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Hawaii Governor David Ige - Leadership in Action - Transformation - Follow through


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“Diligent follow-up and follow-through will set you apart from the crowd and communicate excellence”
~ John C. Maxwell

“It is the 'follow through' that makes the great difference between ultimate success and failure, because it is so easy to stop”
~ Charles Kettering

“Character is the ability to follow through on a resolution long after the emotion with which it was made has passed”
~ Brian Tracy

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Hawaii Governor David Ige - Leadership in Action - Transformation - Follow through

  1. 1. THE HONOLULU AUTHORITY FOR RAPID TRANSIT (HART) THE RAIL – THE PEOPLE MOVER GOVERNOR DAVID Y. IGE CREATING AN ENVIRONMENT OF FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY Transformational leaders are people who, irrespective of audience, possess the ability to create big shifts in their audiences’ thinking, which leads to big shifts in their behavior, which enables them to achieve extraordinary results. Source: Developing The 3 Habits Of Transformational Leaders. By Alexia Vernon. The Young Entrepreneur Council. YEC Women. FORBES. August 27, 2015, accessed October 9, 2017 THE STATE OF HAWAII FINANCIAL CAPABILITY TO FUND THE RAIL PROJECT FROM THE STATE TREASURY 1. At June 30, 2016, the amount reported as amounts held in State Treasury reflects the AIRPORTS DIVISION’S relative position in the State’s investment pool and amounted to $1,278,500,756.00 [$1.2+ Billion] [Emphasis and Clarification Supplied] Reference: ____________ 2. At June 30, 2016, the amount reported as amounts held in State Treasury by the HARBORS DIVISION totaled $406,008,171.00. [$400+ Million] [Emphasis and Clarification Supplied] Reference: Statements-FINAL-004-122916-at-1800-hours.pdf ____________ 3. At June 30, 2016, the amount reported as amounts held in the State Treasury by the HIGHWAYS DIVISION totaled $352,773,466.00 [$352+ Million] [Emphasis and Clarification Supplied] Reference: Financial-Statements-FINAL.pdf
  2. 2. GOVERNOR DAVID Y. IGE CREATING AN ENVIRONMENT OF FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY THE FOLLOW THROUGH A study last year (2016) by City Auditor Edwin Young found that the rail authority's financial plans were unreliable and that its cost projections weren't well documented. "We found that the internal controls were so weak that if fraud, waste and abuse were to occur, HART and many others would not have detected it, could not prevent it and could not have taken corrective action," said Young. But that audit only looked at HART's operating expenses. The new audit will take a much broader look at the rail system's construction contracts and cost overruns incurred by contractors. The review will not be a forensic audit. Young said the city charter bars his agency from conducting such an audit, which looks for fraud and other criminal acts. He said that type of investigation is usually handled by the city Prosecutor's office and other law enforcement agencies. [Clarification and Emphasis Supplied] Source: City Council pushes new rail audit: 'Where the heck is the money going?' By Rick Daysog. Hawaii News Now. August 16, 2017, accessed October 9, 2017 council-pushes-new-rail-audit-where-the-heck-is-the-money-going ______________________ There is a very large disparity between the costs for construction and equipment for the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation's rail, and the total costs represented by HART to Hawaii’s Legislature. Only an elaborate forensic audit can possibly explain how an all- inclusive $4 billion cost for completing 16 miles and 14 stations has ballooned to over $10 billion for 20 miles and 21 stations. The escalation is clearly out of proportion and well outside acceptable ranges for the construction and oversight of U.S. guideway systems. [Emphasis Supplied] Source: The Hard Reality Of Honolulu Rail Costs By Panos Prevedouros. The Honolulu Civil Beat. August 25, 2017, accessed October 9, 2017 _____________________
  3. 3. A contentious special session of the Hawaii Legislature has averted the latest crisis for Honolulu’s controversial light-rail project, enacting a $2.4-billion financial bridge that backers hope will carry construction of the planned 20-mile, $8-billion system to completion in 2025. Already six years behind schedule, the state’s largest public-works effort still faces an uncertain future. The funding, approved on Sept. 1, is intended to help salvage a $1.55- billion Federal Transit Administration grant approved in 2012, when work began on the elevated guideway, steel-wheel-on-steel-rail system, originally budgeted at $5.26 billion. [Emphasis Supplied] Source: Funding Boost Shores Up Troubled Honolulu Rail Project By Jim Parsons. Engineering News-Record. September 13, 2017, accessed October 9, 2017 shores-up-troubled-honolulu-rail-project ______________________ “We do note that there were concerns raised from the neighbor island communities — Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui counties — but we do believe that it’s a separate issue that we are looking to work toward in the off- season, where we can truly examine roles and responsibilities of the state and county governments and look for a fair apportionment of the transit accommodation tax,” Ige said. “I believe that this measure allows this most important project for the state and County of Honolulu to move forward in a way that will allow it to be completed.” “I think the Legislature really did a good job of establishing a record that explained what was their rationale for why they were asking for what they wanted and what they included in the bill, and that includes the portion about having four appointees sit as non-voting members on the board. I think it introduces an amount of accountability,” said state Attorney General Doug Chin. “… in order to ensure the appropriate use of state authorized funds to finance a locally preferred alternative for a mass transit project, the president of the senate and speaker of the house of representatives shall each appoint two non-voting, ex-officio members to the board of directors of the county’s rapid transportation authority…” Source: Governor signs rail bailout bill into law By KHON Web Staff. September 5, 2017, accessed October 9, 2017
  4. 4. THE FOLLOW THROUGH I. In the interest of transparency and restoration of public trust, nominees to be considered by the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives for appointment as Non-Voting, Ex-Officio members of the Board of Directors for the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit as with Department and Judicial Nominees, advanced Public Notice shall be filed disclosing the names and qualifications of the nominees being considered and all persons who have an interest shall be provided by public hearing the opportunity to comment and/or provided written testimony. II. Commence an Independent Forensic Audit of HART and The City & County of Honolulu Thank you very much Aloha Respectfully, Clifton M. Hasegawa President and CEO Clifton M. Hasegawa & Associates LLC