South Marston Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held on 20th May 2014
Present: Mr S Young Mr A Leathart
Mrs S Brown ...
until recently - probably only when it was chased up by SMPC on the 1st
May 2014. The reason given for
the delay was tha...
2 Law & Democratic Services, SBC Brook Cottage, South Marston
3 WALC Newsletter - May New Councillor & Clerk Training Se...
Income: Other
Remittance From Amount
11.04.14 Eneco Community Benefit Payment (to Julian Hodge Bank) 56500.00
25.04.14 P...
Grant of Planning Permission received to 14th
May 2014
1. Planning Application Number: S/14/0329
Proposal: Erection of 2...
84/14 Item 12: To discuss the request from South Marston Youth Club for funding of running costs, insurance and
AGENDA ITEM – 10 Village Expansion
MAY 2014
Sylvia Brown
Joint Meeting with Developers in S...
Session 11E: New Communities – Eastern Villages 9.5.2014
The revised programme for this included discussion of both draf...
anti-flood measures. SMPC suggested that this could be done by protecting the relevant area at Acorn Bridge on the indic...
Barry Thunder
Oak Tree Corner
A working party is arranged for early Ju...
Barry Thunder
Bodleian Book Store
Landscaping work has commenced. We aw...
Sylvia Brown
Swindon Area Committee of Local Councils
SAC meeting ...
Sylvia Brown
SMRA Committee meeting 14 May 2014
Hedges – Jenny will remain the con...
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Pc minutes 20th may 2014 final with reports pdf


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Pc minutes 20th may 2014 final with reports pdf

  1. 1. 1 South Marston Parish Council Minutes of the meeting held on 20th May 2014 Present: Mr S Young Mr A Leathart Mrs S Brown Ms S Blair Mr C McEwen Mr K Millard Mrs A Burchell (Clerk) 73/14 APOLOGIES Barry Thunder 74/14 OPEN 10 MINUTES Members of the public present: Mrs Anne Featherstone, Mr Adye Goodenough AG stated that there could possibly be a stop on progress with the Eastern Development as there is a question over the drinking water supply. Based on information presented at the Examination in Public today, it is forecast that Swindon may well run out of treated drinking water in 2020, based on current consumption levels. SB confirmed that a Water Cycle Study has been commissioned and it is believed this would find ways to solve the long term problem. This issue is not due to any fault with SBC. 75/14 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - Members are requested at the start of the meeting to declare any known interests in any matter to be considered, and are reminded that any such interest should be declared at the start of the item or during any discussion of the matter concerned SB declared interested in Community First and an interest in one aspect of the response to SBC regarding the new development: specifically the existence of the new road and the proximity of SB’s property. However, it was agreed that, because the route of the road affects everybody in terms of traffic flow, it is a common interest. 76/14 TO APPROVE AND SIGN THE MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY, 15th April 2014 AND FORMALLY CLOSE ACTION POINTS CM asked for one amendment to be made to the minutes, which was agreed and noted. The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair. Proposed by CM Seconded by SBlair Agreed: All 77/14 CLERK’S REPORT – MAY 2014 1. VAT The HMRC Claim for VAT Refund paperwork has been completed – sum reclaimed is £827.80. This claim forms part of the 2013/14 Audit (see Finance). 2. Ranikhet, Chapel Lane – Overgrown Hedge A complaint regarding the overgrown hedge at the above property was sent to the StreetSmart team via Bob Saunders (Traffic Manager, Transport, Planning and Traffic Management, SBC) at the beginning of November last year, with a request that they contact the householder and ask them to cut back the overgrown vegetation so that it is within their property boundary. Unfortunately, this was not actioned
  2. 2. 2 until recently - probably only when it was chased up by SMPC on the 1st May 2014. The reason given for the delay was that major changes have taken place within SBC including StreetSmart and the Works Department. Action: Clerk to add this item to the Actions sheet for chasing up prior to the next Parish Council meeting. 3. Dog Bins A request was made by Stratton St Margaret Parish Council for SMPC to provide a map identifying the location of all dog bins to be included in the new waste service contract, to be backdated to the 1st April 2014. These locations have been provided (many thanks to Tony, Colin and Barry for their help) and a survey of the bins has been carried out. During this exercise, Councillors recommended the provision of two additional bins at the following locations: a. Opposite the Mercure Hotel at the end of Nightingale Lane b. At the entrance to the footpath just south of Hoddinott’s Corner Is the Council happy for quotations to be obtained for bins for these locations? Are there any other locations that should be included? Possible additional locations: Entrance to Roves Farm from Nightingale Wood & in the vicinity of the Nightingale Wood dog-dip. Action: Clerk to find out cost of new dog-bins (both metal and plastic) together with installation costs. Additionally, Stratton St Margaret Parish Council has informed us of a price increase from £2.50 per bin per week to £2.55 per bin per week (see Correspondence item 1). Is the Parish Council prepared to accept this price increase? Councillors believe this increase to be reasonable. All agreed for the increase to be accepted. MATTERS OUTSTANDING REGISTER February 2014 Issue Comments STATUS Super-fast Broadband for the village SB confirmed at an update was given at the most recent Swindon Area Committee. The main issue is whether SBC would be willing to find match funding for the product. A further update is due in June 2014. Review August 2014 Neighbourhood Area To discuss the possibility of registering South Marston as a Neighbourhood Area. SB suggested it may be beneficial to define the Neighbourhood area at the next Parish Council meeting. Agenda Item June 2014 Footpath Redirection Ref: Mrs Tina Ingram, owner of land behind 9&10 Yew Tree Gardens – to request footpath is redirected when village centre is planned Review August 2014 Outstanding works at first solar farm Actions required by Hazel Developments to be agreed (BT) Review August 2014 78/14 Correspondence received to 14th May 2014 Summary (not in date order) No. From: Reference 1 Stratton St Margaret Parish Council Dog Bin Waste Collection
  3. 3. 3 2 Law & Democratic Services, SBC Brook Cottage, South Marston 3 WALC Newsletter - May New Councillor & Clerk Training Sessions 4 NALC Employment Briefing SSP Refund Abolished 5 Bodleian Book Storage Facility Late email – added to Correspondence Item 1: See Clerk’s Report Item 2: Noted Item 3: Action Clerk: Purchase 3 x Fourth Edition of Good Councillors Guide at £2 each plus P&P Action Clerk: Purchase 1 x Councillor Pack Memory Stick at £8 plus P&P Action Clerk: Obtain information regarding CiLCA Training available through WALC Action Clerk: Check with Andrea Stanley to see if any new Councillor training has been booked by any neighbouring Parish Action Clerk: Check with Stephen Taylor’s office regarding the availability of Code of Conduct and Planning training courses. Item 4: Noted Item 5: Action: SBlair to draft a letter to the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University, outlining SMPC’s dissatisfaction with the progress of the planting. 79/14 FINANCE Statement and Cheques for Approval and Signature – 20th May 2014 Bank Account Statements Received Julian Hodge Bank at 31st March 2014 108912.21 Unity Trust Bank at 7th April 2014 22111.70 Total: 131,023.91 Expenditure: Cheques for Approval and Signature Cheque Number Payment VAT Amount 300057 A Burchell – Salary Payment 758.46 300058 A Burchell - Expenses 2.94 42.80 300059 St Margaret’s PCC – Tower & Tap Copying 45.00 300060 Colporteur Limited – 4 x months T&T covers 75.00 300061 Mercure Hotel – Room Hire 10.00 60.00 300062 Aon Insurance – Annual renewal 1728.29 300063 Mr V Cremin (allotment overpayment) 25.00 300064 Community First Annual Membership 36.00 300065 Stratton St Margaret Parish Council – Dog Waste Service 20.40 122.40 300066 Phil Benson Contracting Ltd – Allotment hedge cutting 25.00 150.00 TOTAL 58.34 3042.95 Income: Invoices Raised to Invoice To Amount TOTAL
  4. 4. 4 Income: Other Remittance From Amount 11.04.14 Eneco Community Benefit Payment (to Julian Hodge Bank) 56500.00 25.04.14 Parish Precept 2014/15 (1st half) 10207.50 66707.50 NALC Model Financial Regulations: review and agreement Action Clerk: To add as an agenda item to an Extraordinary Meeting to be held after the AGM on the 3rd June 2014. Annual Return The Audit Commission Annual Return for the financial year ended 31st March 2014 document was agreed by the Parish Council and signed by Chair as accurate. 80/14 South Marston Parish Council Planning Sub Committee Plans received to 14th May 2014 1. Planning Application Number: S/14/0563 Proposal: Proposed conversion of existing garage and new detached garage. Location: 29 Church Ground, South Marston SN3 4FL Comments by: 21st May 2014 SMPC Comments: No 26 abuts the new development and may lose light at the front of their property due to this proposal. 2. Planning Application Number: S/14/0614 Proposal: Change of use from Class B1 use to flexible Class B1 and/or Class D1 use on ground floor with Class B1 use of first floor. Location: Unit 5, Lancaster Place, South Marston Park, Swindon SN3 4UQ Comments by: 22nd May 2014 SMPC Comments: No adverse comments 3. Planning Application Number: S/14/0696 Proposal: Erection of two storey side and rear extensions. Location: My Home, Highworth Road, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4SF Comments by: 23rd May 2014 SMPC Comments: The Parish Council would be strongly opposed to any commercial or subletting use. This application constitutes a significant increase in scale and is not accompanied by any traffic assessment or additional parking. The property is located on a bend in the road which gives limited visibility, with no footpaths for pedestrian use. The plans appear to indicate some form of commercial accommodation or subletting. There is no mention of the temporary building which already exists on site which the Parish Council understood to be temporary accommodation whilst work was being carried out on the main house after flooding. The Parish Council have concerns regarding foul water discharge as the existing septic tank was installed to accommodate a 3 bedroom property only. The property is also in a known flood risk area. Note there appears to be no washing facilities for the one bedroom that does not have an en-suite bathroom. This application is one on which we would wish to be notified for revised plans, and if and when it comes before the Planning Committee. 4. Planning Application Number: S/14/0712 Proposal: Construction of 24no. car-parking spaces. Location: The Pavilions, Stirling Road, South Marston Park, Swindon SN3 4TQ Comments by: 27th May 2014. SMPC Comments: The Parish Council would request a more permeable surface to minimise run-off.
  5. 5. 5 Grant of Planning Permission received to 14th May 2014 1. Planning Application Number: S/14/0329 Proposal: Erection of 2no. storage containers. Location: Sevor Farm, Nightingale Lane, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4SL Parish Council comments: No adverse comments to revised application Refusal of Planning Permission received to 14th May 2014 2. Planning Application Number: S/14/0412 Proposal: Construction of vehicular access. Location: Yew Tree House, Thornhill Road, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4RY Parish Council comments: No adverse comments. 81/14 Item 9: 20mph Speed Limit Initiative – Update from Colin McEwen A response was received from Mike Simmonds late this afternoon. The revised scheme comes in at about £22k. CM was asked by the Parish Council to complete a report on the proposal to be brought to the June Parish Council meeting. KM declared an interest as one of the proposed 20mph signs is almost outside his house. CM asked for Parish Councillors to email him with any specific issues when they have had an opportunity to look at the plans supplied. Action Councillors: Check 20mph plans and submit specific issues to CM prior to the next Parish Council meeting. Action Clerk: 20mph zone to remain as an agenda item for the June meeting. SBlair asked what the mechanism was for discussing the pricing with the school. CM confirmed he was sending copy of the plans to the school for their consideration. 82/14 Item 10: Village Expansion – Update from Sylvia Brown Full report written by SB. SB confirmed she was still awaiting email confirmation from the Developers that they are willing to commence discussions regarding the village centre design. Once the Examination in Public has finished, the Inspector will write a report which will advise SBC of the soundness (or otherwise) of the Local Plan. The Inspector may advise SBC to make amendments in order to ensure the Plan passes inspection. In general, the stronger you can make the Plan, the harder it will be for developers to win on appeal. A general discussion took place regarding the implications of various aspects of the Examination in Public. 83/14 Item 11: To discuss the request from Angie Newton (SMRA) for SMPC to fund litter picking equipment. A general discussion took place regarding the practicalities of dealing with the litter collected. SMRA may need to contact SBC to arrange for the collection of the bags, and agree a collection point. It was also felt by Councillors that quality litter sacks and gloves should be used to ensure the Health and Safety of those carrying out the litter picking. KM proposed that the Parish Council agree to fund litter picking equipment up to a figure of £100. Seconded: TL Agreed: All It was also agreed that an additional donation to the SMRA be made as and when the clean-ups are carried out.
  6. 6. 6 84/14 Item 12: To discuss the request from South Marston Youth Club for funding of running costs, insurance and affiliation fees. SBlair stated that, as agreed, she had held a meeting with Julie Hatherall, the organiser of the Youth Club. JH agreed that some of the items on the accounts provided to the Parish Council were confusing. SBlair confirmed that these have now been resolved and explained in report attached. SB stated she felt uncomfortable about covering all of the Youth Club’s fixed costs, and did not feel that this should be classed as an endless commitment. Any funding needs to be justified every year. The Parish Council confirmed that it remains committed to supporting the Youth Club to ensure it can continue to operate, and agreed to support the Club up to a total of £550 this year. This will to be re assessed every year. Proposed: KM Seconded: SB All: Agreed It was agreed by the Council that it would be useful to have a standard criteria and policy for all Groups approaching the Parish Council for funding to work to. Action Clerk and SBlair: To put together a proposal for a draft standard criteria and grant giving policy for the Parish Council. 85/14 Item 13: To discuss SMRA request for SMPC to apply for planning permission for a container to be placed on the recreation ground. SBC has confirmed that the Parish Council is able to grant itself planning permission to place a container on the recreation ground. Action Clerk: To include this as an agenda item for next Parish Council meeting. Action CM: To put forward wording and site plan. 86/14 Item 14: To review the Asset Register The Asset Register was reviewed by Councillors and agreed as accurate. 87/14 Item 15: Reports from Working Parties and Representatives from Outside Bodies Appendix I – Outside Working Group Report May 2014 - BT Appendix II – PC External Meetings April/May 2014 - BT Appendix III – Swindon Area Committee of Local Councils Report May 2014 - SB Network Rail are planning to carry out upgrade works at the Green Bridge. SBC Streetworks is waiting for the formal road closure application. During the works, there will be a significant increase in traffic through the village as the Green Bridge will close down. The Ermin Street bridge will not be affected as Network Rail will lower the track there rather than make alterations to the bridge. Appendix IV – SMRA Report May 2014 – SB 88/14 Item 16: Matters brought forward by or with consent of the Chairman CM confirmed that flower seeds have been planted in the memorial garden. Sevor Farm road: the Parish Council will need to check in around 9 months’ time (or sooner if thought to be appropriate) that the planning conditions regarding planting have been complied with. Meeting closed at 10.32pm
  7. 7. 7 AGENDA ITEM – 10 Village Expansion SMPCEWG PROGRESS REPORT 15TH MAY 2014 Sylvia Brown Joint Meeting with Developers in South Marston Village expansion area On 28 April, the joint meeting called by SMPC with the three developers of land in South Marston was held to discuss possible cooperation to achieve an integrated village expansion. Parish representatives were Sylva Brown, Barry Thunder and Colin McEwen and representatives from HHL, the Hotel and Hartwells were present. All members of the Parish Council and the Expansion Working Party have since seen the detailed notes of the meeting. The main outcomes were: • A commitment to sharing plans amongst the group • Confirmation that there were no explicit barriers to coordination on road and footpath networks, traffic calming, infrastructure provision and utilities where there was mutual benefit • The need for further exploration with the owner of land on Thornhill Road regarding the original road access point in the SPD opposite the Keypoint site • Inclusion of the section of track/bridleway adjacent to the hotel in HHL’s development boundary • HHL to kick start discussion amongst participants on an overall Network Plan for the expanded village • HHL to confirm in writing that their design consultants would be inviting the Parish Council to participate in discussions on the design of the village centre. The Swindon Borough Local Plan Enquiry The enquiry has now begun and this report covers the early sessions at which SMPC had speaking roles. Sessions 5: Distribution of Devt/ Deliverability 7.5.2014 Participants were 8 developers with various land interests in Eastern Villages sites, Kingsdown and Wroughton, Wiltshire County Council, Blunsdon, Wroughton and South Marston Parish Councils and Swindon Borough representatives. Main issues were: The Inspector noted that site allocations could only be made in the LP plan document itself, or through the planned ‘Site Allocation DPD’ or through neighbourhood plans (which will be completed some time after adoption of the LP). The indicative allocations made for the individual islands of development within the EV SPD therefore had no force, apart from the quantum of housing at South Marston and Rowborough, which were separately mentioned within the LP Policy NC3. It was important that the LP gave adequate guidance to planning applications, whilst not unduly losing any flexibility that might be needed if deliverability stalled. Level of detail shown for strategic sites NC1 to NC5 – the Inspector noted he was satisfied with the level of detail at Tadpole and Commonhead maps, and simple modifications were needed to the Wichelstowe and Kingsdown maps to reflect the text. With the Eastern Villages Figure 10, which is the only plan to show the indicative geographical extent of the EV islands of development, he wanted this to be at least a page in size and have details inserted which indicate housing quantums, location of the Eastern access railway tunnel and the green bridge. This is in line with SMPC’s request for greater specification of the strategic allocations, in particular north of the railway line. The Inspector also wanted some comment on the plans about phasing or better explanation of a ‘strategic delivery plan’ which would aid the discussion on deliverability. The Inspector seemed to approve SMPC’s request for the inclusion of the SM village SPD map to be included in the LP document itself, associated with policy RA3 on South Marston. SBC are willing to accept this. Distribution of housing development across the borough – the balance between rural and urban extension/concentration. There was little dispute about this, though WCC and one developer wished to see more internal growth at Wroughton. SBC is defining strategic as over 800 units – there was no support from the relevant parties to include more detailed allocations for smaller sites. District Heating Networks – several developers thought it premature to put indications in the LP Code for Sustainable Homes – several developers pointed out the impending demise of the national standard on sustainable homes in favour of replacement within building regulations. SBC view was that there needed to be an interim position on the quality of homes and a zero carbon objective – at the current time the Code was the best way of achieving this.
  8. 8. 8 Session 11E: New Communities – Eastern Villages 9.5.2014 The revised programme for this included discussion of both draft Policies NC3 (the overall Eastern Villages) and RA3 (South Marston village expansion). Participants: Swindon Borough Council representatives, HHL and several other developers for the Eastern Villages south of the A420, Wanborough and South Marston Parish Councils, Wilts & Berks Canal Trust, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and the Vale of White Horse District Council. There was no strong advocacy for any major change to the Policy NC3 apart from: • HHL wanting the limit of 500 houses in South Marston changed to ‘about 500’ and more flexibility over the numbers at Rowborough for which the policy proposes ‘about 1500’. This would be more consistent with their current planning application for a total of 2,380 houses. • Wanborough arguing against the inclusion of Redlands airfield in the Eastern Villages Strategic allocation • South Marston Parish Council arguing for no change to the policies other than specific inclusion in NC3 of the Rowborough tunnel at an early stage in its development. SMPC argued that the process that had developed the South Marston SPD was ‘designled’ and had justified the outcome that only 500 houses could be accommodated on greenfield land under the Eastern Villages expansion of South Marston. SBC confirmed that the detailed Infrastructure Delivery Plan, for which the published version was a summary, included both the Park and Ride site and the Rowborough tunnel, the latter to be paid for solely by the developer of Rowborough. In response to an Inspector’s query, Swindon Borough’s transport consultant confirmed that the traffic modelling had shown the Rowborough tunnel was ‘essential’. Inspector’s note to SBC( MF4) was issued following these two sessions. In this, the Inspector confirmed his position that detail on housing numbers for the different islands of development and related infrastructure requirements could not be included in any Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) if they were not explicitly mentioned in the Local Plan document itself. He proposed that, for the Eastern Villages, the indicative plan diagram in the Local Plan should include the Rowborough tunnel and the Green Bridge. An additional session on 21 May would be held with relevant parties to discuss the contents of the indicative maps and what should now be elevated from the SPDs to the main Local Plan. Session 16: Flood Risk 15.5.2014 Participants: Swindon Borough (backed by their flood officers and consultants), Wroughton, Wanborough and South Marston Parish Councils, Wanborough Anti-Flood Group SBC’s revision of policy EN6 on Flood Risk included mention of the new Swindon Flood Risk Strategy, which had recently undergone consultation. They had also revised the original policy to state that development should take account of all sources of flood risk ie including both fluvial and surface water flooding. SMPC outlined the experience of flooding in South Marston and what local knowledge could be drawn on to make the policy work. We supported the rewording of the policy, but noted that we had significant concerns over the draft Flood Risk Strategy on which the policy relied, which seemed to imply a full flood risk study had been performed in 2012 on South Marston. We were unaware of such work being done and had not had the local input that the overall strategy claimed would be necessary. We were particularly concerned because there was a live planning application covering South Marston and Rowborough which would, in theory, be judged against the results of any study and we were not confident that this had assessed the combined effect of fluvial and surface water flood risk. SBC consultants managing the development of the Flood Risk Strategy confirmed that they had received our response to this consultation and that the wording in the strategy was inappropriate – there had been a drainage study, but not a full Flood Risk Assessment of South Marston. Following the session they agreed to write to the PC confirming this, to use this in response to the planning application. Wanborough Anti-Flood Group (Adye Goodenough) outlined the work he had undertaken, supported by the relevant parish councils, to explore the flooding issues over the Eastern Villages area and, in particular, at Acorn Bridge. He outlined the proposals he had made for a solution that involved earthworks to provide swales and corridors that would limit the risk of flooding and that he was in discussions with all parties including Councils and Network Rail to see how this could be delivered. The Inspector said he could not consider the merits of such a plan unless it had implications for the wording of the policies themselves. WAFG responded that it would indeed have implications if the housing numbers at Rowborugh were increased from 1500 since, as was shown by the live planning application, this would involve building on the area of the land required for the
  9. 9. 9 anti-flood measures. SMPC suggested that this could be done by protecting the relevant area at Acorn Bridge on the indicative plan for the Eastern Villages. The Inspector and SBC agreed that this should be included in discussion on the indicative plan now scheduled for 21 May. Sessions yet to be held are on Infrastructure and Transport on the 19 May, and the additional session on 21 May to discuss the elevation of elements of the SPDs into the Local Plan itself.
  10. 10. 10 APPENDIX I OUTSIDE WORKING GROUP REPORT MAY 2014 Barry Thunder Oak Tree Corner A working party is arranged for early June to complete the surfacing on the circular footpath. St Julian’s Community Woodland WWT are to erect a new Oak Notice board by the entrance from the car park area. Allotments - Both the new starter plots have been let. - There were three vacancies from the resignations arising from the April invoicing mail out - these have been offered to persons on our waiting list and all are now re-let. - Three of the five vacant plots have been let to South Marston residents, the remaining two went to residents from Redhouse and Blunsden. - The PC now manages 53 allotments and will generate income of £1410 for the year 2014/15 and assuming the full budget allowance of £600 is spent upgrading the site, the PC will achieve net income of £810. - Site improvements include laying stone on the car park surface, extension and planting to “Lionel’s Ridge”, reseeding path ways and perimeter fence repairs. - A small fenced in children’s play area is also being considered, provided there is sufficient demand for such a facility. It will not contain any large play equipment and will be surfaced with wood chippings for safety and weed control. - All allotment tenants are now able to access free wood chippings and fresh horse manure from new compounds in the communal car park area.
  11. 11. 11 APPENDIX II PC EXTERNAL MEETINGS APRIL/MAY 2014 Barry Thunder Bodleian Book Store Landscaping work has commenced. We await a copy of the plans and timetable of works. Still awaiting plans at mid May 2014. Sevor Solar Farm at Nightingale Lane At a meeting with Eneco on May 7th a discussion took place on how Nightingale Lane and OVL are to be reinstated. Eneco are due to come back to us with the final outline together with a time-line on the final tasks to be completed on site prior to pull out. We expect to put NGL back to the condition it was in prior to works taking place. We have requested that some additional passing places are created in order to provide a safer passage for all road users. A formal opening is being arranged for July or August 2014 - further details to come from Eneco. Community Benefits Fund - Eneco A sum of £56,500 was transferred from Eneco into the PC High Interest account on 11th April 2014 This is allocated to various village projects. • 20 mph Zone working group chaired by Colin • Ditch and water diversion measures. Initial meeting with SBC, Environment Agency and the contractor have taken place. Landowners and local interest groups are being contacted and options will be discussed. This project will move forward once the fields dry out. • New Footpaths, both Public and Permissive and being considered. The objective is to create more interesting walks with way-posting and a new village footpath map to be included in the village Welcome Pack and Tower & Tap • Screenings for the South Marston Solar Park to be reviewed in order to improve the rural views for local residents. • Other projects to be considered during the summer of 2014.
  12. 12. 12 APPENDIX: III OUTSIDE WORKING GROUP PARTY – MAY 2014 Sylvia Brown Swindon Area Committee of Local Councils SAC meeting 15 May 2014 Network Rail – unofficial information had been received that Network Rail were currently planning a major bridge overhaul along the railway which would require the lifting and replacement of all bridges over the railway in South Marston and Stratton parishes. SBC had no information as yet on this, but it will cause major disruption Broadband – Chiseldon and the Ridgeway villages were opening discussions, brokered by their MP, with BT and BDUK to explore the latest position with superfast provision in their villages. This will also be an item for the Borough Parish meeting on 19 June, when a more general update will be given. SBC Consultation Policy – small working group agreed to negotiate with the Borough – no invitation yet to have a meeting Standards Committee – SAC representatives were reappointed Litterpicking – other PCs advise that SBC usually supports groups undertaking one-off litterpicking events with bags and collection. Suggested that for our ‘regular’ litterpicks, we contact the Localities’ lead and agree a process of collection each time from, say, the car park or inside the village hall gate Mike Enright is temporarily taking over from Annie as SBC footpath officer. Parish Charter - No further progress can be made on the update until the planning officers have time to update the planning charter after the end of the Local Plan EIP Local Plan EIP – SMPC noted the lack of public attendance, which the Inspector had remarked upon and he had hoped it was not due to lack of SBC publicity. SMPC also noted the lack of speakers from Stratton and Covingham PCs who would be seriously affected by the EV development. Stratton confirmed they had not been invited to attend, because their response to the draft Local Plan consultation had not been received. One other PC noted that they had not responded to the 2012 Local Plan draft, because they thought responses to earlier versions would have been sufficient – however, this is not the case, and it shows the importance of understanding the processes involved. SAC subscriptions – This will remain at £17 for South Marston for this year. Sylvia Brown 16.5.2014
  13. 13. 13 APPENDIX: IV SMRA REPORT 16 MAY 2014 Sylvia Brown SMRA Committee meeting 14 May 2014 Hedges – Jenny will remain the contact with Phil Benson for the cutting of the hedges, liaising with the PC Clerk over the specification for the cutting of hedges at the allotments. SMRA’s specification for the Rec ground hedge will be an annual cut in October, both sides of hedge fronting onto Thornhill Road and OVL. The ditch alongside OVL not to be cut beyond what is reasonable to manage the hedge. Care to be taken to avoid damage to trees and fixtures. Invoices from PB to be made out and sent separately for the work to Jenny, on behalf of SMRA and the Parish Clerk. Grass cutting The separate specification prepared by the PC for grass cutting in the village, which includes strimming inside the recreation ground, was reviewed. It was noted that this included cutting of the village hall grass and that the cost of this should be recharged to SMRA. There was a query about strimming inside the Rec. The school had previously committed to strim between the footpath and the school boundary under their own grass cutting contract as a goodwill gesture for use of the field, but it had not recently been done. SMRA to contact the school to confirm it is in their contract. Suggest the PC acquire separate quote for the work, but await confirmation as to the school’s position on this. Item 83 should include strimming around the seat at the OVL entrance and request careful strimming around the play equipment where damage might be caused to wood frames in particular. There had been issues with finding sufficient reliable volunteers for the grass cutting rota, and Chris Maull was currently having mobility problems so could not always check or fill in. We may have to supplement the rota with occasional paid-for cuts – costs to be assessed. Playground Inspection – Arrangements put in hand for repair of the equipment as advised from the last assessment. Visual checks by SMRA on a 2/3 monthly basis are sufficient, provided the assessment is formally noted and reported and a formal annual check is undertaken – the insurance company will arrange and charge for this. Litter picking - item for discussion at the next PC meeting. It was suggested that both a long and short picker was needed in addition to tabards, ladies –sized gloves and a traffic ‘care sign’. Collection of bags would still need to be resolved. War memorial – grass has now been cut and the ground seeded for the WWI commemorative flower bed adjacent to the memorial. Changing Rooms – urgent need for some repairs to retain waterproofing and avoid further deterioration. Football pitch – pitch to be reseeded at end of season. SMRA to purchase chain harrow attachment for mower. Village Hall – low level step ladder to be acquired to enable reaching into cupboards. Light to be installed for shed. PC Asset register – various changes need to be made, and SB to advise the PC. Sylvia Brown 16.5.2014