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Super awesome Early Medieval trivia challenge 2014


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some questions about early medieval history...

Published in: Education
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Super awesome Early Medieval trivia challenge 2014

  1. 1. Super-Awesome Early Medieval Trivia Challenge: 2014!!!!!! XIII questions: 21 possible points up for grabs!!!
  2. 2. Question I: a) Who wrote the Historia Langobardorum? b) Who wrote Historia Francorum? (each worth 1 point)
  3. 3. Question II: What was the name of the Roman Province taken over by Clovis and the Franks?
  4. 4. Question III: Name one barbarian tribes who crossed the FROZEN RHINE RIVER. Bonus: on what day did this occur? Bonus 2: name a second barbarian group? (each bonus worth ½ point)
  5. 5. Question IV: According to Christian tradition, the Roman Church was founded by what two apostles? (1/2 pt. each) Bonus (1. pt) : name the Roman Bishop who confronted Attila the Hun.
  6. 6. Question V: What was the capital of Italy after its re- conquest by Justinian and the Byzantines? Bonus: (1/2) What was the capital of Italy under the Ostrogoths (before the re- conquest)? Bonus 2 (1/2 point): where is this city? (draw a map of Italy)
  7. 7. Question VI: What was the name of the man sent by Gregory the Great to convert the Anglo-Saxons? A. St Patrick B. St Augustine C. Gildas D. St Columba
  8. 8. Question VII: What are the first 4 Caliphs after Mohammed referred to in the Islamic tradition?
  9. 9. Question VIII: What was the name of Justinian’s most successful general? Bonus (1/2 point each): name 2 victories he achieved
  10. 10. Question IX: What empire (and enemy of Rome) had a revival under the Sassanids based on their new capital at Ctesiphon?
  11. 11. Question X: What was the name of the dynasty that Clovis belonged to? Bonus: (1 point): what was the name of the dynasty that came to replace that of Clovis?
  12. 12. Question XI: This barbarian group was opposed by Stilicho until his murder. They were ultimately successful in sacking Rome. BONUS: Name their leader BONUS 2: Name the region these barbarians eventually settled. (Bonus = ½ point each)
  13. 13. Question XII: Who participated in the Battle of Vouillé? (Two answers: 1/2 point each) Bonus: what was the battle over? (1pt)
  14. 14. Question XIII: Name the Visigothic king who converted to Catholic Christianity.