Open Badges Made Easy with Makewaves


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Makewaves ( is the safe social learning platform for 5-19 year olds. It provides free moderated blogging tools for edcuators worldwide.
Makewaves fully interagtes with Mozilla Open Badges allowing teachers to make and award badges to their students. Students under 13 can earn badges through Makewaves and convert them to open badges when they are 13. Badges are also available from many partner organisations such as Comic Relief and National Literacy Trust.

More updates coming soon

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Open Badges Made Easy with Makewaves

  1. 1. Badges Made Easy
  2. 2. Makewaves is theleading safe sociallearning platformWhether posting photosvia the App, submitting avideo competition entryto the WWF Channel orlive blogging from theOlympics, Makewavesprovides a fun, easy touse way to engagelearners worldwide.
  3. 3. Overview
  4. 4. Makewaves Stealth Badges –community focused rewards forachieving levels or tasksProject Badges – Partner recognitionfor participation in campaigns ordemonstrating specific achievementsMozilla Open Badges – shareachievements across platforms viaMozilla BackpackAll badges can be made as Open BadgesBadge Types
  5. 5. Earn badges from Makewaves, theirteacher or external partnersConvert badges to Open Badges ifthey are 13+Display badges on their profile pageSome students can award badges toother students (Coming soon)Students
  6. 6. Award badges from a central libraryof ready made badgesCreate and award their own badgesShare their badges with other schoolsor keep them privateSee what badges their students haveearnedTeachers
  7. 7. Create automatic badges forcompetition entries or campaignsAward badges directly to studentsMake badges available for teachersto award via the libraryCreate optional ‘Badge Packs’ forschools to add on(as a purchase, as part of a project or after training etc)Project Partners
  8. 8. How it works
  9. 9. Can be repeating or onetimeChoose if OBI enabledSet badge permissionsCatalogue with tagsMake a Badge
  10. 10. Save drafts‘Close’ Badges to preventfurther awardingManaging Badges
  11. 11. Access to a members libraryof ready made badgesSearch and sort by tagsFeatured badges frompartners & projects‘My Badges’ lets you viewyour private badgesStudents receivenotification message andannouncement goes innews feed so friends can beinspiredAwarding a Badge
  12. 12. Showcase all badges onyour own profile pageDisplay any Open Badgealongside Makewaves andpartner badgesEmbed the display panel inyour school website orWordpress blogDisplay Badges
  13. 13. Badge Design Tools
  14. 14. Easily design badge imagesCustomise shapes, coloursand iconsSave as Open Badgecompliant PNG fileIncludes Avatar makerMake Badges Tool
  15. 15. Offline tool to help whenplanning a badge or badgepathwaysDeveloped with DigitalMeas part of Badge The Canvas
  16. 16. Summary
  17. 17. Badge CanvasBadge Library Launched for allOpen Beta for Badge MakingMakebadges Tool launchedBadge Making launched for allplus additional tools, mobile etcTimelineNowJuneJulySeptember
  18. 18. Cliff