EURES Online Job Days - Executive Summary


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EURES Online Job Days - Executive Summary

  1. 1.   Cleverwood December 2010 Writer: Rey Tuplano – rey.tuplano@cleverwood.beEOJD 2010EURES Online Job DaysPilot Project – Executive SummaryDecember 1 & 2 2010 Contact information Caroline Maerten Head of Social Media @ Cleverwood +32 (0) 474 94 09 00 @rollingtalks  
  2. 2. 2   2  In a nutshell favorite Instant Messaging service1 & 2 December 2010 – Cleverwood conducted (Skype, Gtalk or MSN messenger),the pilot project EURES Online Job Days, alias • Find information about working and livingEOJD, in Brussels – Belgium. in another countryEvery year, EURES, teams throughout the EU, « This is a new and rapid way to find joborganize hundreds of European Job Days – the offers in EU »perfect place to recruit, meet employers, discussjob plans with a EURES Advisor or find out more - Jobseekerabout how the EU promotes job mobility in   The resultsEurope. With a modest promotional budget, the two-day event gathered more than 10,500 visitors and ledWith peoples changing approach about Social to more than 500 live chat session’s request fromMedia online recruitment services, EURES took the Jobseekers.the leap by trying another alternative of theirphysical Job Days.Being a pilot project for all stakeholders, the mostimportant was to gather feedback for the nexteditions. EURES Online Job Days (EOJD)gathered 4 test countries: The Netherlands,Estonia, Italy and Finland. « Online tools are much more efficient,especially for long-term follow-up, I can The results surely highlight the jobseekers’ needs for this type of event. With a sufficient promotionalbe far better and more productive » budget, and the decision to work on a set of 4- Italian EURES Advisor countries for this pilot exercise, the online event   reached many people throughout Europe. We canThe team set-up by Cleverwood helped conclude that this topic is at the heart of EUjobseekers by providing information about citizen’s debate.working and living in the EU exclusively by usingsocial media platforms for promotion and Finally, this experience highlights the importancecommunication purposes. Extensive usage of of Social Media in the recruitment sector.Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare, LinkedIn andYoutube gave a maximum visibility to the event.   EURES on Social NetworksThe EOJD post event portal is available on: • • • • Points • Online Job Days was a pilot project thatlets EU citizens ask detailed questions and Some useful linksreceive live answers from EURES advisers. • Cleverwood: • Consilia: were able to: • EURES: • Discover practical tips through the • 4 min video: tweets by the EURES advisor, • Receive tweets and status updates for More information on the White Paper: available job openings in Europe, • Search jobs in the EURES database,   • Book a live chat session with one of the available EURES advisors via theirCleverwood | Rue des Pères Blancs – Witte Patersstraat, 4 – 1040 Brussels - 02 888 79 34 |