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  1. 1. Ahmed Adel GSA-MENA(2012-2013)
  2. 2. Are you ready forgraduation project?
  3. 3. Did you work in a team before?Did you face one of these problemsduring working in a team at yourfaculty?
  4. 4. Documentation● The doctor asks for a massive report so you divide the team into groups. every group has to complete a part and one member of the team will collect all parts in one seems great but what if one after finishing had a proplem with his computer or internet connection?● All members finished their work except one and all the team have to wait for him to complete the report and send it to the doctor.● After a great effort you closed the report without saving or power turned off.● You need to take a decision and know the exact opinions of your team members(yes or no why?)
  5. 5. Organizing a meeting● one of the team is travelling.● The person who organize the meeting have to call each one to know his spare time then he has to call everyone to tell him about time of meeting.● Every meeting you have to hire a place for meeting.● The meeting was cancelled or postponed and you have to call all team members again.
  6. 6. Internet● You dont have a stable internet connection.● you want to market your project through internet.
  7. 7. All These problems costs
  8. 8. Google apps can solve these problems for free
  9. 9. Google Docs:● You dont have to save your work,it is saved automatically.● You dont have to access your document from your computer,you can access it from any other computer.● You can allow your friends to access to your document and edit it.● With Google docs you dont need attachment any more.● There are a lot of templates and you can add your own templates.● You can translate your documents .
  10. 10. How to get Google Docs?1-You should have an account at Google,if notyou can sign up for a new one from here.2-login in to the type of your document.
  11. 11. Google calendar:● Anyone can create a meeting and invite the others to the meeting by e-mail or sms.● if the meeting is cancelled or postponed, members will receive sms notify them of what happened.● every member can get till five notifications for every meeting.
  12. 12. How to use Google Calendar?
  13. 13. Google+:Hangout● Hangout is a chat video.● Hangout can be recorded and anyone can watch it later.● members can share documents and videos during hangout and watch it together.
  14. 14. If you dont have internet , you dont have to stop working
  15. 15. you can create a simple website for your project
  16. 16. JOIN US