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Some thoughts on slides and presenting


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I'm no design or presentation genius, but I have to present and design slides a lot. These are some thoughts I've had on how to do that...

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Some thoughts on slides and presenting

  1. 1. PowerPointLike the Force. Can be used for good or evil
  2. 2. Why are you presenting?To persuadeTo informYou are telling a story!
  3. 3. A rogue’s gallery of common slide issuesFlickr:
  4. 4. An all too typical slide• Wolverines are giant weasels, and there aren’t any in Michigan – Anderson 2000; Smith and Buttmunch 1998; Axelrod and Strawman 2005; Santa and Bunny 2008 • How many levels should I go down?! – As many as it takes to make the font unreadable, duh!• This bullet should have been on the next slide – But I want it on this slide because it’s HARD to hit the new slide button!• ZOMG, how many bullets can I fit on one page?• This format is probably good for handouts, not for presentation• When you have lots of text, the audience is reading the slide, not listening to you!
  5. 5. Holy crap! I love fonts!• Comic sans will likely get you mocked in the backchannel (though I don’t hate it)• Serif fonts can make it hard to read if the projector is crappy!• Changing fonts all over the place is distracting!• CAREFUL WITH COLOR TOO!
  6. 6. How to bore your audience to death!Flickr: Samael Kreutz
  7. 7. Don’t know your audience.
  8. 8. Read your slides to your audience
  9. 9. Be overly timid and shy.
  10. 10. Some ideas forpresentation success! Flickr: kslavin
  11. 11. Use the energy of your audience!Flickr: Mavis
  12. 12. Don’t bury your main pointsFlickr: a2gemma
  13. 13. Images trigger the brainFlickr:
  14. 14. Transmit your excitement!Flickr: Andreas-photography
  15. 15. Summarize pointsFor the win For the loss• Use the energy of the • Texty slides audience • C&P from paper• Make the point clear! • Too much animation• Use images when you can • Speak to slides• Sign-post points • Misjudge audience • Be Mousey
  16. 16. Last slide can accomplish a lot• Maybe include major contribution• Contact info• Cliff Lampe•• Twitter: @clifflampe• Slideshare: clifflampe