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Online Creative for the Gaming Industry

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Online Creative for the Gaming Industry - Clicked Creative

  1. 1. Online Creative for the Gaming Industry January 2011 © Clicked Creative 2011
  2. 2. In the world of online gaming…
  3. 3. it’s easy to get lost in the crowd…
  4. 4. …so how do you stand out?
  5. 5. By communicating your offer clearly…
  6. 6. so people will come and play with you…
  7. 7. and stay with you.
  8. 8. easy huh? (just kidding)
  9. 9. Successfully engaging gaming customers since 1998
  10. 10. This is who we’ve done it for…
  11. 11. How can we help you?Call Matt Haslum on 0208 7620 0550 to find out more Still not sure? Continue to see how we’ve answered some previous challenges…
  12. 12. How do you develop and launch an entirely newChallenge way of betting to a traditionally conservative market? Sportsbook
  13. 13. Start by creating a unique, easily recognizable logo
  14. 14. Design and iterate an easy to use betting interface
  15. 15. Create multi-channel advertising that educates as well as promotes
  16. 16. Target specific high-value audiences
  17. 17. Drive traffic with relevant digital promotions
  18. 18. Create stickiness with added value content & tools
  19. 19. Localise campaigns for international territories
  20. 20. Develop and evolve the brand
  21. 21. 10 years on....
  22. 22. How do we get our business customers excitedChallenge about our new games release packages? B2B
  23. 23. Send out quarterly DM packs containing entertaining office games
  24. 24. Support the packs with tease emails & follow up emails
  25. 25. Link through to play demos on an engaging demo play site
  26. 26. Create anticipation in audience with regular mailings
  27. 27. How do you launch a new service into a monopolised marketChallenge and gain widespread acceptance in the shortest possible time? Media
  28. 28. Create a demand amongst end users
  29. 29. Drive awareness across the industry
  30. 30. Drive awareness across the industry
  31. 31. ISSUE 3Develop the brand and add value to customers
  32. 32. 18 months after launch, Turf TV successfully signed up over 95% of all UK Bookmakers, including the ‘Big 4’: Coral, William Hill, Betfred & Ladbrokes.Results
  33. 33. How do you demystify a complex financialChallenge product to appeal to a wider audience? Financial Spread Betting
  34. 34. Develop an easy to use website…
  35. 35. an easy to use trading interface…
  36. 36. and an easy to use i-phone application
  37. 37. Create advertising that educates and informs
  38. 38. Highlight financial benefits with interactive campaigns
  39. 39. Highlight financial benefits with interactive campaigns
  40. 40. Show the instrument clearly with step-by-step interactive demo
  41. 41. Allow users to tour the trading interface
  42. 42. Ensure consistent communications with customers
  43. 43. Develop professional tier products
  44. 44. When we first met Clicked they were able to quickly understand both our requirements and our prospective clients requirements. Since then the work they have produced for us over a number of years has lead to a significant upturn in new accounts and increased the value of our brand. Head of Marketing, London Capital GroupTestimonial
  45. 45. Coming soon… European Bingo launch European Casino siteMulti-lingual affiliate campaign and much more!
  46. 46. So what’s your greatest challenge?Get in touch ifyou’d like a hand…Matt HaslumNew Business Directormatt@clickedcreative.com020 7471
  47. 47. An intelligent approach to digital creative