Pc minutes 18th march 2014 with reports pdf


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Pc minutes 18th march 2014 with reports pdf

  1. 1. 1 South Marston Parish Council Minutes of the meeting held on 18th March 2014 Present: Mr S Young Mr C McEwen Mrs S Brown Mr B Thunder Mr K Millard Mrs A Burchell (Clerk) 39/14 APOLOGIES Stephanie Blair; Tony Leathart; John Haines 40/14 OPEN 10 MINUTES Members of the public present: Mrs Anne Featherstone, Mr Adye Goodenough AG requested he be added to the mailing list for the circulation of the Parish Council meeting Agenda. Action: Clerk AG asked if the Parish Council had to let people know if they were planting trees in front of their properties. CM stated that they did not. 41/14 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - Members are requested at the start of the meeting to declare any known interests in any matter to be considered, and are reminded that any such interest should be declared at the start of the item or during any discussion of the matter concerned BT declared an interest in the Allotments. SB declared interested in Community First and an interest in one aspect of the response to SBC regarding the new development: specifically the existence of the new road and the proximity of SB’s property. However, it was agreed that, because the route of the road affects everybody in terms of traffic flow, it is a common interest. KM stated he was no relation to Mrs Millard in planning application s/14/1402, to be discussed under Planning. 42/14 TO APPROVE AND SIGN THE MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY, 18 th February 2014 AND FORMALLY CLOSE ACTION POINTS CM and SB requested two amendments to the minutes, which were agreed. BT proposed approval SB seconded Agreed: All 43/14 CLERK’S REPORT – MARCH 2014 Change of Account from RBS to Unity Trust Bank – Update I spoke to the complaint handler last week. RBS have agreed to the £250 compensation figure, but had not done anything about it. They are raising a cheque and posting out a letter confirming the closure of the complaint. Electoral Register We have now received the up-to-date electoral register for South Marston Parish. HMRC & PAYE
  2. 2. 2 The Parish Council now needs to operate a real-time PAYE system as the Clerk’s hours and pay have increased beyond the minimum level due to the inclusion of an additional two hours for the Tower and Tap. A requirement of the real-time system is that calculations have to be made using payroll software. HMRC have free payroll software that can be downloaded from their website which is fit-for-purpose and can also be used to produce P45 and P60 documents. 44/14 Correspondence received to 14 th March 2014 Summary (not in date order) No. From: Reference 1 Oxfordshire County Council Consultation Draft Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Core Strategy 2 Vale of the White Horse District Council Public Consultation: Local Plan 2031 Part 1 – Housing Delivery Update 3. Sally Sprason, Swindon Borough Council Elections 22nd May 2014 4. Tina Ingram, SM Resident Land at the back of 9 & 10 Yew Tree Gardens 5. Stephen Taylor, SBC Response to PC request to comment on Ethical Framework amendments 6. Councillor Junab Ali Labour Group’s position on the transfer of the Council’s leisure and golf services to a private provider 7. Suzanne Coles, SBC Response to Carpenter’s Bridge signage amendments 8. Jill Quadri, SM Resident & Neighbourwood Watch Co-Ordinator Fly tipping – Railway Bridge, Old Vicarage Lane 9. Stephen Taylor, SBC Review of Swindon Standards Process 10. Anne Featherstone, Resident Letter: 14.03.2014 Item 1: SY stated that the plans needed to be read and reported back to the Council. Action: SY Item 2: Action: SY and SB to check proposals on the website and report back to the Council Item 3: Action: Clerk to check on process for May 2014 elections. Item 4: The process to divert a footpath is protracted. Mrs Ingram is able to mark the footpath boundary, but cannot obscure it. Action: Clerk to advise Mrs Ingram to approach the Rights of Way Officer at SBC (Annie Ellis) who will be able to provide guidance on the consultation process. Mrs Ingram may be asked to provide viable alternatives. Item 7: Action: Clerk to write to Suzanne Coles (copied to Stephen Taylor) regarding the lack of consultation for the proposed signage, and raise the consultation process required by the Parish Charter on matters concerning the village. Action: Clerk to write a separate email to Suzanne Coles stating although we requested the blue sign in the village be removed, it was to be replaced by a sign at the entrance to the village. No one on the Council has any knowledge of any issues which would require the sign to be in the centre of the village. We look forward to being consulted on the proposed HGV strategy. (Send round to Councillors for exact wording).
  3. 3. 3 Item 8: Action: Clerk to write to Mrs Quadri stating that the expense of potentially two cameras would not be cost effective due to vandalism and monitoring issues. The Parish Council has fly-tipping under review for first six months of new SBC waste and recycling policy. Item 9: Action: Clerk to write to Stephen Taylor with the Parish Council’s comments: That the present system is thought to be reasonably good, but should be more streamlined. Agree that the recommended best practice procedures for speeding up the process seem very reasonable. Item 10: Action: SY to draft a formal reply to AF. SB confirmed that she does not a have a conflict of interest on this matter. 45/14 FINANCE Statement and Cheques for Approval and Signature – 18th March 2014 Bank Account Statements Received Julian Hodge Bank at 28th February 2014 52203.29 Unity Trust Bank at 8th March 2014 12210.88 Total: 64414.17 Expenditure: Cheques for Approval and Signature Cheque Number Payment VAT Amount 300042 A Burchell – Salary Payment 487.25 300043 A Burchell - Expenses 11.76 90.87 300044 St Margaret’s PCC – Tower & Tap Copying 45.00 300045 Chris Brooks – Expenses (Oak Tree Corner Group) 5.83 35.00 300046 T J Sansum – Cotswold Path Gravel (Oak Tree Corner Group) 33.45 200.69 300047 Stratton St Margaret PC – Dog Waste Service (December 2013) 16.00 96.00 300047 Stratton St Margaret PC – Dog Waste Service (January 2014) 16.00 96.00 300047 Stratton St Margaret PC – Dog Waste Service (February 2014) 16.00 96.00 300048 Honda – Annual Land Rent (Allotments) 5.00 TOTAL 99.04 1151.81 Income: Invoices Raised to Invoice To Amount 122 SMRA (Email addresses Feb & Mar) 13.20 123 Walsingham Planning – T&T Advert March 2014 27.50 124 PH Plumbing – T&T Advert (10 issues Quarter Page B&W) 27.50 TOTAL 68.20 46/14 South Marston Parish Council Planning Sub Committee Plans received to 13th March 2014
  4. 4. 4 1. Planning Application Number: S/OUT/14/0253JABU Proposal: Outline application for employment development including B1 (office/light industrial) B2 (general industrial) and B8 (warehouse and distribution), new landscaping and junction to A420 (means of access not reserved) Location: Eastern Villages South, land at and to the south of the A420, (adjacent to Lock Cottage), Swindon, Wilts Comments by: 20st March 2014 Action: Clerk to request a minimum two-week extension period for comments. Action: SB to send final comments to Tim Partridge and discuss potential meeting. 2. Planning Application Number: S/ADV/14/0200HC Proposal: Display of information signage at the junction of Nightingale Lane and the new footpath Location: Sevor Farm, Nightingale Lane, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4SL Comments by: 19th March 2014 (extended from 13th March 2014) Comments: Further information is needed before any comment can be made on design etc. 3. Planning Application Number: S/14/0329HC Proposal: Erection of 2no. storage containers Location: Sevor Farm, Nightingale Lane, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4SL Comments by: 28th March 2014 Comments: If storage containers to be permanent they should be of suitable quality and style to last 25 years, and screened. Action: BT to check and follow up. 4. Planning Application Number: S/14/0168 Proposal: Single storey front and rear extensions to create a study with an entrance porch and larger kitchen, dining and general living area. Location: 1 Church Farm Lane, South Marston SN3 4JR Comments by: 19th March 2014 Comments: Already granted. 5. Planning Application Number: S/14/0412KICO Proposal: Construction of vehicular access. Location: Yew Tree House, Thornhill Road, South Marston SN3 4RY Comments by: 2nd April 2014 Comments: No adverse comments. 47/14 Item 9: 20mph Speed Limit Initiative – Update from Colin McEwen Reference: Report March 2014 – CM CM stated that it was unlikely that the revised map will be available for the public exhibition on the 25th March, therefore it had been decided not to go ahead with the 20mph Zone display. Action: BT to inform Hartwell. 48/14 Item 10: Village Expansion – Update from Sylvia Brown Reference: Report 15 th March 2014 – SB SB stated that her report covered the HHL application. It is believed that HHL recently attended a meeting with the LEA and that they would be back in contact with the Parish Council to arrange a date for a meeting – no contact has been made as yet.
  5. 5. 5 With regard to integrated village development: There is concern regarding piecemeal development. SB proposed inviting all the developer groups to attend a joint meeting where some common-ground issues can be put to them and agreed. Action: SB to request a joint meeting. With regard to the Examination in Public: SB has prepared bullet points on each of the issues which have been distributed to the Parish Councillors – SB would like responses from Councillors by end of this weed (23rd March 2014). SB will be producing the final evidence submission and sending it round to all Councillors during the last week of March. SB confirmed that the final wording for the Statement of Common Ground had been agreed and submitted to SBC. The Expansion Working Group met successfully last Thursday, 13 th March 2014. The Group tested out some of the arguments to be used at the Examination. There is a common misunderstanding about what happens at the EIP; you read your statement and then are interrogated on the contents. It is important to ensure that your arguments are right with no conflicting statements. A general discussion took place regarding funding for the South Marston village infrastructure. Action: CM to discuss with Sarah Screen about ensuring that all of the monies for all of the development within the South Marston SPD, however collected, will be used for SM village infrastructure. 49/14 Item 11: To agree dates for the Annual Parish Meeting and the AGM Annual Parish Meeting: To be held on 20th May 2014 at 19.00hrs AGM : To be held on the 3rd June 2014 at 19.30hrs 50/14 Item 12: To discuss the Infrastructure Delivery Plan – Development of the Great Western Hospital – Tony Leathart To be deferred to a future meeting. 51/14 Item 13: To discuss the request from the South Marston Youth Club for funding of running costs, insurance and affiliation fees Action: Clerk to request full financial information. The Parish Council needs to be persuaded that we should pay for insurance, affiliation fees and hall fees. P&L; membership details and subscription rates required. 52/14 Item 14: To discuss and agree the format, date and venue for an event to encourage the recruitment of new Parish Councillors, and how it is to be publicised – Update Clerk Action: Clerk to put together a recruitment poster for the public exhibition on the 25 th March 2014, and also to be displayed around the village. 53/14 Item 15: Reports from Working Parties and Representatives from Outside Bodies Appendix I – Outside Working Group Report - BT The small working party of one person who represented the Parish Council on Rights of Way and Footpaths has resigned. Action: Clerk to add this voluntary position to the recruitment poster. Also, a voluntary liaison representative for St Julian’s woodland is needed. Appendix II – SMRA Meeting Report - SB SMRA have submitted their annual accounts (a summary of which is attached to the report). There is a constant shortfall of £1500 per year on the village hall. This is without any major structural work being undertaken. This needs
  6. 6. 6 to be taken into account when SMRA funding for the coming year is discussed. The underwriting by the Parish Council should also be shown in the accounts. The SMRA have been asked how they would like to receive the second half of their funding – either in the form of a cheque, or added to the pot held by the Parish Council. 54/14 Item 19: Matters brought forward by or with consent of the Chairman SB stated that Mrs Newton and Mrs Case have raised the problem of litter in the village and would like to become ‘litter wardens’. They have been asked to obtain quotes for equipment and review Health & Safety issues etc for the next meeting. AF asked if something could be included in the Tower and Tap about residents tying up the rubbish bags properly. Action: Clerk to include a piece in April’s Tower and Tap. BT stated he had met with Mr McHenry of SBC, who had confirmed that Streetsmart were the department who looked after any maintenance work on the roads. BT and Mr McHenry had walked the length of Highworth road – the potholes had already been marked out by Streetsmart operatives. The work which had been scheduled to take place on Old Vicarage Lane would not now be taking place. Action: Clerk to write to John Haines requesting he take up the Parish Council’s concerns regarding the resurfacing of the final section of Old Vicarage Lane from Pound Corner up to the Mecure Hotel (pass to BT prior to sending to check wording). AG asked if the Parish Council were aware of the recent changes in legislation regarding the recording of Parish Council meetings. SY stated we had received notification of this. Meeting closed at 22.20
  7. 7. 7 AGENDA ITEM - 9 20MPH ZONE UPDATE MARCH 2014 Colin McEwen My last report indicated that Suzanne Coles at SBC was to provide a note on the plan drawn by Mike Simmons. Following a little prompting this arrived and confirms that the plan now takes in only the original area rather than the extended area proposed by MS. Unfortunately her note also indicated that we will not be able to use existing lamp posts for the powered signs, which will increase the costs. I discussed the possibilities with her as a result of which she has sent a second note, which looks to maximise the use of the existing features. SBC have received a request for a hard standing area by the OVL bus stop so that people do not have to wait on the grass verge and she asks that this is included, which I propose to do. I am sending the notes on to MS to draw a final plan with costings for consideration by the PC. I have sent a copy of the plan, together with a short report of the current position as it relates to Thornhill Road to Hartwells for them to include it in their considerations of making a safe pedestrian route into the centre of the village.
  8. 8. 8 AGENDA ITEM : 10 Village Expansion SMPCEWG PROGRESS REPORT 15 MARCH 2014 Sylvia Brown HHL Application Efforts made during the last month with the briefing for members, press comment and the PC statement regarding access to the community facilities were effective. Renewed contact from HHL assured us that they were due to meet with the LEA to discuss the expansion of the school and would be resuming discussion with us regarding the design of the village centre. A date for a meeting has not yet been agreed. Crown Timber/ Thornhill Industrial Estate Hartwells are mounting their exhibition on the 25 March in the hotel, ahead of submission of their planning application and have advertised this in Tower & Tap. They have agreed to a companion display area for the proposed Parish Council 20 mph scheme, and Hartwells have expressed interest in seeing how it fits with their own plans for traffic calming the approach to the village adjacent to their development. Gleesons A420 Employment development (outline) An outline planning application has been submitted for the ‘business park’ development on the southern boundary of the A420 – the plans will be discussed at the parish council meeting. The Expansion Working group had the opportunity to look at the plans at their meeting on the 13 March, and have discussed various issues. The proposal will include land earmarked for housing under the draft Eastern Villages SPD, which will be displaced elsewhere if the Local Plan inspection validates or increases the housing numbers. It is hoped that this will be within the EV area, and not add to housing pressures or increased density on land already provisionally allocated in the Local Plan. Access matters are not reserved, which means this outline application will lead to decisions now as to the appropriateness of the proposed road accesses and junction layouts. The major concerns relate to HGV traffic and the new signalised junction at the entrance, which will include feeder lanes and pedestrian crossings and foopaths. A further issue is the lack of any road connectivity to the south across the River Cole, which might push traffic for this site into Gablecross and along the A420. Gleesons have no plans for additional accesses since they have no appropriate land control to provide it – all the parish council can request is that such accesses are ‘enabled’ by the internal design of the site. Barry Thunder will report further on our thoughts at the PC meeting. It was agreed that Barry Thunder make contact with neighbouring residents to hear their views on the application. Gleesons have offered us a further meeting to discuss the parish council’s response. The Working Group advised that, at this stage, we simply send them our comments direct, and ask if they can help clarify any issues arising and consider any proposed amendments. An integrated village development
  9. 9. 9 Lack of dialogue between the different developers in the South Marston village SPD area is hampering the parish’s aspiration for an integrated village. It has been agreed by the Working Group that the Parish Council call a meeting of all three developers (HHL, Hartwells and the Mercure Hotel) together with SBC officers, to attempt to identify the challenges and where we feel solutions could be negotiated. Local Plan Enquiry The Inspector has held a further pre-meeting to firm up the agenda and processes. At my request, he has subsequently agreed to revise the programme schedule so that strategic, brownfield and infill development, based on RA3 and the SM SPD are discussed at the same session. This is in line with the Parish Council’s stance, reflecting villagers’ views on the need for integrated rather than piecemeal development. South Marston Parish Council has secured speaking attendance at the following sessions: • Issue 5: Distribution of Housing Development • Issue 11E: New Communities Eastern Villages • Issue 12A: South Marston • Issue 16: Flood Risk • Issue 17: Infrastructure Delivery • Issue 18: Transport Suggested summarised points to be provided as the evidence for each of these separate issues will be provided ahead of the parish council meeting to enable discussion on this item. Following the meeting, these will be written up and circulated to Councillors and Working Group members for approval. Deadline for submission to the Enquiry Inspector is 1 April 2014. Statement of Common Ground Ahead of the Local Plan Enquiry, the Borough Council asked South Marston Parish Council to sign a Statement of Common Ground, covering what was agreed and what still had to be resolved between the parties. Given the timescale for its submission, all parish councillors and working group members were circulated with the proposed document for their views, comments were made and amendments conveyed back to the Borough. Expansion Working Group meeting 13 March 2014 The meeting covered the above issues, with additional discussion on the importance of phasing the infrastructure to cope with the development, and the risks of getting it wrong, as well footpath networks, particularly over the railway line. We also discussed the importance of working up our arguments for the Enquiry, even though we may be supporting the draft Plan policies. This is so we can counter pressure from other participants who may desire changes that conflict with the parish’s agreed stance.
  10. 10. 10 APPENDIX I OUTSIDE WORKING GROUP REPORT MARCH 2014 Barry Thunder Conservation Group Oak Tree Corner; No new updates St Julian’s Community Woodland; No new updates. Allotments; Repairs to gate post completed by a Honda contractor and we are hoping to obtain a replacement manhole cover. We may need to purchase this item. We are in discussions with a village resident for the on-going supply of horse manure. New contracts and annual invoices are sent out this month. We may have some tenants declining to take up plots, despite writing to all tenants in January. Two small starter plots vacant. PC External meetings during January/February 2014 Bodleian Book Store; Landscaping work has commenced. We await a copy of the plans and timetable of works. Sevor Solar Farm at Nightingale Lane; We assisted Eneco/Goldberg to by passing on a request for local security and electrical small companies to apply for a work contract to be the “First Eyes on the Job” from any alerts from the site. We were able to pass on 5 local contacts to Eneco in order for them to follow up.
  11. 11. 11 APPENDIX II SMRA REPORT MARCH 2014 Sylvia Brown I was unable to attend the SMRA committee meeting last week, so cannot give a report of its proceedings. However, I have received a copy of their audited accounts (attached) for their financial year ending 31 December 2013 which will be presented at their AGM on the 25 March 2013. On direct income/expenditure on the village hall, there is a shortfall of nearly £1,500. For the recreation ground, the shortfall is around £3,000. However, SMRA earned additional income from the fete, fairs and other fund-raising activity to the tune of £1,400 which subsidises their management of both facilities. This additional income excludes the £4,000 grant provided by South Marston Parish Council which has all gone towards increasing the designated fund help in the PC accounts and has not been drawn on during this financial year. It should be noted that there was no major capital expenditure this year on the village hall, whereas there was some equipment purchase associated with the recreation ground which is largely reflected in the size of the operational loss on the recreation ground activities. I have since requested Julie to add a line about the investment the PC makes in SMRA and the fund we hold on their behalf, in line with the agreement signed in December. This addition should say: SMRA has a funding agreement with South Marston Parish Council, currently contributing £4,000 p.a. to SMRA. During 2013, this grant money was put into the designated fund for SMRA held by the parish council to be drawn on for capital expenditure to maintain and improve the facilities. At the close of the SMRA accounts on 31 December 2013, South Marston Parish Council was holding a total fund of £9,157 on SMRA’s behalf. I have also asked whether SMRA wish to receive the second half-yearly grant of £2,000 due in March, by cheque or to increase the PC designated fund held on their behalf.
  12. 12. 12