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Advantage Audio (Part I)

What might an audio file be good for
What is a audio podcast
Preparation for producing an audio file

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Advantage Audio (Part I)

  1. 1. Advantage: Audio podcast factory 1. What is it, an audio podcast? 2. Production steps Requirements, Preparation, Recording, Production, Post-Production, Making Public 3. Free audio editor „Audacity“ [Part II] Norbert.Herrmann
  2. 2. Audio: What for? Motivating How to use Radiolike Support for graphics and pictures Business Abstract or overview Support for animations Educative Background Lecture Support for written text Customer relationship Dialogue or disputation Welcome words Language Personal contact Natural sounds Artificial sounds News Documentation Audio Diary Music For handicapped persons Private Social Historic moments,2144,2261357,00.html ... Audio to listen to! Audio, what for?
  3. 3. Germany ( 5.500 podcast chanels >450.000 podcast episodes English/ US ( > 11.000 podcast chanels >900.000 podcast episodes (Jan 2008) Originally from (a) A podcaster creates an audio-file and uploads it onto a server in the internet (b) Simultaneousely the podcaster makes a news-(rss-)feed „point at“ this audio-file. (c) A listener can subscribe to this rss-feed. By receiving the feed he is informed about the existence of the latest audio-file. (d) A listener rummages in podcast portals to find podcasts covering his interests The listener may listen to the audio-file while accessing the file on the internet or he can download the file for listening to it via an mp3-player. What is it, a podcast?
  4. 4. recorder dictating machine/ voice recorder computer plus microphone sound-/ audio-editing software post production, mix and sampling mp3-tag and albumart shaping the appearance of the software mp3-file webspace cost-free versus payed supplier noises sound databases Pictures taken from or self made Requirements
  5. 5. content/ text • target group: complexity of storyboard / script text, sentence structure (Advantage: Audio) • which content? Advertising, promotion, entertainment, education... • introduction: incentive • length, ad-hoc, etc… sounds and noises do consider copyrights 1. Short and coherent sentences, not too many subordinate clauses 2. Spoken language, not artificial: How to tell a friend - by word of mouth 3. Develop sentences by speaking them out loud 4. Active, not passive voice, righting „verbal“ 5. Avoid to have too many information in one sentence 6. Explain one after another 7. Avoid foreign words and technical terms - or explain them properly 8. Repeat names and important terms: Redundancy welcome! 9. Compare visual: „As long as a football field“ 10. Filler words allow breathing and thinking break. ( Pictures taken from or portal Preparation
  6. 6. voice / spoken language • speaking „natural / as usual“ • mind sibilant sounds • useage of idioms / dialects only when intended •… jingle / self made sounds ageless Pictures taken from or self made Recording
  7. 7. editing, mixing and • cutting, cut and paste, mix sampling • insert noise and sounds • cross-fade audio tracks mp3-export When creating mp3 file, do consider sound quality of audio file vs.possible band- width bottleneck at listener Pictures taken from or self made Production
  8. 8. mp3-ID-tags appearance of the audio file titel, interpreter, year, album, genre, … albumart / cover visual benefit, recognition value/ corporate design Pictures taken from or self made Post-production
  9. 9. 1. upload serveraccess/ webspace 2. newsfeed / blogentry Updated, public accessible rss-feed with new entry 3. registration on „podcast“ library podcast-portals itunes Pictures taken from portals or self made Making public

What might an audio file be good for What is a audio podcast Preparation for producing an audio file


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