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Retrieve a random image url from google with ph1


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Retrieve a random image url from google with ph1

  1. 1. Retrieve a Random Image URL From Google With PHP
  2. 2. Ron Poulton A recent project involved me obtaining a random image from the Web and using it inP: 1 some specific fashion. I chose to use PHP to access Google Images for a random image URL. The image could be generic or related to a specific topic. Heres the PHP function that queries Google Images and returns an image URL: Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers 1. function GetRandomImageURL($topic=, $min=0, $max=100) 2. { 3. // get random image from Google 4. if ($topic==) $topic=image; 5. $ofs=mt_rand($min, $max); 6. $geturl= . $topic . &star t= . $ofs . &gbv=1; 7. $data=file_get_contents($geturl); 8. 9. $f1=<div id="center_col">; 10. $f2=<a href="/imgres?imgurl=; 11. $f3=&amp;imgrefurl=; 12. 13. $pos1=strpos($data, $f1)+strlen($f1); 14. if ($pos1==FALSE) return FALSE; 15. $pos2=strpos($data, $f2, $pos1)+strlen($f2); 16. if ($pos2==FALSE) return FALSE; 17. $pos3=strpos($data, $f3, $pos2); 18. if ($pos3==FALSE) return FALSE; 19. return substr($data, $pos2, $pos3-$pos2); 20.} 21. This function generates a random number, sends that off as a "start" parameter with an image query to Google, and grabs the HTML code generated. The "gbv=1" parameter is required - without it, Google will return a generic page instead of the image results. If any markers ($f1, $f2 or $f3) are not found, the function will return FALSE. Otherwise, the first image (from the "start" parameter) is parsed, and the corresponding URL is retrieved. Note that Google may alter its HTML along the way, making this function obsolete. Also, large "start" values seem to exceed the number of images Google is willing to display. At the time of this writing, the maximum was about 980. The $topic parameter allows the option of specifying a certain type of image. Pass vehicle and an image of a vehicle is the target; pass balloon, and.. well, you get the