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Guru Product Blueprints from Eben Pagan.

Guru Product Blueprints provides info that you could use to amass a fortune through making information products and selling through the web.Together with the tried and tested conventional techniques to advertise or marketplace your company, online advertising is a surefire way of reaching your goals

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Guru product blueprint gold

  1. 1. Are you ready to supercharge yourinformation marketing business with world-class knowledge for fast, powerful results?
  2. 2. Or do you want to continue to struggle, working hour after hour, chasing the elusive online riches you’ve only heard about?
  3. 3. Would it help your business be to be mentored by someone who has spent the last 10 years building his company to over$30M per year doing information marketing?
  4. 4. Or are you content to stick with giving your money to the so-called gurus out there whose onlyincome comes from convincing you to buy from them?
  5. 5. Now there is a mentoring program designed to walk you step by step through the
  6. 6. of creating a highly valuable products to
  7. 7. then creating all of the marketing you need to sell
  8. 8. all done “blueprint style”
  9. 9. Best of all, it’s being offered by well-known and respected online entrepreneur and author, Eben
  10. 10. Eben has years of experience helping business owners and individuals increase productivity, sales & profitability, wealth, and personal
  11. 11. His email lists include over 200,000 people who’ve invested close to $10 million in just one niche
  12. 12. Ebens business empire andconsequent success is based on hisability to find, research and create valuable products that are in high
  13. 13. Now he is taking the best of the best, and sharing all the gold with
  14. 14. This program offers a series oftemplates and blueprints for eachof the key components of buildingan information marketing, advice, expert or coaching
  15. 15. and then walks you through step-by-step training on how use them to build or even overhaul completely your information marketing or coaching
  16. 16. This is not just a bunch ofinformation being dumped on you to figure out for
  17. 17. Get a proven structure and outline for all of your products, all of your marketing, and the exact sequence to do them
  18. 18. Would you like predesigned and structured templates, scripts, blueprints for each of the components of starting, building or overhauling your information business?
  19. 19. Where all you need to do is fill inthe blanks and add your content to create your materials?
  20. 20. Would you like blueprints focusedon the key money making areas of your business - marketing & products?
  21. 21. How about an in depth explanation of how to create the best-selling
  22. 22. from best-selling niches that eachhave generated over $1M in sales?
  23. 23. • templates for creating your book• audio or video product templates• landing page templates for your web site• sales letter and video templates and designs for your website• blog & video blog post templates for your content• headline and copywriting templates• email newsletter templates and sequences,• templates for advertisements• script templates• exact words for talking to customers• getting people to do interviews & how to interview them• how to get others to market your products & services• …and more
  24. 24. The Guru Product Blueprintincorporates:• A powerful, live 2 day virtual weekend taught by Eben personally• 10 weeks of live webinar training• Plenty of opportunity to interact with Eben and learn from the guru• Along with all the templates and blueprints you need to build and market your
  25. 25. Learn how the top marketers do this from a top
  26. 26. Do you want in?
  27. 27. Your window of opportunity is only 1 week!
  28. 28. GURU Product Blueprint Launches July 17, 2012… …Closes July 23,
  29. 29. Don’t miss it! Register with us today for advance notification Click the link