Enterprise Mobility: How & Why to Take Your Business Mobile


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Creating an app for your business has immediate and long-term benefits, not the least of which is an incredible impact on your marketing ROI. Check out this presentation by our enterprise mobility experts to learn about the current state of enterprise mobility, what it takes to make your own app, and why doing so is a major business hack.

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Enterprise Mobility: How & Why to Take Your Business Mobile

  1. 1. Enterprise Mobility How & Why an App Will Help Grow Your Business & Increase Your ROI
  2. 2. The State of Enterprise Mobility Increase in brand perception by their target audience for brands who develop an app10% 50% Companies will have BYOD policies in place by 2017 and BYOD will increase to $184 billion Of CIOs think it will impact their business at least as much, if not more than, the Internet 20 years ago67% Of businesses don’t plan to hire someone especially for mobile - doing so can set you apart as a leader85%
  3. 3. Apps vs. Mobile Sites On mobile devices, people spend more time on the web via apps than they do on direct browsers Apps are more intuitively designed for devices than websites are, making ordering and service requests easier and smoother for users than websites. VS
  4. 4. The “Make Your Own App” Trap Sites offering quick, easy and cheap apps by simply choosing colors & adding menu items don’t work well for businesses wanting to build loyalty. Here’s why: Poor functionality Colors never “exactly” match your brand Poor integration with native device capabilities + + =
  5. 5. Why Make an App for Your Enterprise? • Apps increase customer loyalty, meaning they spend more money more often. This means greater profit margins & a higher ROI on your marketing spend • Customized details on each of your customers • Data revealing spending patterns, push notification responses, and how to optimize your loyalty-building efforts. • Ability to increase business during your off hours or off season by staying in direct contact with your customers.
  6. 6. A Major Business Hack • Creating an app lets you take advantage of an advertising medium that is constantly with your customer and is highly trusted • It’s a way to market that cuts through all the noise of commercials, ads, and perfectly polished images • It’s a push notification, but it’s also a highly personalized, friendly greeting that users actively select to receive. To date, there’s really no other marketing tactic that can match this.
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing Cost Comparisons: • According to Center for Retail Management, 12% to 15% of the most loyal customers produce 55% to 70% of all sales. • 82% of loyal customers refer at least one more loyal customer • Loyalty program members spend more money more often than other customers • Loyalty programs on mobile apps are the most affordable for all business types. 1. Plastic cards cost approximately $0.50 each, and only 18% are active after six months 2. SMS texting plans cost at least $200 per month, and unwanted texts are annoying to consumers. Push notifications are free after the app setup & are welcomed by consumers. NOTIFICATION SMSCARD VS VS
  8. 8. Internal Enterprise Apps • In addition to serving customers, you can create a network of internal mobile app solutions that make your workforce and management more effective and cost efficient “We provide tools for lookup and sales effectiveness. We have a mobile app that many of our agents use - they can take a picture of a car, for example, and they can upload it and store it on our cloud storage through their BlackBerry.” -Srini Koushik of Nationwide in a PwC report 14% increase in sales Benefits: 75% increased productivity 16% less personnel costs 14% increase in sales 75% 16% 14%
  9. 9. Get in Touch Ready to increase customer loyalty and drastically increase your marketing ROI? Call: 415-758-1522 Email: contact@click-labs.com Visit: http://click-labs.com/enterprise-mobility/food-chains/ Office: 114 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104 for a free consultation