ClickTale Launchpad - The guided tour


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Basic ClickTale training for your website

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ClickTale Launchpad - The guided tour

  1. 1. The Guided Tour “LaunchPad” Webinar seriesPresented by: Shmuli Goldberg
  2. 2. Agenda Account Navigation Conversion Funnels The Dashboard Heatmaps Search & Recordings The Page Console Form Analytics Now what…
  3. 3. Account NavigationThe Menu Bar can be found on the left panel of every tool page
  4. 4. The DashboardClickTale’s Dashboard:• The ‘home page’ of your Project.• Easy access to the main features of the ClickTale Tool Suite.Sections include:• Heatmaps• Search Recordings• Real-Time Monitor• Visitor Recordings• Site Monitor• Conversion Funnel• Visitor Geolocation
  5. 5. Search & RecordingsIdentify customer’s usability issues within your site:• What are they doing?• How do they behave?• Why aren’t they converting?• Where are they coming from?• Are they bouncing visitors?
  6. 6. Search & RecordingsSearch tools:• Save your searches• Create alerts• Export results• Watch recordings• Download videos
  7. 7. Form AnalyticsVisitor’s Interaction with online forms:• Conversions• Dropped• Time• Blank Fields• Refilled Reduce abandonment and improve your conversion rates
  8. 8. Form Analytics The general overview of your form Where are visitors most frequently and its weak spots dropping out of the form
  9. 9. Form Analytics Which fields get left blank the most Shows the average time visitors How frequently visitors need to refillinteracted with each field in your form fields after submitting the form
  10. 10. Conversion FunnelsExplore various conversion paths visitors follow.3 Easy steps in setting up a funnel: 1 2 3 Create Filter Segment
  11. 11. Conversion Funnels 1 2 3 Create Filter Segment • Define steps* to track • Rename the Step* Up to 15 steps
  12. 12. Conversion Funnels1 2 3 Create Filter Segment • Choose flexibility attributes Start at 1st step vs. Start at any step Flexible vs. Strict
  13. 13. Conversion Funnels1 2 3 Create Filter Segment • Filter funnel population according to specific attributes
  14. 14. Conversion Funnels1 2 3 Create Filter Segment
  15. 15. HeatmapsHeatmaps show qualitative visual representation of visitor behavior • Choose a page to view* • View the report • Edit Settings* Choose between ‘starting with’ or exact URL
  16. 16. Heatmaps
  17. 17. Heatmaps
  18. 18. Heatmaps
  19. 19. Heatmaps
  20. 20. HeatmapsLink Analytics• Provide in depth detail about links on every page
  21. 21. Page ConsoleA zoom into a specific page:• Bounce Rates• Engagement Time• Recorded traffic timeline• Recent Visitors• Easy access into the recordings• Heatmaps• Funnels
  22. 22. Now what…When analyzing data:1. Use the conversion funnels to quickly find problematic pages.2. Use the Heatmaps to find areas of: I. Focus point II. Ignored area III. Distraction points3. Use Search Recordings to find customers that experienced these problems.4. Watch the videos of customers that experienced these exact problems.5. Use the Page Console to see how many other visitors had these issues.6. Fix the problems, and run the funnels again to test.7. Segment your visitors by marketing sources to compare channel effectiveness.
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  24. 24. The ClickTale Team