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Data and Creativity in Paid Search


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From Click Consult's Benchmark Search Conference 2017, The Bridgewater Hall, 21st September. Presented by David Karellen, Head of Paid Search, Click Consult.

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Data and Creativity in Paid Search

  1. 1. Data and Creativity in Paid Search Dave Karellen Head of Paid Search
  2. 2. vs Data Creativity “Paid Search is the unique mix of left and right brain skills”
  3. 3. Data
  4. 4. Daily Performance Fluctuations per Device The static top level performance masks the large opportunities seen from device segmentation Profit Hour of Day Profit Hour of Day
  5. 5. Making The Data Actionable Creating Device Specific Campaigns Allows You To Action These Trends Profit Hour of Day Profit Hour of Day Profit Hour of Day Profit Hour of Day
  6. 6. Demographic Performance Fluctuations per Device Again, the important trends lie just below the surface Profit Customer Age Profit Customer Age
  7. 7. Making The Data Actionable Data analysis is about common sense and understanding consumer behaviour Profit Customer Age
  8. 8. Leveraging Audience Segments Create audience lists of poor converters so you can reduce competitiveness here
  9. 9. Screen Resolution Apply bid adjustments based on the differences in screen resolution 3.2% C. Rate 1.4% C. Rate 2.8% C. Rate Apply positive bid adjuster Apply negative bid adjuster
  10. 10. Testing
  11. 11. A/B Testing Historically, the rigorousness of an ad A/B test was cumbersome to translate over to bid tests
  12. 12. Test Strategies, Not Keywords Testing whole strategies ensures traffic doesn’t simply migrate from keyword to keyword Strategy 1 Strategy 2
  13. 13. Man vs Machine Test your own bid strategies against ‘black box’ algorithms
  14. 14. Creativity
  15. 15. The Art of Selling Joke Books
  16. 16. Ad Space Is No Longer A Problem There’s Now More Than Enough Room For Really Creative Ad Copy
  17. 17. A Lack Of Scalability? The difficulty is finding the time to apply creativity for thousands of products
  18. 18. Ad Customisers Use these signals to dynamically adjust your ad copy
  19. 19. IF Statements These work well for binary options only
  20. 20. Using Data Feeds Using a data feed adds scalability to the customisers
  21. 21. Location Ad Customisers This uses relevancy to create a high level of personalisation
  22. 22. Location Ad Customisers (cont)
  23. 23. Day Parting Ad Customisers Creativity turns relevancy into personalisation without crossing that boundary into consumer’s feelings of privacy invasion
  24. 24. Audience Ad Customisers
  25. 25. The Future Of Ad Customisers Demographic personalisation seems the next obvious step
  26. 26. Personalisation Personalisation allows us to mass produce creativity
  27. 27. Data Honing these skills is the best way to future proof your Paid Search campaigns Creativity
  28. 28. Recap 1. Apply common sense to find actionable trends 2. Split campaigns by device to leverage different trends 3. Add in Google Analytics data segments as RLSA audiences 4. Test big with AdWords Experiments- test strategies, not keywords. 5. Be creative whenever possible in ad copy to stand out 6. Use data feeds to create ad customisers rather than focussing on IF statements for scalability 7. Personalise ads with signals from location, time, device, and audience 8. Make use of your own business data to help personalise ad copy 9. Keep looking for new ways to apply data analysis and creativity skills to the changing Paid Search landscape.
  29. 29. Thank You Dave Karellen Head of Paid Search Email Website Any Questions?