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Paid search brand protection talk at customer experience online event on the 12-13th June 2010.

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Climb Dig

  1. 1. Using Brand Protection & Competitive Monitoring to Deliver Strategic Value for your Business By Mark Cann Director Climb Digital
  2. 2. 1) Foundations of brand trademark protection." 2) Real world examples of paid search brand adverts." 3) How to monitor your brand through paid search monitoring tools?
  3. 3. Foundations of trademarks and brand keyword bidding •  What is a trademark and how is it classified online? •  What are the brand keyword rules across the search engines? •  What can you do if these are breached?
  4. 4. Trademark Definition
  5. 5. We will not disable keywords in response to a trademark complaint Google won’t Protect your Brand? Countries listed Where Google will investigate ad text only
  6. 6. Yahoo won’t let competitors bid on branded keywords if the only reference is other advertisers.
  7. 7. Real world examples of paid search brand adverts.
  8. 8. Northern Ireland Search results
  9. 9. Wales search results
  10. 10. Take responsive action •  Eurostar example of not responding quick enough. •  P&0 ferries responded by using affiliate paid search partners to bid on Eurostar brand terms •  P&0 offered distressed Eurostar customers a solution.
  11. 11. Competitor trademark bidding •  Competitors will bid on your brand accept it and monitor it. •  Take responsive action •  Brand exposure vs conversion
  12. 12. Take responsive action P&O bid on Euro star brand keywords to take advantage of stranded passengers.
  13. 13. Brand exposure vs conversion •  Bidding on a competitor is a personal choice •  It might not always bring a conversion due to user intent
  14. 14. Rules for affiliates •  Set a clear strategy of what they can and can’t do? •  Are your affiliates adding value to the customer journey?
  15. 15. Paid search affiliate
  16. 16. Affiliate example - Affiliates can add value through bidding on generics. - Less and less direct to site affiliates as brands require the affiliate to produce Quality landing pages. - Quality landing page Increases brand presence.
  17. 17. Ask bid on keywords on Google, which can redirect traffic Does arbitrage add value to the customer journey? Does user know where they are going?
  18. 18. How to use paid search monitoring tools (and what to look for) •  Competitor trademark bidding •  Affiliate brand bidding
  19. 19. Select the brand keyword in this case a sub brand “tesco car insurance”
  20. 20. Instances recorded once an hour to effectively track the Affiliate redirecting traffic. Affiliate advert directing traffic to competitor “”
  21. 21. Affiliate bidding on brand keyword “chocolate trading” after hours
  22. 22. What are the competitors offering? - Free delivery - Starting price point -  iscount off D (non price specific) - UK specific
  23. 23. Competitors in different sectors “american express” redirecting the consumer journey?
  24. 24. Recap: 1)  Foundations of brand trademark protection. 2) Real world examples of paid search brand adverts. 3) How to monitor your brand through paid search monitoring tools?
  25. 25. Any Questions?
  26. 26. Contact Us: 07828534232 In association with: