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Content Architecture in Action


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The Content Architecture In Action presentation given at Content Strategy Applied 2013 in the UK. It covers the why, what and how to apply content architecture to enable digital and content agility within your organisation.

Published in: Technology
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Content Architecture in Action

  1. 1. Content Architecture “In Action” CSApplied 2013 (#csauk) Cleve Gibbon (@cleveg) CTO, Cognifide
  2. 2. Just over five years ago, a customer asked me, to give them the ability to… …to create digital properties at the speed of Wordpress the scale of Salesforce, and the simplicity of Google.
  3. 3. Change Content Digital Value Teams
  4. 4. Content Managed Web Site Digital Content Platform Web Channel Multi Channel 10+ Digital properties 1000+ Digital Properties Web Managed Solution Digital Platform Content Management System Content Management Ecosystem
  5. 5. Content Architecture Why What How
  6. 6. Why content architecture? To enable digital and content agility.
  7. 7. Analytics Automation Campaigns CMS CRM eCommerce Email Mobility Multi-Channel Digital Customer Experiences Content Aggregation API Archiving Audit Authoring Distribution Inventory Lifecycle Localisation Management Measurement Modelling Personalisation Search Syndication Taxonomy Translation Workflow
  8. 8. Digital Agility • Train and tracks are tightly coupled systems that are high efficient. • Cars and the road are loosely coupled systems the provide more flexibility. • Digital agility requires organisations to place more value on flexibility. • Companies must experiment, to learn, to optimise customer experience. Source:
  9. 9. 1 first step towards intelligent processes typical starting point for digital transformations Intelligent processes requires intelligent content. 2 Intelligent content has to be designed for.
  10. 10. Production Make Strategy Measure Manage Architecture Content agility strives for small, frequent, and value-driven learning cycles.
  11. 11. Content Management Challenges • More content through increased interactions • Increased complexity through experimentation • Fewer resources to manage more content • Multiple channels along which content must flow • Vast amounts of content trapped within systems • Rate of production is exponential
  12. 12. But we know… • There’s a lack of awareness around what’s happening • Serious organisational change hurdles • Misplaced focused on technology to solve problems • Both processes and people need to change • Structured and meaningful content is on the rise • Content is a strategic business asset
  13. 13. What is content architecture? The time and place for continuous and collaborative content design.
  14. 14. Strategy Architecture Management It’s where ‘design thinking’ for content takes place.
  15. 15. Content Architecture • The design phase for content management • Models structured and meaningful content • Defines author experience for content creators • Maps editorial workflows from production to delivery • Specifies APIs to take content everywhere • Outline a technical architecture to satisfy the design
  16. 16. Content Modelling “You can create good experiences without knowing the content. What you can’t do is create good experiences without knowing your content structures.” Mark Boulton “A content model is a formal representation of structured content as a collection of content types and their inter-relationships.” Cleve Gibbon & Rachel Lovinger
  17. 17. Properties Property 1 Property 2 Property 3 Option 1 Text Area Option 2 Option 3 Article heading subtitle date author categories sourceUrl Divisions articleContact Press Release twitterUrl facebookUrl pressReleaseContact Contact firstName lastName email offices categories contact officeContact Map latitude longitude title description officeMap Office city continent imageUrl attachment description Division 1 News Article Division 2 Division 3 on today within the What's going partnership. Lifecycle Embargoes Publishing details Retirement options Help & Support
  18. 18. Author Experience “CMS - the software UX forgot.” ! “The answer is to improve the author experience in the CMS.” Karen McGrane Excerpt from Content Strategy for Mobile “A bad author experience will lead to an even worse customer experience.” Cleve Gibbon Excerpt from Content Everywhere, Sara Wachter-Boettcher
  19. 19. We must invest in the UX for producing content; The “Author Experience”
  20. 20. Workflow “Workflow - essential as part of any healthy design and content work life balance.” “Workflow drives the streamlining of author experiences, verification of content model, user permissions and roles, and the validation editorial the processes.”
  21. 21. Translate Transcreate Personalise Audit Localise Strategise Categorise Publish Tag Benchmark Create Research Test Structure Format Analyse Define Plan Evaluate Route Archive Update revise Approve Workflows differ by sector, organisation, department & maturity.
  22. 22. Applying content architecture. Think big, start small.
  23. 23. Alignment Context Content Users Content Labelling, Navigation, Search Wireframes, Blueprints Metadata, Taxonomy, Thesauri Content Inventories & Mapping Information architecture Mind the UX, content & technology gap Content Models, Author Experience, Workflow Structured, Reusable & Personalised Content Content Administration, Asset Organisation Role-Based Content, Permissions Content Scale, Storage, Analytics Content architecture
  24. 24. Syndicate Multi-channel Translate Localise Personalise Publish Optimise Author … Assurance Assurance Train Mentor Workshop Skills Assess Pair Accredit … Competency Capability Roadmap Police Punish Inspect Adapt Scrutinise Milestone …
  25. 25. sk ased Ri Capability Incre Value Approach: Capability Led Competency Assurance When
  26. 26. Value Approach: Assurance Led Capability Competency Assurance L d Risk nage er, Ma ow When
  27. 27. Agencies Enable agencies, to produce better content, that increases customer engagement.
  28. 28. In Summary
  29. 29. In Summary Content architecture is where content design takes place. ! Make space for content architecture within your projects. ! There is no clear cut set of roles and responsibilities, across strategy, architecture and management. Who cares? ! This is a maturing field, so let’s grow with it!
  30. 30. Resources For more details: 1. 2. 3. ! !
  31. 31. Questions ! ! ! Cleve Gibbon (@cleveg)