a 98% for an integrated delivery systemMartin, Monroe, Morgan, Orange reduction in omitted doses, a 48% that would provide the high-quality,and Owen). Bloomington Hospital reduction in wrong doses and a safe and affordable healthcare our 67% reduction in the wrong drug. region needs and deserves.”currently operates two hospital Rapid access to information has made diagnosis and treatment The organization faced threecampuses (Bloomington and much more efficient, especially overriding challenges:Orange County) with regional in radiology where turnaround time has declined dramatically – Synchronize disparate systemsspecialty offerings for heart from up to two days to less and create a common framework than four hours. Additionally, to assimilate complete patientand vascular, behavioral health, invoicing, inventory and supply- information across all facilitiescancer, women and children, chain management enhancements – Provide fast, easy access to that have saved the system more than informationneurology, and orthopedic $600,000 annually and increased – Improve quality, coordination and revenue by $15 million. costs while boosting medicationservices. As a leading hospital in and patient safetyIndiana, Bloomington Hospital Challenges For more than 100 years, Specifically, Bloomington Hospitalenhances health by advancing sought to implement a closed-loop Bloomington Hospital has served the communities of south-central medication management process tothe art and science of medicine Indiana as a not-for-profit, reduce or eliminate adverse drugthrough the use of newtechnologies, proceduresand care.
  2. 2. At a Glance events, improve medication charge Creating a Patient-Centric capture, accelerate invoicing and FrameworkOrganization improve inventory and supply- Bloomington Hospital has leveragedBloomington Hospital chain management. Additionally, McKesson technology to create aBloomington, Ind. Bloomington wanted to coordinate patient-centric, common framework the electronic exchange of health that shares information across– Regional referral center with information across providers. the care continuum. A full suite two hospital locations, 18 of financial and clinical solutions outpatient facilities and five “Once we determined that IT was helps identify patients seen at physician practices a fundamental component of all Bloomington Hospital’s facilities our strategies, we opted for an and centrally store information– 355 licensed beds enterprisewide design,” says Mark and images across encounters.– 13,102 annual admissions Moore, president and CEO. “We McKesson’s physician portal (excluding newborns) knew this approach would enhance and document imaging solution– FY2009: 51,834 emergency patient care, improve decision provide a single point of access department visits, 48,417 making, and optimize clinical and to everything from medication urgent care visits, 11,821 operational efficiencies.” administration data and emergency outpatient surgeries and 5,921 department reports to radiology inpatient surgeries Answers and cardiology images. In fact, there When selecting a vendor to are nearly 800 logins to the portal implement this sweeping, daily.Solution Spotlight multilayered model, Bloomington– AcuDose-Rx® Hospital’s physicians, staff and “HorizonWP® Physician Portal– Horizon Admin-Rx™ leaders chose McKesson. Early gives clinicians quick access to successes with McKesson’s a comprehensive view of vital– Horizon Clinicals® document imaging products helped patient information,” explains Todd– Horizon Meds Manager ™ sway the team — so did a common Rowland, M.D., director of medical– Horizon Medical Imaging™ vision, timeline and can-do attitude. informatics. “It is the first level of decision support at the point of– Horizon Patient Folder™ “We needed functionally rich care and allows for faster and more– HorizonWP® Physician Portal products that would go wide informed decisions.”– McKesson Pharmaceuticals and deep, and McKesson was the only company that could meet our Another leap forward was the– McKesson Radiology Manager™ comprehensive requirements,” migration from manual drug– MedCarousel® McMath recalls. “The company’s distribution to a fully automated, performance, strong and rapid online, real-time process via a implementation methodology, closed-loop medication workflow.Critical Issues and wide-ranging integration– Lack of alignment with capabilities sealed the deal.” “McKesson enabled us to create department-centric IT strategy a comprehensive, bar-coded– Quality, safety and coordination In record time, a comprehensive medication use system – from of patient care suite of McKesson clinical, financial ordering the product from the and connectivity solutions were up distribution center to administering– Lack of fast, easy access to and running. Countless safety and it to our patients – which is safe, information across continuum quality improvements were also in effective and efficient,” says of care the works. Michael Melby, MS, FASHP, director– Inventory and supply-chain of pharmacy. He also cites another management redundancies upside: Nursing and pharmacy have developed a much closer working
  3. 3. relationship. “We are a cohesive Ind. and Paoli, Ind.) use Horizon At a Glanceteam, partnering to ensure safe Emergency Care™ and McKesson’smedication use for our patients.” order management solution to Results equip physicians with computerized – Created a patient-centric,Solutions for medication provider order entry (CPOE) common technology frameworkadministration and automated capabilities in the emergency that shares information acrossdispensing cabinets have reduced departments. Planning is underway the continuum of caremedication errors overall by 75%, to expand CPOE use systemwideincluding: a 98% reduction in with Horizon Expert Orders™, which – Decreased radiology resultsomitted doses; a 48% decrease in will also enable clinical decision turnarounds from two days towrong doses; and a 67% decrease support and alerts for pharmacy, less than four hoursin the wrong drug. The solutions radiology and laboratory. – Improved stat turnaround timesimproved workflow, boosted by 67% and routine turnaroundturnaround times and freed nurses Results times by 75%to spend more time at the patient’s By employing McKesson IT solutions – Reduced medication errors bybedside. Patients are happier, across its continuum of care, 75% overall, including: a 98%and nurse satisfaction with the Bloomington Hospital has created decrease in omitted doses; a 48%medication-use process tops 90%. an integrated system that delivers decrease in wrong doses; and a quality, safety, efficiency and value 67% decrease in incorrect drugFax imaging and McKesson’s to patients across the enterprise.enterprise pharmacy information – Reduced the time nursessystem have improved the spend per shift tracking The overall patient experience is missing medications fromtranscription process. Orders are improved, and quality of care isdigitally manipulated for optimal 60 to 5 minutes enhanced:clarity, and order entry is safer – Increased nursing satisfactionbecause pharmacists are now – Rapid access to information has with the drug distributionalerted to potential drug therapy made diagnosis and treatment process to 91%issues. Medications are available processes much more efficient, – Achieved 100% complianceonly after a pharmacist reviews thus reducing wait times, with ID band checks prior tothe orders to ensure safety and unnecessary repeat tests and administering medicationsregulatory compliance. Usage data added costs. Physicians makegenerated by the systems also – Reduced unresolved controlled timelier, fully informed clinical substance discrepancies by 88%enable better management of decisions that help speedinventory and precious healthcare treatment to patients – Reduced medication cabinetdollars. – Pharmacy distribution and overrides from 4.2% to 1.1% workflow process changes – Reduced monthly pharmacy drugMcMath notes that McKesson is the have increased efficiencies and costs by $50,000only company that offers an end- improved staff satisfactionto-end medication safety solution – Increased inpatient revenue – Automated medication dispensing capture rates by 37% for anthat completely closes the loop. has cut nearly an hour per shift“Medications now go from the annual increase of $15 million from the time nurses spendwarehouse to the patient’s bedside administering medications – Created the radiology efficiencieswith the entire flow locked down,” – Radiology results turnarounds that saved $50,000 in staff costshe says. “We’ve put many safety at Bloomington Hospital have and $330,000 in film costs – achecks and a fully automated supply dropped from up to two days to 95% decreasechain in place between those two less than four hours. Systemwide, – Reduced days in A/R from 75 topoints.” stat turnaround times improved 55, and eliminated off-site record by 67% and routine turnaround transportation and warehouseCurrently, two Bloomington times by 75% storage costsHospital locations (Bloomington,
  4. 4. “McKesson enabled us to Patient care is safer: – The ability to access and electronically sign charts reducedcreate a comprehensive, – A medication administration days in A/R from 75 to 55,bar-coded medication use solution and automated and eliminated off-site record dispensing cabinets have reduced transportation and warehousesystem – from ordering the medication errors by 75% overall storage costs – The hospital has achieved 100% – MedCarousel® decreasedproduct from the distribution compliance with ID band check inventory by 70%. The timecenter to administering it to by nurses prior to administering spent crediting supplies is down medications by 95%, and the hours per dayour patients – that is safe, – Unresolved controlled substance handling returns and credits has discrepancies have dropped by dropped by 67%effective and efficient.” 88%, and nurses spend 92% less time counting controlled “The Bloomington Hospital- substances McKesson partnership thrivesMichael Melby, MS, FASHP thanks to personal commitment Costs are down and efficiency is up: at the highest levels of bothDirector of Pharmacy organizations,” McMath says. “It’sBloomington Hospital – Inpatient revenue capture rates a commitment that remains to this are 37% higher, increasing annual day. McKesson helps us to deliver on patient revenues by $15 million the expectation.” – Systemwide, monthly pharmacy costs have dropped by $50,000. Missing medication doses have decreased by 83%, saving $71,631 in drug costs annually – In 2008, medication error reduction resulted in $500,000 in cost avoidance – Electronic auditing capabilities helped uncover $1.6 million in lost charges – Radiology efficiencies saved $50,000 in staff costs and $330,000 in film costs — a 95% decrease Copyright © 2009 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. AcuDose-Rx, HorizonMcKesson Provider Technologies Clinicals, HorizonWP Physician Portal and MedCarousel are registered trademarks of McKesson Information Solutions LLC. Horizon Admin-Rx, Horizon Medical Imaging, Horizon Meds Manager, Horizon Patient Folder5995 Windward Parkway and McKesson Radiology are trademarks of McKesson Information Solutions LLC. All other product or companyAlpharetta, GA 30005 names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. PRT402-07/09