Lampe Social Media 4 Execs slides


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Lampe Social Media 4 Execs slides

  1. 1. LeveragingSocial MediaDr. Cliff LampeDepartment ofTelecommunication,Information Studies andMediaCollege of CommunicationArts and Sciences
  2. 2. Cliff LampeMSU ProfSocial Media ResearchLabOnline Interaction LabPhD in Informationfrom UMOld school nerd
  3. 3. Research on social mediaMultiple academicdisciplinesIndustry research labsAcademic/industrypartnerships
  4. 4. What’s different about social media?
  5. 5. New technology and social practices* Ubiquity of hardware and software Storability Computability Reduces the cost of interactivity * OK, not all new
  6. 6. Some social media trends74% in US have Internet 59% “wireless”access 84% 18-29 yr olds65% have broadband wireless26% comment 7% of adults have tablets67% watch video online 28% access news from cellphones85% of adults have acellphone 4% use location based November 2010, Pew
  7. 7. AcademicResearch onLeveragingSocial Media
  8. 8. Managing Cost-Benefit RatiosClarifying benefits for people you’re expecting to do the work
  9. 9. Top down grassroots “The Spanish Moss Problem”
  10. 10. Attracting participation The “Field of Dreams” Problem
  11. 11. The Breakdown of IntuitionSocial media designers don’t necessarily know what their audience will react to.
  12. 12. Encouraging user contributionsThe “Power Law” Problem
  13. 13. Measurable OutcomesThe “Did this affect mission?” problem
  14. 14. Leveraging interactivity The “Broadcast Only” problem
  15. 15. Thanks!Cliff Lampelampecli@msu.eduTwitter: @clifflampeSlideShare: clifflampe