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In world where content needs to be better structured, we need content architecture. Content architecture is bottom up information architecture focussing on the specification and design of structured content.

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Content Architecture

  1. 1. Cleve Gibbon@clevegDefining Content Architecture
  2. 2. Why Content Architecture?
  3. 3. There are four importantpieces to the content management puzzle:content, people, process andtechnology.D. KEITH ROBINSON THINK VITAMIN
  4. 4. Agency CMS On-Boarding Selection Content Messaging Platform Audit Strategy Roadmap Format Editorial Media Assets Developm. Gap Calendar Standards & Analysis Policies Controlled Vocabularies Content Search Cloud-Based Structured Author Inventory Context Systems Authoring Experience Permission Editorial Models Workflow Copy Deck Brand This IS Documentation Content Strategy Release Modeling Labeling Metadata Management Systems Strategy Navigation Content Schemes Style Technical Guide Linked Architecture Content Data Usability Digital Assets Governance Platform Testing Editorial Strategy Strategy Rollout Tone of Migration Content Sitemap Structured Content Voice Content Strategy Content Analysis Types Stakeholder Alignment Multi- Author Tagging Message Channel Terms of TrainingData Source Maps Use E-Commerce Analysis Change Integration Management Content Page Tables Management HTML Production Licensing User Content LanguageManagement Responsive Templates Guidelines Content Design Taxonomy Big Data Delivery Networks Wireframes MVT Testing A/B Testing Translation ePUB Content Interaction Targeting Approval Design Mobile Design Email Rights Data Privacy Data Privacy Device Management Localisation Social Detection User Media Research Competitor Analytics Analysis Programme Victory Goal Oversight Conditions Setting
  5. 5. Content Management Ecosystem
  6. 6. The biggest problems in contentmanagement lie not in that (essential)complexity, but how we approach oursolutions. D. Keith Robinson
  8. 8. major sponsorship deals witha strong brand focus
  9. 9. KILL Blob!
  10. 10. Less PSDs.More Browser-driven designs.
  11. 11. Less pixel perfectdesigns.MoreFlexible, fluid, Device-drivendesigns.
  12. 12. LessTemplates, MoreLayouts.Let designerscreate layoutsusing grids.
  13. 13. Enterprise focus on mobileWhy do we deploy mobile devices? 1. Better Customer Engagement 2. Improve Process Productivity 3. Improve Employee Productivity
  14. 14. 663 Registered Users 300 Billion Minutes in 2011 124 Million Connected Users 41 Million Concurrent Users 1200 Downloads Per Minute
  15. 15. Landing Payment ConfirmEmail Microsite Page Gateway Page Connected “Content”Journeys are High Effort
  16. 16. What is Content Architecture?
  17. 17. Bottom-Up Information Architecture Context Content Users
  18. 18. Information Architecture toContent Architecture Context Users In c r ea sin g St r uc t ur e & M ea n in g Content Content Labelling, Navigation, Search Wireframes, Blueprints Metadata, Taxonomy, Thesauri Content Inventories & Mapping Content Models, Author Experience, Workflow Structured, Reusable & Personalised Content Content Administration, Asset Organisation Content Role-Based Content, Permissions Architecture Content Scale, Storage, Analytics
  19. 19. Content Architecture toContent Management System Context Users Content Content CMS
  20. 20. Content Architecture toContent Management Ecosystem Context Users Content Content CMSc ommun it ies e-c ommer c e sea r c h a ut oma t ion An a l yt ic s ema il da m
  21. 21. Cleve @Cleveg