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Website video creation service, ClicksBazaar is a leading-edge service of online video Creation, the resources to produce incredibly high-quality video production services for your business or brand we are the complete package of online video Creation, the resources to produce incredibly high-quality video production services for your business or brand.Visit for More info.

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Online video creation service

  1. 1. ONLINE VIDEO CREATION SERVICE Design | Development | Marketing
  2. 2. VIDEO CREATION SERVICE You probably already knew how popular the top video website are but did you know how much video can help get you found on the Internet? Video is the trendiest and one of the most popular ways to share information and communicate across the Web. Its true, people love video and just like a short commercial, your video could be seen by thousands or more people and increase your website’s rankings and traffic. Design | Development | Marketing
  3. 3. Beyond the fact that people like to watch videos and prefer them to reading sometimes, it is also more effective for a prospect clients to hear and see your message communicated in multi- media videos than to simply read plain text. Design | Development | Marketing
  4. 4. USING VIDEO TO ENGAGE VISITORS Boost your Search Engine Rankings SEO commonly refers to Videos as Engagement Objects. Design | Development | Marketing
  5. 5. Based on their purchase of, Google considers video to be an important part of the online experience. Design | Development | Marketing
  6. 6. When movies contain SEO (usually with titles, keywords and links) they can increase a page rank where they are embedded. Design | Development | Marketing
  7. 7. Google recognizes keywords and phrases in voice over in videos! This is done through Youtube’s technology called “Transcribe Audio”; it also converts voice audio to captions at no charge. Design | Development | Marketing
  8. 8. Video marketing is popular for most any business who wants to communicate their message or brands. And thanks to our professional designers, your video will look awesome, articulate your message and be Web ready in just a few days or less. Design | Development | Marketing
  9. 9. Source your online video creation to us and get back to what you do best. We will sort through the content, text, match up the voice file (or create one for you) and put it all together in a package that you will love. Design | Development | Marketing
  10. 10. We use the latest, updated video production software and hardware and because we also specialize in SEO and marketing, we offer something the other guys don’t: distribution. Design | Development | Marketing
  11. 11. That’s right. We promote every video for you to gain back links and drive lots of new relevant traffic to your website FOR FREE. Design | Development | Marketing
  12. 12. BENEFITS OF VIDEO MARKETING Your demographics will identify with your video thanks to built in marketing specifics. Your Video can have a viral affect and be shared amongst people and across a number of platforms thereby increasing your reach on the Internet. People love to watch videos and it is increasing in popularity. Higher conversions for your brand A high impact marketing tool to use to promote your brand Design | Development | Marketing
  13. 13. Important Part of SEO . Adjust Packages to your needs. Offering HD Quality Video. Fast and experienced Video Editing. Human voice over available. Male and female voice overs available. We offer Video Script Writing. Offering HD Quality Video. Design | Development | Marketing
  14. 14. CONTACT US | Design | Development | Marketing