Content marketing trends for 2014


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Content marketing is what you share effectively.
The identity of content marketing is anticipated to bring huge alternatives in the overall scenario of future marketing.
With 2013, almost in the verge of ending, here are few tips and trends, to make content marketing more effective during the coming years.

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Content marketing trends for 2014

  1. 1. Content Marketing: Attract. Engage. Convert
  2. 2. What is Content? Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life
  3. 3. 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report states that: For 18% of marketers, quality content was the topmost priority
  4. 4. 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report states that: 10% of the companies have a dedicated content developer
  5. 5. How Google sees a content? Unsavory links, not-at-par content, and sites with no media signals is not important
  6. 6. What is Content Marketing?
  7. 7. The art of content marketing? Are you doing this? A strategic planning and unique content will determine your marketing
  8. 8. Everything is not for everyone Practice less for potential customers than doing a lot for random people
  9. 9. Define your audience Focus upon a concentrated class. Because, there is always a difference between writing for readers and writing for customers
  10. 10. Have a contextual understanding of your customers Have a clear understanding of your motivations, requirements, pain areas and the whole target buy process. In case you stumble, how will you stand again??
  11. 11. Apparent conversion goals Center your marketing strategy on a goal. Turn potential visitors into customers
  12. 12. Strive to keep your audience engaged Make your content a little interesting and a little witty. And yes, Tell only YOUR story.
  13. 13. Make most of the advantage with Google Google Loves Guest Posts !! While targeting your content, make sure you deliver Quality. That’s how you impress Google.
  14. 14. Content marketing and the future anticipation What is Content Marketing expected to offer to the year 2014?? And, to the years after that?
  15. 15. Business will comprehend the need of content marketing Few years back, it was a part. Today, it is a need. Content marketing has its own discrete identity today.
  16. 16. ‘Director of Content’ would be a much coveted profile Companies that do not assign content creation and dissemination to relevant people or departments, will loose out.
  17. 17. Mobile content marketing will draw the base line Google Hummingbird and long tail keyword is an assurance to the fact.
  18. 18. Software would track the outcome SAAS cloud would calculate the ROI, as part of the huge content marketing outcome.
  19. 19. All Hail, Google+, and Slideshare Social media is no more about just friends, images and videos. It is all about a race, of sharing, and rising on the top.
  20. 20. Evaluate your content • All the while, were you writing for your audience? • Did you care to care for their interest? • Was you content engaging enough?
  21. 21. If not, do it Now Anticipate the future, and embark on the change NOW. Do it today, for tomorrow.
  22. 22. On the whole story Good content is powerful. It would not only welcome visitors, but also provoke sharing between peers. Remember, One Happy Client= Many Potential Clients
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