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2011 03 25_lwc


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Variation of my talk on social media trends given to the Lansing Women's Club on March 25, 2011.

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2011 03 25_lwc

  1. 1. Understanding Social MediaDr. Cliff LampeDepartment of Telecommunication, InformationStudies and MediaCollege of Communication Arts and Sciences
  2. 2. Cliff LampeProfessor in TISMSocial Media Directorfor CASPhD in Informationfrom $@(&@!#Science of the socio-technical
  3. 3. What is social media?
  4. 4. Common characteristicsUser generated contentDirect user-to-user interactionBundles of applications
  5. 5. Some fun examples ofsocial media
  6. 6. Social Media Myths
  7. 7. Myth:Social media sites are just for teens.
  8. 8. Myth:All we have to do is create the site,and people will fill in the content.
  9. 9. Myth: You can’t trust the informationin sites like Wikipedia
  10. 10. Myth:Social media is just a fad
  11. 11. Myth:Social media is only for narcissistic people
  12. 12. What are social network sites?A nerdy definition
  13. 13. Types of SNS Social communicationFacebook, MySpace, Bebo, SkyRockBusiness solutionsBeehive, LinkedInContent creationFlickr, Fotolog, Last.fmMobilizationMybarackobama, care2give, modestneedsCultural affinityBlackplanet, migente, asianavenueInterest affinityMyChurch, Couchsurfing, librarything, PatientsLikeMe
  14. 14. Social Network SitesProfileList of FriendsAbility to see the Friendsof others
  15. 15. Some current trends
  16. 16. 8% of online Americans useTwitter4% use location based services71% seek health info online93% of college students useFacebook
  17. 17. CommonConcernsabout SocialNetwork Sites
  18. 18. Privacy
  19. 19. In reality... Very few negative stories (that don’t involve true stupidity) Privacy controls are actually powerful and available We tend to sell our privacy for cookies Facebook knows to wait out the storm
  20. 20. The meaning of “Friends”
  21. 21. In reality... People are mostly “friending” people they know SNS is most useful for casual friends, rather than close friends Reduces cost of maintaining a broader, deeper network
  22. 22. This is all just frivolous.
  23. 23. In reality... Never underestimate the value of frivolity There are *many* types of uses of SNS, some very serious Don’t forget the wide ecology of social network sites
  24. 24. Some social mediaexcursions at MSU
  25. 25. Thanks!Cliff Lampelampecli@msu.eduTwitter: @clifflampeSlideShare: clifflampe