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Multiple Representations of Mathematic Mastery


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Multiple Representations of Mathematic Mastery

  1. 1. Multiple Representations ofMathematic Understanding
  2. 2. As you enter...Consider the following (individually or withneighbors):1.How do your currently assess studentunderstanding/mastery? Is there muchvariety?2.How do you integrate technology into yourclassroom? Do you integrate technologywith assessment?
  3. 3. Instructional Design and TechnologyCertificate Technology IntegrationGraduate Degrees Library Sciences Program Instructional Design & Technology
  4. 4. All materials are available online at
  5. 5. Opening DiscussionA. How do your currently assess student understanding/mastery?B. Is there much variety?C. How do you integrate technology into your classroom?D. Do you integrate technology with assessment?
  6. 6. TestDemonstrate your understanding of thefollowing geometry terms: Line Triangle Ray Congruent Circle Similar Rectangle Parallel lines Acute angle Perpendicular lines Point Intersecting lines
  7. 7. Geometry Activity Stations• See handout for descriptions of each activity station. Paper and Pencil Computer Programs Art Center Digital Photography Pennies Slide Show• Break into small groups – Try to spend 5 mins. or less at each station.
  8. 8. Slide Show StationClick to view slide show for this station.
  9. 9. Group ReportsWith regards to each specific representation:• How might you assess the students’ understanding of the content?• Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of assessing students’ understanding/mastery using this type of activity.
  10. 10. Follow-up DiscussionDiscuss using these kinds of activities andprojects in the classroom.•Are there any benefits?•Are there any disadvantages?•How realistic would this be in your teachingsituation?•How do you think the students would react tobeing assessed with these kinds of strategies?
  11. 11. Handing It InSubmit one activity from the station that youthink best represents your understanding ofthese geometry terms to be graded. What would you submit?
  12. 12. Another Option You could complete one of these representations (pennies) for this unit.Then use a different one (digital camera) for the next.
  13. 13. Extension DiscussionLet’s brainstorm some other strategies forallowing students to represent their ideasthrough multiple modes.
  14. 14. Other Possible Strategies• Audio• Video• Drama• Clay or Playdough• Geometry Notebooks• Geometry Scavenger Hunt• Geometry Hike• Presentations (perhaps in lower grades)• Art Collage• Create a Game
  15. 15. Related ResourcesThe following workshop resources may behelpful.•Multiple Representations of Understandingthrough Digital Media•Multiple Representations of Language ArtsUnderstanding
  16. 16. Teacher ResourcesAll materials from today as well as many other teacher resources are available at
  17. 17. Clif Mims ID: clifmimsJoin my PLN and let’s learn together.
  18. 18.