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Writing Social Media Guidelines for Companies


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Why do companies need social media guidelines? What are the challenges they meet?

With our recent experience in creating the official social media guidelines for UBA (Union of Belgian Advertisers), Hélène Debaisieux, Social Media Consultant at Cleverwood, will shine her light on essential points companies should consider when setting up social media guidelines for their employees.

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Writing Social Media Guidelines for Companies

  1. 1. Friday Session #48 Helene Debaisieux Writing Social Media Follow @Cleverwood Guidelines for Companies Use #FridaySession Why you need them and where to start? 03/10/12
  2. 2. Plan1.  Introduction o  Definition o  Why guidelines?2.  How to start with guidelines? o  The challenges o  The keypoints3.  Cases4.  Conclusion2
  3. 3. Introduction3
  4. 4. DefinitionThese tools have no legal obligations, they are more related to « goodpractices » encouragement (soft law) than to Justice sanctions. Code of Policies Guidelines Conduct Model Rules Rules Instructions Determination of Determination of Determination of Goals behaviors responsabilities behaviors Influence Engaging Ethical Practical Contain Rights, duties Values, concepts Do’s, don’ts Webmaster Example Privacy Policies Code of Business guidelines4
  5. 5. Why guidelines? « A 17-year-old boy arrested as part of an investigation into Twitter messages sent to the diver Tom Daley after he and team-mate Pete Waterfield missed out on a medal on Monday has been issued with a harassment warning. »5
  6. 6. Why guidelines? Your employees are your best brand ambassadors but they can be your worst destroyers if they don’t learn how to use social media correctly.6
  7. 7. Why guidelines? Even for your community managers, things are not always clear… You need to set-up conversation guidelines.7
  8. 8. How to start with guidelines?8
  9. 9. The challenges 1.  Format •  Make them clear, easy Format •  Make them fun •  Engage 2.  Implementation •  Involve the whole company •  Define the limitsPertinency Implementation 3.  Education •  Find a SPOC •  Make them accessible •  Explain, develop, teach 4.  Pertinency Education •  Adapt the document to personal experiences •  Keep them current •  Review guidelines after incidents 9
  10. 10. The basics1.  Professional versus private Ø  Limits of transparency Ø  Who are you? Who are you speaking for?2.  Data protection Ø  « Oubli numérique » Ø  Confidentiality3.  Responsability Ø  Personal versus professional Ø  Add values Ø  Think before you ink10
  11. 11. The basics4.  Respect Ø  The audience Ø  The copyright Ø  Legal aspects and terms of use Ø  Company reputation5.  « Sanctions » Ø  Show the importance and the relevance of those rules11
  12. 12. Cases12
  13. 13. Cases: MeltWater Group guidelines13
  14. 14. Cases: Employees14
  15. 15. Conclusion15
  16. 16. Conclusion make it simple, make it fun close your eyes about social media make your employees proud of working for you avoid any issue to happen16
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