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211912 nc-gala-nomination-form

  1. 1. Call for Nominations:2011 AARP North Carolina Multicultural Outreach AwardLa Llamada de AARP North Carolina para Nominaciones:2011 Premio Multicultural de AlcanceCelebrating Five Organizations That Work to Improve the Quality of Lifefor All North CaroliniansAARP’s goal is to help people 50+ live life to the fullest. We are a nonpartisan social welfareorganization with a membership. As a social welfare organization (as well as the organizationthat has the nation’s largest membership for people 50+) AARP is leading a revolution in the waypeople view and live life after 50.On Thursday, December 8, 2011, at a gala event, AARP North Carolina will recognize fiveorganizations that have demonstrated efforts of working in the state in collaboration withdiverse communities.Multicultural outreach is a vital component of AARP’s efforts to deliver its programs andactivities in North Carolina and across the country. A. Barry Rand, AARP’s Chief Executive Officer,reiterates that commitment: “Everywhere I’ve worked, my goal has always been to open the doorto the American dream for all people to broaden the culture of America and to ensure that it wasmore inclusive.”AARP recognizes it is the power of our combined interest, energy and commitment that helpsmake life better for our families and our communities. We invite you to submit nominations forNorth Carolina organizations that have a track record of working in collaboration across diversecommunities. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee; committee members maynot submit nominations for consideration.Nominations must be submitted via email to Debra Tyler-Horton at dtylerhorton@aarp.org by5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, October 21, 2011. Nominees will be notified by email that they have beennominated the week of October 24. A panel of at least five (5) community leaders will select five(5) organizations that have most successfully satisfied the requirements in the sole discretion ofthe panel as provided on the nomination form. Selected organizations will be notified by email byNovember 4. If you have questions, please email dtylerhorton@aarp.org. The Nomination Formfollows on the reverse. www.aarp.org/nc
  2. 2. 2011 AARP Multicultural Outreach Award Nomination FormNominee InformationOrganization Name:Address:City: State: Zip Code:Phone: Fax:Website: (if applicable):Organization Contact Person (phone/email address):Nominator InformationName:Relationship to Nominee Organization:Address:City: State: Zip Code:Phone: Fax:Email Address:Nominator, please attach a nomination letter, not to exceed three pages, typed and one-sided in length. The lettershould describe the nominee organization’s work, successes and effectiveness as it relates to the following goals ofthe award:Q Demonstrate the organization’s commitment to building a movement across racial, ethnic and cultural divides while illustrating its effective innovative collaborations.Q Describe how the organization has impacted policy at the state or local level by engaging, organizing and mobilizing people to make an impact on the health of communities across the state.Q Discuss how the organization has shared tools, knowledge and resources to solve community problems.Q Assess the organization’s ability to share stories from lessons it has learned. www.aarp.org/nc