Bootstrapping Tools and Practices


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Presentation from Barcamp Memphis 2011. Topic - Bootstrapping

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Bootstrapping Tools and Practices

  1. 1. Bootstrapping Best Practices from The Pie Guys
  2. 2. Basic TenetsSpend the money you have on the things that matter most (for us, this was design) Dont compromise vision/culture for speed or savings(really think about what using crowdsourcing sites or outsourcing design/development means for your company) Communicate in a format that remembers for you Try everything at first; quickly figure out what works
  3. 3. Four Categories, Links, Demos Tools for GSD (getting stuff done) Tools for Communicating Tools for Learning Extras
  4. 4. Tools for GSD DevelopmentDesign/User Experience Business Marketing and PR
  5. 5. Deployment/Infrastructure Category Tool Description Link Code Hosting/ Github Git. Collaboration Bitbucket Git and Mercurial. Cloud Hosting Rackspace Cloud Servers. Cloud Files (CDN). Gondor Effortless production django hosting. Heroku Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python, Scala SMTP SendGrid Email Delivery. Simplified. SMTP settings/ REST API
  6. 6. Open Source. Linux. Python. Django. PostgreSQL. nginx. gunicorn. jQuery. memcached. Celery. RabbitMQ. Redis django-avatar, django-bcrypt, django-celery, django-cumulus, django-extensions, django-messages, django-sentry, django-registration, django-relationships, django-social_auth, django-taggit, django-axes. Fabric. requests. tablib. iPython. py-OpenSSl. python-cloudfiles. python-openid. oauth2. python_bitbucket. hn-api. py-githup. python-cssmin.
  7. 7. Design/User Experience WorkCategory Tool Description LinkDrawing/Design Gimp Like photoshop, but free! Aviary Web-based photo/vector/design thingyMockups Balsamiq Mockups that should look like mockups Whiteboard Oldie but goodie (snap a photo!) 99 Designs Crowdsourcing logo/illustration designColor Color Scheme Create and share color schemes. Designer Kuler Create and share color schemes. TypeKit Huge selection of fonts, affordable, easy to use. Google Web Free. Easy to use. Smaller Fonts selection.
  8. 8. Business Type WorkCategory Tool Description LinkMoney Mgmt. Excel/Google All youll need unless youre Spreadsheet making serious bills Mint Works well enough, and its free Track of Dropbox Awesome across most platforms. Sharing also! Google Docs Sharing makes docs great Mgmt Github Issues Issues tracker with a sweet mobile app Basecamp Costs money, but pretty good Asana and Newcomers, but interesting Trello
  9. 9. Social Media/PR WorkCategory Type CommunitiesSocial Media Social Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Angel List, LinkedIn Q&A Quora, Convore, Stack Exchange Location Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp Newcomers, pinterest,, IRCEmail Personal Gmail/google apps, tout, wisestamp, rainmaker Newsletters, etc. MailchimpSocial Social Media Tweetdeck, ifttt Management
  10. 10. Tools for Communicating Google Chat (and the phone, occasionally)Whats great about google chat is that it remembers what youve talked about. Its searchable!We use google chat, skitch, youtube, image search, etc.
  11. 11. Tools for Learning Development Design/User Experience Business Marketing and PR
  12. 12. Learning about DevelopmentCodecademy -!/exercise/0Treehouse - - - - - user groups! (.net, php, python, wordpress, etc.)
  13. 13. Learning about Design/UserExperienceTreehouse - Magazine - Tricks - - The Art of Innovation (about Ideo) Dont Make me ThinkMovie - Objectified (on netflix streaming)
  14. 14. Learning about BusinessBlogs -,,,,,,, - Do More Faster, Four Steps to the Epiphany, Business ModelGeneration, The Lean Startup, Startups Open Sourced (interviewswith founders), Crossing the Chasm, Steve Jobs, iWoz, The FacebookEffect, In the Plex, Founders at Work, Atlas ShruggedFounders Dinner Meetup!
  15. 15. ExtrasTwitters -@ericries - Eric Ries of Lean Startup fame@fredwilson - - Brad Feld@parislemon - MG Siegler@swombat - Daniel Tenner (A Smart Bear)@Scobleizer - Robert Scoble (he tweets a lot though)@FAKEGRIMLOCK - Giant Robot for a nice dose of "how not to do it"Pirates of Silicon Valley for fun