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Pearl® Waterless Car Care Cleaning Products


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All Pearl® waterless car wash products are completely non-hazardous and water-based. Making them extremely environmentally friendly.

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Pearl® Waterless Car Care Cleaning Products

  1. 1. WATERLESS…  
  2. 2. Pearl  Global  Limited  is  recognized  as  Europe’s  leading  manufacturer  of  the  Eco-­‐Friendly  “Green”  waterless   car  wash  products.    Our  Waterless  Car  Wash  line  of  innovaJve  detailing  products  and  vehicle  protecJon   systems  are  designed  for  both  the  professional  and  consumer  markets.  We  specialize  in  providing   entrepreneurs  concentrated  products  in  bulk  containers.  They  dilute,  boMle  and  distribute  the  products  at   their  locaJons.  We  provide  the  opJon  of  using  the  Pearl  brand  or  using  a  private  label  of  their  own.  This   business  model  has  been  very  successful  and  we  have  sold  and  shipped  products  to  over  100  countries.  We   can  also  ship  to  your  locaJon.  We  have  honed  and  perfected  the  enJre  producJon  process,  from  start  to   finish.  You  can  arrange  your  own  or  we  can  coordinate  the  shipping  for  you.  Go  with  the  “Jme-­‐tested”   professionals,  with  the  best  eco-­‐care  products  on  the  planet,  go  with  Pearl  Waterless.     All  Pearl®  waterless  car  wash  products  are  completely  non-­‐hazardous  and  water-­‐based.  Making  them   extremely  environmentally  friendly.  They  are  manufactured  to  the  highest  ISO  9001:2008  and  ISO   14001:2004  industry  standards  and  are  fully  compliant  with  the  latest  EU  direcJves.  All  of  our  products  are   supported  by  current  Material  Safety  Data  Sheets;  ensuring  safe  use,  storage  and  distribuJon  to  our   naJonal  and  internaJonal  export  clients.  Pearl®  registered  trademarks  and  conJnued  membership  with  the   BriJsh  Chamber  of  Commerce  endorses  the  proacJve  lengths  undertaken  to  ensure  product  quality  and   exemplary  service  levels  are  maintained  at  all  Jmes.  
  3. 3. Advanced  Waterless  Car  Wash  Technology  -­‐  Retail,  Wholesale,  Private  Label   Green  Waterless  Cleaning  Products  &  Detailing  Solu@ons  
  4. 4. Pearl®  Waterless  Car  Wash  Advanced  Ultra  Nano     is  the  ulJmate  exterior  cleaning  and  detailing  soluJon:  clean,  refresh,  shine  and  protect  with   Nano  wax  technology.  A  totally  ground  breaking  Environmentally  Friendly  and  User  Friendly   waterless  car  wash  system  that  can  be  used  to  clean,  wax,  polish  and  Nano  protect  any  part  of   the  car,  motorcycle,  boat,  caravan  and  aircraa  exterior  surface,  delivering  a  premium  mirror-­‐ gloss  finish  in  half  the  Jme  of  convenJonal  waxing,  provides  UV  protecJon,  repels  water  and   minimises  dirt  build-­‐up.  Pearl®  Advanced  Ultra  Nano  Waterless  Wash  and  Wax  Car  ValeJng   formula  completely  gives  you  the  waterless  freedom  to  clean  and  polish  your  full  car  exterior   anyJme,  any  place  and  everywhere  the  waterless  green  way,  by  fully  negaJng  the  use  of  water   without  compromising  on  achieving  the  ulJmate  showroom  finish  and  whilst  caring  for  our   environment.    
  5. 5. Pearl®  Waterless  Car  Wash  Professional  is  a  totally  ground  breaking  Environmentally   and  User  Friendly  waterless  car  wash  that  can  be  used  to  clean  and  highly  polish  any  part  of   the  car,  motorcyle,  boat  and  caravan  exterior  surfaces.  This  unique  pleasantly  fragranced   formula  enables  the  user  to  clean  and  polish  the  whole  car  exterior  anywhere  without  water   water  or  compromising  on  achieving  the  ulJmate  showroom  finish.  Pearl  Professional   Waterless  Car  ValeJng  formula  completely  gives  you  the  waterless  freedom  to  clean  and   polish  your  full  car  exterior  anyJme,  any  place  and  everywhere  the  waterless  green  way,  by   fully  negaJng  the  use  of  water  without  compromising  on  achieving  the  ulJmate  showroom   finish  and  whilst  caring  for  our  environment.    
  6. 6. Pearl®  Waterless  Car  Wash  Universal  cleaner  contains  premium  high-­‐quality   ingredients  perfect  for  all  interior  and  exterior  vehicle  cleaning  applicaJons.  Universal   quickly  and  effortlessly  cleans  stubborn  exterior  substances  such  as  brake  dust,  bird  lime,   ingrained  insects,  bugs,    moss,  grease  and  tar    from  paint,  glass,  plasJc,  alloy,  rubber,   converJble  fabric  hood  surfaces  and  engine  compartments  together  with  dirt,  dust  and   grease  from  interior  dash,  glass,  leather,  carpets,  fabric,  vinyl,  plasJc  and  wooden  surfaces.   AddiJonal  capabiliJes  include  anJ-­‐fogging  technology  ideal  for  cleaning  motorcycle  safety   helmet  visors  and  internal  helmet  fabric,  delivering  a  superior  performance  and  finish.  
  7. 7. Pearl®  Waterless  Car  Wash  Eco  Mul@-­‐Trim   is  part  of  our  Eco  Friendly,  Environmentally  Friendly  and  User  Friendly  range  providing  a   water  based  superior  showroom  tyre  shine  finish  to  tyre  walls  by  cleaning,  refreshing  and     treaJng.  Totally  non  greasy  formula  revitalises  the  lustre  and  the  appearance  of  the  tyre  and   seals  against  traffic  film,  moisture,  dust  and  providing  outstanding  water  resistancy.  Totally   free  from  petroleum,  petrochemical  derived  fragrances,  petroleum  based  hydrocarbons,   heavy  metals,  solvents,  Zero  VOC  and  non  aerosol.  Eco  Tyre  Shine  dries  clear,  smooth  and  is   an  extremely  versaJle  product  which  helps  you  create  the  slick  new  showroom  finish  whilst   helping  you  protect  the  environment.  Eco  Tyre  Shine  is  an  outstanding  all  round  dressing   product  that  cleans,  shines  and  protects  external  and  internal  rubber,  vinyl,  plasJc  trims  and   leather  surfaces.  
  8. 8. Pearl®  Pro   Microfibre  Cloths    deliver  the  ulJmate   showroom  finish  on   paintwork,  glass,  chromes,   alloys  and  plasJcs,  perfect   for  every  valeJng  and   detailing  need.  Ultra   absorbent  capabiliJes,   ensures  it  can  be  used  on   wet  or  dry  surfaces  and  is   totally  machine  washable   providing  that  same   proven  quality  over  and   over  again.  An  extremely   soa  and  durable  lint  free   microfibre  cloth  specially   blended  from  polyester   and  polyamide  to  give  an   instant  smear  free  finish.  
  9. 9. Professional  Waterless  Car  Wash  Products     Pearl  Global  Limited  is  recognized  as  Europe’s  leading  manufacturer  of  the  Eco-­‐Friendly  “Green”  waterless  car  wash.    Our  Waterless   line  of  innovaJve  detailing  products  and  vehicle  protecJon  systems  are  designed  for  both  the  professional  and  consumer  markets.  All   Pearl®  waterless  car  wash  products  are  completely  non-­‐hazardous  and  water-­‐based.  Making  them  extremely  environmentally   friendly.  They  are  manufactured  to  the  highest  ISO  9001:2008  and  ISO  14001:2004  industry  standards  and  are  fully  compliant  with   the  latest  EU  direcJves.  All  of  our  products  are  supported  by  current  Material  Safety  Data  Sheets;  ensuring  safe  use,  storage  and   distribuJon  to  our  naJonal  and  internaJonal  export  clients.  Pearl®  registered  trademarks  and  conJnued  membership  with  the   BriJsh  Chamber  of  Commerce  endorses  the  proacJve  lengths  undertaken  to  ensure  product  quality  and  exemplary  service  levels  are   maintained  at  all  Jmes.  
  10. 10. Our  world-­‐class  faciliJes  in  the  United   Kingdom  enable  us  to  control  what  goes   into  each  of  our  formulaJon’s  and  it  is  our   assurance  that  all  our  customers  are   gegng  the  very  highest  quality  in   environmentally  friendly  auto  care   performance  products  to  exceed  their   every  expectaJon.  Pearl®  Advanced  Ultra   Nano,  Professional,  Universal  Cleaner  and   Eco  Tyre  Shine  are  water  based  and  very   easy  to  work  with.  Our  formulaJons  are   extremely  tough  on  dirt  but  gentle  on   surfaces.  They  are  also  safe  for  the   environment  while  creaJng  a  ‘Maximum   shine  in  minimum  Jme’  for  the  premium   showroom  finish.  
  11. 11. Delivering  total  performance  versaJlity,  all  Pearl®  waterless  auto   cleaning  &    luxury  detailing  products  are  reliably  unique  and  can  be  used   with  amazing  effect  on  wet  or  dry  surfaces.  They  can  be  used  in  or  out  of   direct  sunlight,  in  hot  or  cold  climates.  They  provide  the  user  with  the   complete  freedom  to  wash,  wax,  polish  and  protect  a  vehicle  absolutely   anywhere  and  everywhere  without  the  need  for  any  water  or  electricity   source.     Fast  and  easy  to  use.  Just  simply  spray  on,  wipe  off  and  buff  to  a  brilliant,   instant  shine.  Our  unique  scratch-­‐free  Pearl®  waterless  cleaning   chemistry  dissolves,  releases  and  suspends  dirt  from  paintwork,  glass,   plasJc,  fabrics,  metal,  rubber,  leather,  alloy  and  chrome  surfaces.  A  soa   microfiber  towel  pulls  the  dirt  art  into  the  fibers  and  a  second  soa,   microfiber  towel  buffs  into  an  unrivaled  and  beauJful  finish.  
  12. 12.   Craig  Parker     Craig  is  the  Director  of  the  Pearl  Global  Ltd  -­‐  Eco  Car  Care  product   manufacturing  &  distribuJon  company,  located  in  Denton,  Manchester,   England.  Craig  [at]   Take  a  look  out  your  window  and  see  your  car  signg  there  in  the  driveway.  How  does   it  look?  Are  you  happy  with  your  car?  Or  do  you  wish  you  had  a  brand  new,  shiny  car   signg  out  there?  Chances,  if  you’re  like  most  people,  then  your  answer  would  be  the   laMer.  Most  people  don’t  like  their  current  car,  even  if  it’s  only  a  year  or  two  old.  The   problem  is,  most  people  can’t  afford  the  luxury  of  upgrading  their  car  every  Jme  they   start  to  Jre  of  their  current  one.     So  what  are  people  like  that  to  do?  Given  the  fact  that  some  people  have  bought   their  car  on  credit,  with  not  so  great  loan  terms,  they  might  not  even  be  able  to  sell  it,   without  owing  a  large  sum  of  money  to  the  bank  sJll.  Most  of  you  can  probably   already  guess  this,  but  we’re  going  to  recommend  they  use  the  waterless  car  wash.     Instead  of  gegng  down  on  yourself  about  the  condiJon  of  your  car,  you  can  always   just  wash  it  waterlessly  and  make  it  look  like  new  again.  Now,  we’re  going  to  make  a   big  disclaimer  here,  which  should  be  obvious,  but  needs  to  be  said  anyways.  The   waterless  car  wash  will  not  solve  any  of  your  mechanical  problems,  and  it  won’t  take   any  dings  or  dents  out  of  your  car’s  surface  –  you’ll  need  a  specialist  to  fix  things  like   that.     On  the  other  hand,  it  will  make  your  car  sparkle  like  it’s  brand  new  all  over  again,  and   even  if  you  have  scratches  or  swirls  on  your  car’s  surface,  it  could  fill  them  in  and   make  them  almost  invisible  to  the  naked  eye.  That’s  something  that  you  would  have   to  pay  a  tradiJonal  detailer  hundreds  of  dollars  to  do  for  you.     As  an  added  bonus,  the  cost  of  making  your  car  look  new  again  is  only  a  few  dollars.   Sure,  a  boMle  of  waterless  soluJon  is  more  than  just  a  few  bucks,  but  you  can  use  a   single  boMle  so  many  Jmes  that  it  easily  works  out  to  a  few  bucks  per  applicaJon.   Now,  what  sounds  like  a  beMer  value  to  you:  going  out  and  spending  thousands  of   dollars  to  get  that  new,  shiny  looking  car  or  spending  a  few  bucks  and  giving  your  car   the  wash  of  a  lifeJme  that  will  make  it  look  new  all  over  again?  We  think  the  answer   is  so  obvious  that  it  doesn’t  even  need  answering  and  whether  you  have  an  old  car  or   a  new  one  like  the  one  in  the  picture  which  was  cleaned  and  polished  with  Pearl   Waterless  products  you  will  be  highly  delighted  with  the  finish  you  quickly  achieve.  
  13. 13. Pearl®  UK  Bulk,  Wholesale  and  Private  Label  Manufacturers  of  Waterless  Car   Wash  Ready  to  Use  and  Super  Concentrate  Products  
  14. 14. PEARL  WATERLESS   Visit  us  @