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2020 12 09 cmmi 365 overview

Description of the CMMI 365 software system. Available for re-sale by referring and consulting partners who work with Compliance Power 365.

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2020 12 09 cmmi 365 overview

  1. 1. Larry Gary Principal Consultant / Owner CMMI Associate Certified Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, ITIL v3, CHCO, CPIM, FSO Compliance Power 365 Washington, D.C. & Virginia Beach, VA 202-681-4105 12/09/2020 Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 Overview for Referring & Reselling Partners
  2. 2. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 2 • About Compliance Power 365 • Reselling and Referring • Microsoft 365 Overview • CMMI 365 screen shots • Technical Notes & Startup Notes Agenda
  3. 3. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 3 About Compliance Power 365 – page 1 of 2 • CMMI Associate • Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist • PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, ITIL v3F • Clearances: DoD – Secret; DHS – Full MBI; IRS – Secret; U.S. Office of Personnel Management – Secret Larry Gary Principal Consultant / Owner Larry has more than 45 years of experience in IT enterprise & infrastructure management and software development for IT applications, enterprise systems, and cyber security with the Federal Government and commercial clients. Former projects: • Cofounder of Internet startup Digital Sports. Secured $6M 1st round venture capital. • Author of the “HUD-1 Settlement Secretary” system. Sold hundreds of copies in 21 states. • Former owner of contract software development company in North Carolina. Clients were Black & Decker, Volvo-GM, Fieldcrest Cannon, Guilford Mills, many others. • Manager & designer of the Fannie Mae Desktop Originator System v1.0 which is currently used by mortgage lenders & brokers throughout the USA. • Program Manager of the JCCS Joint Contingency Contracting System (financial application) used by the DoD. 35,000 users in English & Arabic. • Program Manager of the ATS Automated Targeting System for Customs & Border Protection. • Program Manager for IT enterprise modernization at OPM Office of Personnel Management. • Project manager with many federal agencies including GSA, IRS, U.S. Marines Reserves, U.S. Geological Society, EPA, Treasury, many others. Our company, Compliance Power 365, helps federal contracting companies and commercial companies go from zero to full compliance in record time with best practice frameworks such as ISO, CMMI, NIST 800-171, and the new CMMC. We introduce Microsoft Office 365 team-centric technologies, mentor teams, and provide SME assistance to prepare companies for their ISO & CMMI & CMMC assessments. Our consulting services and software products are perfect for software development companies and/or IT services companies pursuing CMMI accreditation, ISO 9001:2015 certification, and companies preparing for the new DoD CMMC cyber-security certification that will be mandatory in 2021. ü CMMI 365 was launched in late 2020. ü The new CMMC 365 system will be launched 1st quarter 2021.
  4. 4. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 4 CMMI specific experience: • We’ve prepared 4 companies for their CMMI appraisals. (Very difficult assignments!) • Have served as CMMI Appraisal Team Member for (30) Maturity Level 3 appraisals, 2017 to 2020. • Previously trained as ATM for CMMI-DEV, CMMI-SVC, and CMMI-ACQ appraisals. • Now trained and certified as CMMI Associate for CMMI V2.0. Under the category “lessons learned” … In 2018, Compliance Power 365 authored a software system for a CMMI Lead Appraiser that was similar in several ways to CMMI 365. The previous system was licensed for $14,000 per company and sold to more than a dozen companies. The software system is no longer sold as of early 2020. By comparison, the CMMI 365 system is far superior in functionality yet costs less than half of the previous system. Based on hard won, hands-on experience we know what works and what doesn’t work to prepare a company for their CMMI appraisal. About Compliance Power 365 – page 2 of 2
  5. 5. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 5 Reselling and Referring Become a Reseller Partner Become a Referring Partner • “White label” the CMMI System and sell at your own price. • Compliance Power 365 fully supports every pre-sale demo and every system installation. • If desired, you can augment the CMMI 365 system with your own proprietary intellectual property to provide more ”value add”, specifically provide CMMI reference guidance and your own documents for the template asset library. • Create your own pricing schedule. We suggest a 1st year price between $5,000 and $10,000 depending how and if CMMI 365 is bundled with your other professional & consulting services. • The commitment to Compliance Power 365 is: o A one-time fee of $2,600 for the 1st year to become a reseller partner and $1,600 per year thereafter. o $2,500 per sale to Compliance Power 365. For example, if the price to your client is $7,995, then your net revenue is $5,495 (which is $7,995 less $2,500). o The reoccurring revenue after the 1st year is yours. For example, you may decide to charge $1,995 per year for continuing system support & maintenance. Compliance Power 365 will provide & support system updates as part of our reseller agreement. • Receive 7.50% commission on the 1st year licensing revenue for the sale of CMMI 365 to new clients. • This requires URL link(s) on your web site that point to the Compliance Power 365 web site. • For example, if the system is sold by Compliance Power 365 for $5,280, then you receive $396 which is 7.50%. Select an option:
  6. 6. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 6 Microsoft 365 Overview Project Oakdale new service! Closely related products: All Microsoft 365 Products Products used with
  7. 7. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 7 Microsoft 365 Overview CMMI 365 is integrated with Microsoft 365 • CMMI 365 is installed on the Microsoft 365 tenant of each company. The system is not hosted by Compliance Power 365. Each company has their own subscription to Microsoft 365 which allows CMMI 365 to be installed on the company tenant account. • During system installation, Compliance Power 365 assists the company system administrator via video conference. We do not have and do not need a user account for the company’s Microsoft 365 account. • Installation is straightforward. o A new SharePoint site is created to serve as the document repository and to hold the various SharePoint lists that support the CMMI 365 system. o The CMMI 365 PowerApps module is imported to the Microsoft 365 tenant. o User privileges and group privileges are configured for SharePoint and PowerApps. o A new Team is added to Microsoft Teams. CMMI 365 is added to a PowerApps folder in the “General” channel. A subdirectory in “Files” points to the SharePoint document repository. Another sub-directory points to the CMMI 365 template asset library where team members can find several hundred example documents useful to companies as they prepare for their appraisal.
  8. 8. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 8 CMMI 365 Screen Shots ü Overview Showing Projects ü Overview Showing Summary ü Gap Analysis Scoring ü Team Scoring ü Evaluate Objective Evidence ü Assessing Organizational Processes ü Model Guidance, Notes & References ü Microsoft Teams – Posts ü Microsoft Teams – Files ü Microsoft Teams – showing CMMI 365 ü Microsoft Teams - Planner Data Model The 11 pages which follow are example screen shots taken from the CMMI 365 System/
  9. 9. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 9 It’s simple to navigate between Appraisals (although most companies only work on 1 appraisal at a time). Each Appraisal has one to many Projects. Each Project has one to many CMMI Practice Areas that are “in scope” per the Appraisal Plan. Each Appraisal has zero to 20 Organizational Processes for the evaluation of GOV & II. There are 2 “Views”: the Overview and Detail View. This is the Overview showing Projects and Project status. Overview showing Projects Info from CMMI 365 can be sent directly to Microsoft Teams and/or email.
  10. 10. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 10 Overview showing Summary The Summary shows the status of each project by Practice Area and the rollup status for the entire Appraisal. Click on any Project to return to the Overview showing Projects. Click on Templates to browse several hundred standard documents that are automatically included with CMMI 365. Click on Support to request email support and/or video conference support directly from Compliance Power 365. The Help screen contains links to dozens of on-demand training videos that explain all CMMI 365 features.
  11. 11. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 11 Gap Analysis Scoring Click on the week ending Date to navigate to any week within the Appraisal preparation period. For the selected week, enter a summary title and an optional comment. Then answer up to 12 Gap Analysis questions. There are default Gap Analysis questions for every CMMI Practice. The default text can be updated on the fly, if desired. For each question, Gap Analysis responses are No, Yes, Partially, Alternate Approach. Responses for the 12 Gap Analysis questions are weighted for a total weighted score of 100. The goal is to answer Yes to every question and get a score of 100. Quickly navigate between Gap Analysis, Team Scoring, OE Evaluation, & References.
  12. 12. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 12 Team Scoring It’s easy to enter a weekly Team Score. Just make a judgement about the Practice, enter the Score, a Summary, and detail Comments. Appraisal preparation teams sometimes engage 3rd party consultants to perform ”readiness reviews”. This is where the Consultant can enter their opinion on the readiness of each Practice. The Team Score, Summary, and Comment can be Posted to Teams and/or sent to team members via email. Most Appraisal Preparation teams use a combination of structured Gap Analysis (for example, perform a Gap Analysis every 4 weeks), and entering free-form Team Scores using their best judgement.
  13. 13. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 13 Evaluate Objective Evidence Search for specific documents by phrase, by Document Review Status, or filter & view only docs for the selected Practice All Documents in the SharePoint document repository are available for inspection & review. In this example, some documents have already been “tagged” for CM 1.1. Step 1: Start in the 1st column and drill down to select a document to review. Step 2: Click on the document image to review the document in another web page. All document types are supported: PDF, DOCX, XLSX, etc. Step 3: Use the Comments to explain why this document is relevant for the specific Practice.
  14. 14. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 14 Assessing Organizational Processes When evaluating and documenting GOV and II, it’s necessary to select the specific Organizational Process that’s being evaluated. The drop-down for Org Process is only visible when evaluating GOV & II Practice Areas. All other features for Gap Scoring, Team Scoring, and Objective Evidence evaluation remain the same. The scoring and assessment is only relevant to the selected Organizational Process.
  15. 15. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 15 Model Guidance, Notes & References Model guidance is provided for every CMMI Practice based on the subject matter expertise of Compliance Power 365. We’ve helped dozens of companies achieve CMMI accreditation. Example documents from the Template library are shown. CMMI 365 includes hundreds of standard documents and templates applicable to CMMI Practices. Click on the image of the example document to review the entire document in another web page.
  16. 16. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 16 Microsoft Teams - Posts We recommend simple, straight forward Channel names. This is where the Appraisal Preparation Team will collaborate. Posts on the General Channel are for all team members. Everyone catches up with the Posts before the daily stand- up meeting. Any team member can initiate a video team meeting and invite others. Team members click on this tab to navigate to CMMI 365.
  17. 17. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 17 Microsoft Teams - Files This is a view of the Files tab. Team members have read/write access to all sub-directories & files. CMMI 365 provides two sub-directories: (1) Objective Evidence, and (2) the Template Asset Library. Other sub- directories can be created as necessary. This is the SharePoint repository of documents that’s evaluated using the CMMI 365 system. Any number of sub-directories & documents are loaded here. CMMI 365 automatically provides a Template Asset Library of hundreds of documents & templates & worksheets applicable to CMMI Practice Areas.
  18. 18. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 18 Microsoft Teams – showing CMMI 365 The CMMI 365 system is embedded within a tab on the General Channel. We usually click on this “maximize” icon to fill the screen with CMMI 365. All standard features of Teams are available such as Polly Surveys & OneNote Wikis. Here is how CMMI 365 is used while the user has full access to all Teams functionality!
  19. 19. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 19 Microsoft Teams – Planner Microsoft Planner is available to track to-do tasks. The to-do “buckets” are totally configurable. This Teams Task web page is usually kept open & available in another Browser tab. Tasks are added and updated as we work with CMMI 365.
  20. 20. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 20 Technical Notes and Startup Notes Technical Notes • Client companies must have a Microsoft 365 subscription that includes PowerApps. Most common is the E3 enterprise subscription. (Alternately, G3 subscription in the GCC government cloud.) • Costly premium connectors are not required. CMMI 365 relies only on Teams, SharePoint and PowerApps. • PowerApps users are granted "use only" privileges on CMMI 365. • Installation of the system is fully supported. We work with the company system admin to install the system. Startup Timeline: • Pre-Sale demonstrations: We love demos. • Commit: CMMI 365 is licensed through a simple, one-page Contract. There’s also a standard terms of Service document which complements the standard Contract. • System Installation: We'll work with the client company Microsoft 365 system administrator to install and test the CMMI 365 system. • Kick-off: Compliance Power 365 will host a one-hour on-line training session. • Weekly check-in: An account representative will check-in with the client company CMMI team lead no less than once a week for the first 4 weeks.
  21. 21. Copyright © 2020 Compliance Power 365 21 Let’s Take the Next Step! Please consider becoming either a Reseller Partner or a Referring Partner for the CMMI 365 system. Let’s continue the discussion: • We can schedule a video conference for a product demonstration. • We can share the agreement for the Reseller Partner program or the Referring Partner program. Depending on the program you choose, your legal counsel may wish to review the standard agreement. • If interested in the Reseller Program, we can schedule a video conference to demonstrate how you can supplement the CMMI 365 with your own materials and intellectual property. The basic CMMI 365 system becomes much more valuable to your clients when they have direct access to your CMMI guidance and example documents, policies, and procedures. • If interested in the Referrer Program, we can talk to your web site administrator and share example HTML web pages with links to our web site at