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PPC Management Service


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ClicksBazaar PPC Services Include: A dedicated pay-per-click consultant for PPC campaign management, PPC advertising gives you the opportunity to pay for top positions on search engines and appear on relevant partner websites, Extensive keyword research, Competitive research, Account Management, For More Visit -

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PPC Management Service

  1. 1. SEVEN STAGES OF PAY PER CLICK MANAGEMENT O P T I M I S I N G T H E P E R F O R M A N C E O F Y O U R P P C C A M P A I G N Design | Development | Marketing
  2. 2. HOW PPC ADVERTISING WORKS When someone searches the internet for your products or services, your ad will appear above or to the right of the search engine’s natural results. When they click on your ad, your customer will be directed to your website. Your ads will only run when they match a users search, and as the name suggests, you will only “pay” when someone “clicks” on your ad. As a result, PPC ads typically provide more value than other forms of advertising. Design | Development | Marketing
  3. 3. PPC MANAGEMENT Pay Per Click market categories are increasingly competitive. More advertisers are using keyword research, specific landing pages and feedback from web analytics to improve the performance of their PPC campaigns. As a result, the better performing keywords Design | Development | Marketing
  4. 4. PPC MANAGEMENT are becoming more expensive, leading to click inflation. This presentation should help you understand the key aspects of setting up and managing a successful pay per click campaign in order to optimize your performance. Design | Development | Marketing
  5. 5. PPC MANAGEMENT This presentation will help with generic PPC as well as setting up a campaign with Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. Design | Development | Marketing
  6. 6. STAGES OF PPC MANAGEMENT Research Category Plan & Structure Write Copy Organize Bids Build Landing Pages Review Performance Amend, Tune & Test Design | Development | Marketing
  7. 7. RESEARCH YOUR MARKET CATEGORY Customers, Competitors, Keywords The buying process Core keywords Long tail keywords Website analytics Volumes, values, margins Conversion is key Local vs. National vs. International Design | Development | Marketing
  8. 8. PLAN & STRUCTURE CAMPAIGN The Search marketing mix Budgets Campaigns Ad groups Keywords Match types Landing pages Design | Development | Marketing
  9. 9. WRITE ADVERTISING COPY Matching copy to keywords Crucial for Click Thru Rate Tailored Ad Groups Use all four lines Headline Copy lines Display URL Call to action or USP Minimize keyword insertion Design | Development | Marketing
  10. 10. ORGANIZE BIDDING Understand value of clicks Know value of conversions Quality Score is key Set up a keyword match hierarchy Bid more only when Quality Score is high Reduce bids if conversion cost is unprofitable Design | Development | Marketing
  11. 11. SELECT & BUILD LANDING PAGES Send click traffic to most appropriate page Build if one does not exist Keep the landing page simple Focus on achieving goals Ecommerce sales Lead generation Eliminate distractions Learn from successful landing page Design | Development | Marketing
  12. 12. TRACK & REVIEW PERFORMANCE Establish key metrics PPC reports and analytics Cost per click (CPC) Click through rate (CTR) Conversions Cost per conversion Cost per sale What is target ROI? Design | Development | Marketing
  13. 13. AMEND, TEST & TUNE Look for conversion winners and replicate components Look for blockages and eliminate Eliminate negative terms Test different keywords Test different copy Test different landing pages Test different bid levels Design | Development | Marketing
  14. 14. WHY USE OUR PPC MANAGEMENT SERVICE Google and Bing have made it incredibly easy to open a PPC advertising account and run ads. Unfortunately, it’s even easier to lose all of your money if you don’t know what you are doing. You see, PPC operates like an auction where advertisers like you are constantly bidding against each other for position on the search results pages, and through the quality score metric, well optimized accounts are rewarded with lower pricing. In this hyper-competitive environment, inexperienced account managers are at a huge disadvantage. Design | Development | Marketing
  15. 15. PPC To learn how you can leverage the power of PPC advertising to grow your business, simply use the form to the right to request a free consultation Design | Development | Marketing
  16. 16. CONTACT US Design | Development | Marketing | Design | Development | Marketing