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Chapter 13_ Abbreviations


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Chapter 13_ Abbreviations

  1. 1. Medical Abbreviationspertaining to the Ear and Eye BY: COURTNEY LIGNOSKI
  2. 2. Pressure Equalizing Tube = PE tube This is a tube that a physician inserts inside the ear drum to allow air into the middle ear. This helps in the prevention of painful, reoccurring ear infections.
  3. 3. Eye, ears, nose, and throat = EENT These are grouped due to their close proximity and relation to one another. Some doctors who specialize in these areas are called ENT’s (ear, nose, and throat).
  4. 4. Bone conduction = BC Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Many hearing aids are based off of this natural occurrence.
  5. 5. Both Ears = AU “both ears” translated from Latin is “auris utraque.”
  6. 6. Otitis media = OM Otitis media is an infection of the middle ear, just behind the ear drum.
  7. 7. Emmetropia = EM Emmetropia is normal vision.
  8. 8. Exotropia = XT Exotropia is where the eyes are deviated outward. Also called “wall-eyed”
  9. 9. Left eye = OS “left eye” translated from Latin is “sinistram oculus.”
  10. 10. Extraocular movement = EOM Extraocular movement happens due to the sixe muscles that attach to the eyeball itself which allows for the eye to move in all directions.
  11. 11. Visual Acuity = VA Visual Acuity is a person’s ability to see things clearly and with clarity. Visual Acuity is measured by a Snellen Chart.