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How to Leverage Other Food Blogs to Help Your Business


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How to Leverage Other Food Blogs to Help Your Business

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  3. 3. We’re back with our series on marketing your blog or business with f ood or recipes, and showing you how to leverage other f ood blogs to help yourbusiness.This series f ocuses on recipes and f ood marketing, but these 3 leveraging tools can be applied to any category or industry. What ever industry you are in,there will be other bloggers to use as leverage.Let’s touch on the basic notion as to why having a blog and blogging is good f or business?Because, it helps you find customers, and connect with them by networking with other blogs and bloggers.When you are blogging using recipes or f ood to reach an audience, you can also connect to potential readers and customers by networking with other f oodbloggers.The bottom line is that blogs are a source of potential leads and customers…period.Here are three ways you can leverage the power of other people’s food blogs for your business:1. Skip the Top Bloggers and Connect with Mid-List Food Bloggers.One of the coolest things about the internet is the way it allows people in even the narrowest of niches to f ind others who share their passions. And whileyou may be f requenting industry f orums to make your presence known, are you checking out the bloggers in your niche and becoming part of the communitythere?Bloggers don’t have to have thousands of readers to be powerf ul, or to be potential customers. Go beyond just the top three or f our well-known names anddig deeper f or mid-list bloggers. Leave comments, and make a
  4. 4. The top bloggers in most industries are inundated with attention and love, and your ef f orts may get lost in the melee. Mid-list bloggers are likely to be quitereceptive and responsive. And even the smallest blogger deserves a comment or two f rom you. Introduce yourself and invite them over to your site. Issuing acouple of invitations like this a week takes only a f ew minutes and can pay of f big time.2. Study Food Blog Comments.OF COURSE you’re paying attention to the f olks who send you comments and suggestions directly on your own website or blog. But are you taking a look atwhat people are saying on other blogs in your industry?Many blogs require anyone who comments to establish prof iles or provide their email addresses or websites URLs. You can f ind out who the commentersare, visit their blogs, or email them directly if you think they’re a good f it f or your product or service.This should be a sof t sell with no pressure. The goal is to establish a relationship, not to get a commitment to purchase. Take small, non-threatening steps.3. Find and Use Food Blog Rolls.Blog rolls were a huge thing f ive or so years ago when blogs were f airly novel. Bloggers wanted to show of f who they read and who they associated with.Blog rolls are less common now, but they’re still out there, and they’re like ref erral lists f rom your customers!
  5. 5. Once you f ind a blogger who seems to be an ideal prospect, see who else they’re associating with, and f ollow the blog roll links like a trail of breadcrumbs.Hop f rom blog to blog, seeing who else is a likely prospect and start establishing a relationship.Again, tread sof tly: “I saw your link on so-and-so’s site. I’m a big f an of his, so I thought I’d stop by. Love your post on Mother’s Day craf ts; I just wrote asimilar post on my blog. Stop by!” That’s all it takes.It can be a little intimidating to just jump onto someone’s blog and begin commenting, but most people who publish blogs do so because they want to sharetheir thoughts and ideas with others. You’re not butting into a private chat. Instead, you’re joining a public conversation with another like-minded individual.And that’s where relationships can start.If you thought visiting other blogs was a waste of time, you were wrong!Don’t discount the powerf ul resource other bloggers are f or you in business, regardless of the industry. Now you know how to leverage your time youspend on other blogs, so you’re not wasting your ef f orts, but helping your business.Courtney & BetinaHow to Leverage Other Food Blogs to HelpYour BusinessCommentsLeah Mast ilock says:May 20, 2013 at 2:41 pmGood advice for any type of blog, not just food
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