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Seattle Scalability meetup intro slides, Jan 22, 2014


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Koverse + Samza

Published in: Technology
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Seattle Scalability meetup intro slides, Jan 22, 2014

  1. 1. Seattle Scalability and Distributed Systems Meetup January22, 2014 Koverse + Smaza
  2. 2. Program • • • • Main session(s) Community announcements After-beer...? Hashtag #SeaScale
  3. 3. Koverse Data Unification. Scalable systems open up a range of opportunities to do new and exciting things with data. Some of these opportunities lie in the area of data unification: combining diverse data sets together to create a clearer picture of the real world. This talk will discuss how scalable technologies can be used to dramatically improve how data unification is done and will hopefully have time to go over some real world examples. Paul Brown, CEO at Koverse @paulbrown_pnw
  4. 4. Samza Samza is a new distributed stream processing framework developed at LinkedIn and recently incubated into the Apache Software Foundation. Built atop YARN, it provides fault tolerance, durability, scalability and even local state with a simple, Map-Reduce-like interface. Jakob Homan is an Apache Hadoop committer and PMC member and works on Samza full time. Jakob Homan, Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn @blueboxtraveller
  5. 5. Idea for a talk? In general, we're looking for a deep technical talk with implementation details about a big system that's production-grade :)