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  • 2009: Pages introduced, you can “become a fan”.
    2010: Tabs on side, photostream.
    Other: Advertising and statistics.
  • Some rules to respect regarding this cover photo :
    No html
    No pricing or promotion can be mentioned
    No website address mention
    No Call To Action to like/share the page

    Note that with the new format, no more default landing tab is available. All fans and non-fans see the same page. Facebook wants to position itself as the place where the community talks, and not as a collection of websites from brands.
  • Tabs and applications can no longer be set as default landing page for fans and non-fans. Only via ads or redirects from other pages, you can redirect people directly to a tab or application.

    In total there is room for 12 tabs. Only 4 tabs are visible at all times ; all the other tabs are hidden and only appear when a fan clicks on the small button with number and downward arrow.

    The ‘Photos’ tab is fix. You can not remove or change this tab. Next to the ‘Photo’s tab, there is room for 3 other tabs.

    When clicking on a tab/app, you will see an expanded visual up to 810 pixels width instead of 520 pixels in the past.
  • If you want to keep a post pinned at the top of your page for a longer time, you need to repin this every 7 days.
  • When a milestone is added to your timeline, a blue flag indicates this as a milestone for your brand.
  • Fans can now contact Brands directly through Facebook private messages.

    You also have the possibility to show posts from your brand or fan activity only after it has been reviewed/validated by a Brand Page Admin
  • From this space, fans can write you a private message, just like an e-mail.
  • Other news media: Washington Post, The Independent, Mashable, WSJ, The Daily, USA Today, The Onion
    At The Guardian, social traffic is close to overtaking search as main search of traffic.
  • Real time ticket / Direct play / Music stories / Music dashboard
    Other music apps: Deezer, Mixcloud,, Rdio, Rhapsody, NRJ
  • Other travel apps: Foursquare, Airbnb
  • Other shopping apps:

    Un meilleur ciblage des membres en fonction de leurs consultations.
    Nécessité de repenser les logiques d’engagement et miser sur du contenu
    La qualité est récompensée
    De nouveaux indicateurs d’engagement

  • The Next Facebook

    1. Cleverwood FRIDAY SESSIONS Follow @Cleverwood Use #FridaySession Christelle Deliens Stijn Vogels “The Next Facebook ”
    2. 1. How Facebook pages evolved 2. Facebook Timeline for brands 3. Frictionless sharing 4. Motives and consequences 5. Questions: what do you think? Table of contents
    4. Fake profiles (2006—2009)
    5. Current pages (2009—March 2012)
    6. Timeline (March 2012—)
    8. Overview of changes All Facebook brand pages will be transfered to this new concept by March 30, 2012. There are 8 important facts you need to know.
    9. 1. Cover Photo A big horizontal banner now appears on top of the page (851 x 315 pixels). This new eye-catching format allows brands to capture fans attention with an image that speaks for the brand.
    10. 2. Profile Picture The ‘about’ section (Description) shows 145 characters before « more » appears. (255 ch. max). The new format for the profile picture is a square with bigger dimensions (180 x 180 pixels). 3. Description
    11. 4. Tabs and applications Tabs and applications can no longer be set as default landing page for fans and non-fans. They now appear on the top of the page with a more detailed visual up to 111 x 74 pixels A Tab name contains a maximum of 15 charachters and has a visual you can customize. In total there is room for 12 tabs. Only 4 tabs are visible at all times The ‘Photos’ tab is fix..
    12. 5. New feature: Pinned post Facebook now allows you to highlight a specific post (question, photo album, video, note,…) and pin this one at the top of your page during 7 days.
    13. 5. New feature: Pinned post Example : Full width visuals You can now make your page visually attractive by posting big and small foto’s and video’s
    14. 6. Date Selector: Timeline The Date Selector on the right top of the page offer to fans the possibility to see important milestones in the life of your brand
    15. 7. Insights extract All fans and non-fans can check some statistics about your brand: • People talking about this • New likes per week • Most popular week • Most popular City • Most popular Age group
    16. 8. New feature: Message to brand
    17. 8. New feature: Message to brand When fans click on « Message » at the top of your page, they are redirected to their Facebook messages. You can choose to activate this service or not by going to the page settings and unchecking the option.
    18.  On January 2012 Facebook announced 60 apps that automatically share your content.  This follows Mark Zuckerberg’s “law of social sharing”: the amount of data people share doubles every year.  Games already had this. Now, everything you do is shared automatically. – News article from The Guardian or Washington Post – Music you listen to on Spotify – Images you share on Pinterest – Etc.  This works both way: friends see what you do, and you can discover what’s popular among your friends. Frictionless sharing
    19. Frictionless sharing: The Guardian
    20. Frictionless sharing: Spotify
    21. Frictionless sharing: Tripadvisor
    22. Frictionless sharing: Pinterest
    24. Consequences for brands: positive There are certainly a lot of positive changes for brands: 1. More and better information on brand fans. What do they read, listen, watch, want… This allows for more targeted campaigns. 2. New ways to interact with a brand. From now on interactions won’t be limited to just the timeline but also in the news feed and the ticker. 3. Good quality is rewarded. The changes will push brands to invest in quality content, to get the most out of the timeline and ticker. 4. New indicators of engagement. Before, brands had only two indicator: number of fans and like. With the new buttons, there will be more accurate data on member interactions: what do they read, like, share...
    25. Consequences for brands: negative 1. Graphic distraction. A giant graphic to the top of your page may look nice, but it does not drive any action that benefits your brand. The real engagement elements are pushed down the page. 2. Relevance of pinned posts. The highlighting of posts is interesting, but only if fans visit the brand page. Statistics show people don’t return to a page once they’ve liked the brand. 3. Private messages. Being able to receive messages from your fans with only 1 click is a great improvement. But popular brands will receive 1.000’s of messages per day, making it worse than spam. What is the cost of reading and responding to all? 4. Timeline irrelevancy for brands. Facebook’s Timeline was designed to showcase a real person’s life. For brands today, the present day is what really matters.
    26. Consequences for advertising 1. More personal information. Timeline for profiles encourages people to add more detailed information to their profile: place of residence, education, date of marriage, recent travels... Facebook can now look into your past for even better targeting. 2. New buttons for improved targeting. The previous Facebook had only one way for interacting: "Like". New buttons can gather more information: read, watch, listen... all without having to like. Real interest will be declared through the "Want" button. This data is a gold mine! 3. Interactive applications. There are thousands of Facebook applications that let you do almost anything, with varying success. The new timeline will encourage sharing through applications. Publishers have to take advantage of this. 4. Users never leave Facebook. With the addition of services for music, movies, news... users will end up spending their entire day (and night) on Facebook. More exposure = more time spent sharing = higher CPM. With members being only 12 hours/day, there is no really limit for the price they can ask advertisers.
    28. Cleverwood is a trademark of Fair Wood Ventures sprl/bvba Cleverwood is your New Media Consulting partner, providing expertise, knowledge and consulting services for Social Media, Web, Mobile, Interactive Television and emerging channels. Slides will up be there Pic’s will be here Summaryover here Andtweets down here Thank You ! Christelle Deliens & Stijn Vogels Twitter: @christelle501 & @aardling