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How CleverTap helped Dream11 Drive Exceptional User Growth


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Read this case study to understand the challenges faced by apps like Dream11 & how CleverTap helps them retain 5x more users.

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How CleverTap helped Dream11 Drive Exceptional User Growth

  1. 1. Drove Exceptional User Growth During IPL 2018 How
  2. 2. About DREAM11 Founded in 2012 by two avid sports fans, Dream11 is India’s first single-match fantasy sports platform. It offers fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, and NBA basketball. The platform features online games where players use their knowledge of sports to create a virtual fantasy team of real-life players. They then earn points based on how those players perform in real matches. Dream11 has more than doubled its user base year-over-year since its inception, quickly growing to 30+ million users and over 90% market share in the fantasy sports market in India.
  3. 3. Challenge The two-month Indian Premier League season is a critical period of acquisition and engagement for Dream11. Providing a smooth first time experience to newly acquired users and proving the app’s value is a priority. Delivering a Smooth First Time User Experience Dream11 wants to engage its massive 30+ million user base with timely, personalized messaging campaigns that reflect the fast pace of live sports. Re-engage Inactive Users Dream11 wants to keep users engaged well beyond the IPL season. Effective mobile marketing is pivotal in expanding their user base, fueling greater app adoption, and ensuring that users experience value on the platform to keep coming back, match after match. Drive Brand Recall
  4. 4. Enter CleverTap The CleverTap Platform provides a single, consolidated and comprehensive solution for all app analytics and user engagement needs. Everything in one place Exceptional user engagement experiences powered by world-class analytics Behavioral Analytics + User Engagement = CleverTap
  5. 5. How CleverTap Works Measurement across data, campaigns and channels Analytics to understand user behavior Segmentation of users into actionable groups Engagement by sending contextual messages to users
  6. 6. CleverTap Analytics for Dream11 With targeted campaigns based on user behavior, location, and lifecycle stage, Dream11 engages users on the most effective channels to drive greater conversions and retention. Dream11 uses Flows to understand how users navigate the app. These insights help refine new user onboarding, new feature adoption, and identify friction points in their UX. By tracking user cohorts, Dream11 identifies user trends, analyzes churn, runs effective winback campaigns, and improves app engagement. Journeys Flows Cohort Analysis
  7. 7. Daily Engagement Campaigns with A/B Testing Dream11 performs A/B tests on different notification send times. The highest engagement rates were for afternoon campaigns. Warning them that there were only a few hours remaining to create teams was an effective way to raise engagement.
  8. 8. Reminder Campaigns to Drive Engagement Dream11 sends reminder notifications to users just 10 minutes before the deadline for creating teams. This builds a sense of urgency and encourages users to visit the platform and create a team for that particular match. A unique notification ringtone ensures better brand recall.
  9. 9. Key Results Perfected the new user onboarding flow to successfully activate and retain more users. Launched personalized messaging campaigns to re-engage inactive and churned users. 5x More New Users Retained 70% Inactive Users Re-engaged
  10. 10. “CleverTap helps us implement the data-driven culture that we strive to maintain. Their powerful analytics suite helps us accurately identify, understand, and even predict user behavior. It’s been a significant asset in achieving our business objectives.” - Rahul Mirchandani, VP of Revenue, Dream11 Client Speak
  11. 11. Read the Complete Case Study Link: Click here to tweet to your followers
  12. 12. About CleverTap CleverTap is a powerful mobile marketing solution that helps marketers create differentiated customer engagement strategies guaranteed to drive growth. Everyday, thousands of brands continue to build valuable relationships with their customers using CleverTap’s Intelligent Mobile Marketing Platform, which provides actionable, real-time insights for building amazing customer experiences. Get in Touch Talk to our Mobile Marketing Experts today! Personalized Messaging A/B & Multivariate Testing Rich Media Support Deep Linking Support Geo-Specific Campaigns Interactive Push Notifications