Combining Project and Sharepoint


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  • The agenda we will follow today certainly crams a lot of content into a short amount of time but it will enable us to look at the challenges the business community face regarding project management (high level). In particular we will cover;What is SharePoint project management, current capabilities regarding project server when it utilizes SharePoint services. We will also look at enabling effective work management through integrating project server with SharePoint server.This will all be covered at a very high level with a great deal of the presentation focused on real world application. As mentioned I have Kirk Barret from CSC with me here today and Kirk will demonstrate how CSC are using project server and SharePoint server to enable the effective work management discussed. We will wrap up with Q&A.
  • Combining Project and Sharepoint

    1. 1. Microsoft SharePoint and Office Forum 2008<br />Delivering Seamless Productivity<br />
    2. 2. Benefits Of Combining Project Server 2007 And SharePoint For Effective Work Management<br />Brad Purdy<br />EPM Solution Specialist | Microsoft Corporation<br />Kirk Barrett<br />Solutions Architect | CSC<br />
    3. 3. Agenda<br />Business challenges<br />Introducing SharePoint Project Management<br />Project Server and Sharepint Services<br />Enabling Effective Work Management<br />CSC E- PMO Business Background<br />CSC E- PMO Technical Background<br />CSC Demonstration<br />Benefits of Integrating project Server and SharePoint Server<br />Q&A<br />
    4. 4. Business Challenges<br />Manage and understand project schedules<br />Track and monitor projects to stay up to date on status changes<br />Effectively communicate project information <br />Clearly communicate and present project information in a variety of ways, from reports in Project or through integration with Microsoft Office system programs<br />Get productive quickly<br />Centrally store and manage all project information in a single online workspace<br />Customised Business Processes<br />
    5. 5. Introducing SharePoint Project Management<br />Centralized project information,<br />task management, resource allocation, budget management issue & risk management <br />Docs/calendars, blogs, wikis, e-mail integration, Outlook integration, offline docs/lists<br />Enterprise Portal template, Site Directory, My Sites, social networking, privacy control<br />Server-based Excel spreadsheets and data visualisation, Report Center, BI Web Parts, KPIs/Dashboards<br />Enterprise scalability,<br />contextual relevance, rich <br />people and business data search<br />Rich and Web forms based front-ends, LOB actions, pluggable SSO<br />Integrated document management, records management, and Web content management with policies and workflow<br />
    6. 6. Project Server & SharePoint ServicesBuilt In Features<br />Windows Sahrepoint Services 3.0<br />Document Management<br />Change request Management<br />Wikis, blogs, FAQ’s, & more<br />Project Server as a SharePoint Services Application<br /> Rich Gant chart reports<br /> Issues and risk management<br /> Status reports<br /> Assignment notification<br /> Manage interdependencies with deliverables<br /> Task management and time reporting (via outlook)<br />
    7. 7. Enabling Effective Work Management<br />Team Members<br />Project Managers<br />Team Leads<br />Update Task Progress<br />Resolve Issues<br />Collaborate on Documents<br />Publish Projects<br />Browser<br />Executives<br />Build Schedules<br />Assign Resources<br />Manage Budgets<br />View and Interact <br />Browser &<br />Microsoft Office<br />Generate Reports<br />Programmatic Access<br />View online dashboards<br />Create Reports using Microsoft Office Applications<br />Share & Update Project Information<br />IT<br />Project Portfolio Management<br />Task Management<br />Resource Management<br />Project Collaboration<br />Build Custom Workspace Templates<br />Integrate with other Line of Business Applications<br />CustomApplications<br />
    8. 8. CSC E-PMO - Business Background<br /><ul><li> CSC – IT Consulting, Outsourcing and Services
    9. 9. Around 4,000 staff across Australia
    10. 10. Began in 2003 using Project Server 2003 & WSS 2.0
    11. 11. Upgraded to Project Server 2007 and MOSS
    12. 12. Supports 250 Program and Project managers
    13. 13. Around 200 active projects in 2007 </li></li></ul><li>CSC E-PMO – Technical Background<br /><ul><li> Project Server 2007
    14. 14. MOSS Enterprise Edition
    15. 15. SQL Server 2005
    16. 16. SQL Analysis Services
    17. 17. SQL Reporting Services
    18. 18. .NET for custom development</li></li></ul><li>Demonstration<br />
    19. 19. Benefits of Integrating Project and MOSS<br />Ensure teams are working towards the same goal<br />Keep teams informed of all changes to the project<br />Track and monitor task status<br />Collaborate and coordinate easily <br />Proactively mitigate risks and issues<br />Analyse project performance<br />Promote continuous improvement<br />Business Intelligence<br />Line of Business Integration<br />Customer specific business processes<br />11<br />
    20. 20. Q & A<br />
    21. 21. Thanks to our Sydney sponsors<br />
    22. 22. Thanks to our Melbourne sponsors<br />